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The Budgerigar Society.   The society to which we owe our primary allegiance, being the parent body which has developed the budgerigar fancy to the state of excellence that it has reached today. Where would we be without it ?  John and I have been associated with the administrative side of the fancy, between us, for a great number of years, John having served as N.B.S delegate to the BS for around twenty five years, while I (Dave) have been an occasional "stand-in" delegate and have served two previous terms as a directly elected member to the General Council.

John took office as President of the Budgerigar Society from May 2004, ending his term of office in May 2005. I (Dave) was appointed Publicity Officer at the beginning of 2004, having previously served as its Minutes Taker during my first spell as a General Council member when, arising from a General Council discussion, I  devised the table of Week-ending dates, for the use of all societies. The B.S. continues to update and issue this chart.  John and I are  now taking something of a rest from administrative duties  generally.

            We  had the pleasure of producing the Powerpoint presentation "Budgerigars for Beginners" in the hope that it would be a useful aid to all societies in attracting new members to the fancy. We only ask that societies and organisations,  do not change the content of this without permission - though we welcome all suggestions as to its improvement and development.  Societies may, however, wish to add details of the fancy in their area at the very end of the presentation, after the final "Conclusion" page. This will be quite in order and a very acceptable idea in spreading the word.

Naturally, we do not agree with all decisions taken by the Budgerigar Society - it would be very surprising  if we did, but we do wholeheartedly commend the members of the General Council and the society's staff, as being worthy of everyone's support. We commend the society to all budgerigar fanciers and suggest a visit to the society's website www.budgerigarsociety.com . That website is currently being updated, so please visit the site regularly

       The Northern Budgerigar Society is the society with which perhaps we  are are mostly associated, although we did not become members until 1962, having  initially  joined the Sunderland Budgerigar Society, followed quickly by The

 Budgerigar Society. 

        The NBS has a proud history of service to the fancy and has always strived to serve all its members and affiliated societies. Over a very long association with the NBS we have been privileged to know a large number of local fanciers; this great number represented some very varying views, and in the past this led to disputes, but all were ultimately resolved as the society grew in its collective wisdom.

         John has been a member of the council of the NBS for most  of those intervening years, and has held office as Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, President (3 times) and anything else that needed doing.  Like many societies at present we are blessed with a large number of enthusiastic supporters, but very few members who are prepared to let that enthusiasm spill over to the extent of taking on the responsibility of an Official position in the society. In most cases, they say they are incapable of such work, but if I (Dave) can do it, anyone can !!  

           John retired from the position of Chairman, some time ago and has now also retired from official positions generally. As a mark of the society' appreciation, it appointed him Honorary Life President in 2009. He enjoyed spending more time looking after our own stud, until his death on 25th April 2011.

Click HERE to visit the separate page covering Northern B.S. events




        Sunderland Budgerigar Society  - Our "home" society which we joined, coincidentally with Jack Robertson (pictured right), in October 1958. We have seen the society pass through various stages of development and throughout the period of our membership, John has held one  official position or another.

Like all societies, we have had our ups and downs, but in recent years we have not been anything near our greatest low, in 1963, or thereabouts when for about six months there were only two or three of us attending meetings. The society has been experiencing something of a lull over the last year or two but things are now improving.  The society now has a new administrative team and has changed headquarters a couple of time in recent years> Hopefully, it now has a permanent base .     Visit the society's website www.sunderlandbudgerigarsociety.co.uk, (also on Links page)




         South Shields Budgerigar Society  We joined this society in the very early 60's as the ties between Sunderland BS and South Shields BS became increasingly strengthened and personal friendships grew. Over the years, our two societies have supported each other during slumps in membership, and it was only natural that in time we would follow something of a growing trend and amalgamate to hold a joint open show.

                 Thus it was that following the final individual South Shields Open show in 1964 (at which John and I  achieved two "first", that is ,our first section win and the first show to appoint us Show managers - our favourite job ) the two societies formed a committee, alongside the currently defunct Hetton le Hole BS, to stage the first   ........  


          North East National Budgerigar Show :-

                   ........... in 1965, and we are still going strong, in 2011. Like all shows, we have had our "ups and downs" and as we continue to leave behind us the worst effects of the Reovirus outbreaks, and the recent threat of Bird Flu has not yet materialised (fingers crossed) we hope that this will see the beginning of a new era for the fancy. 

                                       There is no doubt, however, that this will only be achieved if enough people are able to raise and engender enthusiasm for the hobby, and we hope that this website will help in this respect.

                                Plans for next year's show  are now under way.  Click here to visit our separate pages about the North East National Show.





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