Show Reports ( in reverse chronological order - most recent First!) :-

2010 Specialist & rare Varieties Show

The NBS Specialist & Rare Varieties show recorded a fairly large drop in entries, contrasting with last year's very encouraging support.  Show Secretary Brian Batey echoed the feelings of many when he expressed disappointment about this entry of 304 exhibits from which a benched entry of around 275 was recorded -about 100 down on 2009. This prompted many to ask whether the enthusiasm for rarer varieties, and specialist varieties is on the wane.

There is also, of course, the point that those fanciers who 'specialise' in the more mainstream varieties feel marginalised, if not excluded by the restricted classification offered at such shows as this.

  We feel that these are early days yet to write off such events and that this may yet prove to be only a 'blip' in specialist support, but the fact remains that there were fewer exhibitors – and hence fewer total entries. 

                        Entry details—last years figures in brackets                                             

                                    Exhibitors                                        Entries

Champions                         11           (12)                         144         (157)

Intermediate                        2             (4)                           19           (31)

Novice                                 9            (10)                           85         (116)

Beginners                            5            (10)                           48           (82)

Juniors                                1             (2)                             8             (8)

Total                                 28            (38)                         304          (394)

  The good feature is that the judges Nick Flavell & Grant Findlay had a good selection of birds in terms of quality and those who did visit the event agreed that once again, it was a very good show. It was perhaps regrettable that there was a relatively poor turn-out of fanciers to view the results of much hard work by the organising committee and their supporters. Again, though, this may have been a blip. Perhaps many others had stayed at home to paint their show cages as a well known local partnership (not many yards away from where I sit) had been advised as to their immediate future policy !!

Congratulations to all successful exhibitors and other loyal fanciers and our thanks also to Ed Freel and his catering team.


LUTINO    BEST  J Hunter, 2nd J Wanless,  3rd  K & B Batey , 4th & Best Young Bird J Lund, 5th & Best Opp Sex Any Age  Marshall & Shotton, 6th J Wanless,  7th  B Toon, 8th & Opp Sex Young Bird B T Wall

ALBINO  1st  M Cook,  2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd J Wanless, 4th (Opp sex Any Age) P Redford, 5th French & Ratcliffe, 6th (Best of Colour Young Bird) T Wall, 7th (Opp sex Young Bird) T Wall

YELLOW WING   BEST D Adcock,  2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd Ed Freel,  4th (Best Op sex Any Age) D Adcock

WHITE WING  BEST  D Adcock,  2ndD (Best Opp sex Any Age) Marshall & Shotton, 3rd D Adcock, 4th Ed Freel

CREST  BEST  & BEST YB  J Hunter, 2nd & Best  Any Age  J Hunter, 3rd (Opp sex Young Bird) J Hunter

SPANGLE  BEST K Thompson,  2nd P Redford, 3rd Rowell & Heighton, 4th  M Cook, 5th  T Wall, 6th (Best of Colour Young Bird) P Watts, 7th French & Ratcliffe, 8th 14-3   (Opp sex Any Age) P Watts, 15th (Opp sex Young Bird)   K Thompson

DOMINANT PIED  BEST Marshall & Shotton, 2nd N Johnson, 3rd B Toon, 4th (Opp sex Any Age)  Rowell & Heighton, 5th P Redford, 6th M Cook, 7th C Forrest, 14th (Opp Sex Young Bird) J Prothero

RECESSIVE PIED  BEST & BEST YB J Prothero, 2nd (Best Any Age) M Cook, 3rd (Opp sex Young Bird) M Cook, 4th Marshall & Shotton 5th (Opp sex Any Age)  A & K Richards, 6th J Prothero, 7th J Prothero,

YELLOWFACE   BEST N Johnson, 2nd & Best of Colour Young Bird T Wall, 3rd P Watts, 4th K Thompson, 5th  T Wall,  6th Ed Freel, 7th , D Adcock, 8th Op sex Any Age D Fishwick, 9th (Opp sex Young Bird) Ed Freel

RARE  BEST French & Ratcliffe  2nd D Adcock, 3rd & BEST of Colour Young Bird French & Ratcliffe

ANY OTHER COLOUR   BEST & BEST YB     Rowell & Heighton (Yellow Cock), 2nd & BOC Any Age P Redford (Yellow Hen), 3rd K & B Batey (Lacewing Cock), 4th J Prothero (Mauve Hen), 5th J Prothero (Violet Cock),          6th Herring Bros Opaline Olive Cock, 7th J Prothero (Violet Hen, 13th & Op sex Young Bird) N Johnson (Greywing Sky hen)


2009 Club Show

The 2009 Club Show of the Northern Budgerigar Society was a marvellous event for the folk who took a full part, using the opportunity to get together as folk with a common purpose or interest should. The driving essence of the show was the spirit of teamwork which flavoured the whole occasion.

   The main disappointment was the rather discouraging entry, particularly as, of the 664 entries received, only around 500 birds managed to make it to the show bench. In fact, seven exhibitors were unable to bring any of their team.  There can be little doubt that this was largely caused by the show date; the middle of October, which was always recognised as the time of the main moult has this year returned to its old habits with a vengeance, and even some of those fanciers who managed to send a team to the B S Club show only fourteen days earlier found the feathers of their favourite specimens dropping ‘like leaves in Autumn’.

      It is particularly appropriate, also, to record that of the 54 exhibitors over 25% were from outside the area and a number of those travelled a considerable distance to support our Club show. Our thanks to those stalwarts, one and all.

      So, in search of a better entry for next year, the cry of “back to the drawing board” has been heard and the committee will shortly meet to consider a new date for next year’s event.

      However, the one great fact, which we relish, is that this drawback did not prevent the N.B.S from enjoying what was, without doubt, still a very good show in all its other aspects. There were a lot of pluses to be appreciated, including the very good number of fanciers from outside our area who augmented our enthusiastic local stewards throughout the day. A special thanks to Honor Dickie and Willie Orr who jumped in at the last moment to help, not only with stewarding work, but with the additional responsibility of Patronage and Colour awards work at the show, when our Patronage Secretary, Dennis Cairns, was taken very ill with flu.

         Another new feature was a greatly augmented Buffet Lunch which was offered to all stewards on an ‘Eat as much as you like’ basis for a very modest charge. This offer was enthusiastically taken up, not least by the writer who can testify to its value!  Our thanks to the Catering team for a job well done!

       The experienced band of judges, George Booth, Rodney Harris, Maurice Roberts, Edgar Swan and Geoff Tuplin, set to their appointed task with a will and completed judging timeously, awarding the accolade of Best in Show to the successful and hard-working partnership of Rowell & Heighton who have, collectively and individually done much to contribute to the present strength and success of the Northern B.S in all its activities. Their Cinnamon Blue Cock was a true joy to behold, a budgerigars that looked as a budgerigar should look, being large, well headed with deep mask furnished with good round spots with strong feathering which had not totally lost “Yellow” qualities to the extent of over-long gathering, and was therefore able to be presented in visually good condition.

      The relatively new partnership of Newton & Shepherdson, from Humberside brought another new dimension to this show with their strong team, headed by a Sky Blue Hen which was adjudged best young bird in show.

      The Major Awards list was completed by Ian Cuthbertson with his Normal Grey Hen, adjudged Best opposite Sex in Show, and the partnership of A & K Richards’ Grey Cock, the Best Opposite Sex Young Bird in Show.




Light Green       Best  Newton & Shepherdson    2nd I Cuthbertson   3rd D Vasey   4th G Garcia    5th D Vasey (BOS of Colour)        6th E W Freel    7th C Forrest  

Dark or Olive Green       Best  C L Bowman    2nd  G W Carr   3rd A Cameron    4th A Forrest   

Skyblue     Best  Rowell & Heighton    2nd Newton & G Shepherdson(BOS of Colour)     3rd B A Wilson   4th N Johnson    5th D Adcock    6th Rowell & Heighton    7th Cameron   8th J & K Kime 

Cobalt, Mauve or Violet     Best C L Bowman     2nd A Jennings    3rd D Vasey   4th G Garcia (BOS of Colour)    5th C Forrest    6th D Vasey   

Grey Green     Best  G Garcia    2nd G W Carr    3rd Rowell & Heighton (BOS of Colour)  4th G Cameron    5th I Cuthbertson    6th C Wright    7th Newton & Shepherdson   8th D Vasey  9th D Vasey  

Grey   Best  B A Wilson    2nd I Cuthbertson    3rd Herring Bros   4th Herring Bros    5th E W Freel    6th D Adcock   7th P Smith   8th C Forrest   

Opaline Green Series (exc.Grey Green)     Best C L Bowman     2nd A Forrest   

Opaline Grey Green      Best A Forrest     2nd G Garcia (BOS of Colour)     3rd A Jennings 

Opaline Blue Series (Exc.Grey)    Best  G & R A Hill   2nd D Cairns(BOS of Colour)  3rd G Lawrence  

Best Opaline Grey     Best  Billy Wilson    2nd N Johnson       

Normal Cinnamon Green Best  Rowell & Heighton    2nd Rogerson Bros    3rd B A Wilson   4th A Forrest    5th C Wright   6th P Smith   

Normal Cinnamon Blue   Best Rowell & Heighton   2nd  E W Freel   3rd R Fairhurst   4th  R.Fairhurst (BOS of Colour)       5th  G Lawrence  

Opaline Cinnamon     Best  K Thompson  2nd 826-2    3rd  G Lawrence   4th P Smith 

Lutino     Best  Billy Wilson    2nd Marshall & Shotton (BOS of Colour)     3rd J Wanless   4th J Wanless    5th  G & A Hill   6th  D Adcock   7th D Adcock   A

Albino Best  Marshall & Shotton    2nd Herring Bros (BOS of Colour)    3rd  G Cameron  4th A Forrest    5th C Forrest    6th D Fishwick    7th D Vasey  

Yellow Wing   Best  W Orr    2nd E W Freel (BOS of Colour)       3rd W A Kyle   4th W Orr    5th D Adcock   

White Wing    Best  W Orr    2nd Marshall & Shotton (BOS of Colour)       3rd D Adcock   4th W A Kyle    5th  E W Freel  

Crested or Tuft      Best  A Brown     2nd J Hunter    3rd  G Cameron  4th J Hunter

Spangle Green Series    Best  H Dickie    B A Wilson   3rd Marshall & Shotton (BOS of Colour)       4th  G W Carr   5th Rowell & Heighton    6th A Jennings    7th K & K Kime    8th G Cameron  9th  440-1  10th J & K Kime 

Spangled Blue Series     Best B A Wilson     2nd K Thompson    3rd  Rogerson Bros  4th  N Johnson    5th 641-2    6th B A Wilson    7th C Kemp  

Dominant Pied or Clearflight Best Rowell & Heighton     2nd A Jennings (BOS of Colour)     3rd  Rowell & Heighton   4th  G W Carr   5th C Forrest    6th D Vasey  7th D Adcock   8th D Adcock 

Recessive Pied or Dark Eyed Clear Best Marshall & Shotton     2nd A & K Richards (BOS of Colour)     3rd  J & K Kime 

Yellow Face     Best A & K Richards    2nd Newton & Shepherdson (BOS of Colour)     3rd J Hunter   4th P Smith    5th A Forrest

Rare    Best  French & Ratcliffe    2nd G & A Hill   3rd H Dickie   4th H Dickie   

Any Other Colour  Best   Marshall & Shotton    2nd  Marshall & Shotton (BOS of Colour)      3rd  E W Freel  4th D Adcock    5th D Adcock   



Light Green    Best Rogerson Bros   2nd I Cuthbertson    3rd  D Sturzaker (BOS of Colour)   4th  Newton & Shepherdson  5th M Hastwell  

Dark or Olive Green Best  C L Bowman    2nd  G W Carr   3rd D Sturzaker(BOS of Colour)    4th N Johnson    5th  K Thompson

Skyblue Best  Newton & Shepherdson    2nd P Redford    3rd Rowell & Heighton  (BOS of Colour)  4th N Johnson    5th D Adcock 

Cobalt, Mauve or Violet Best  A & K Richards    2nd A & K Richards (BOS of Colour)    3rd  N Johnson 

Grey Green Best  P Redford    2nd  A Jennings   3rd C L Bowman (BOS of Colour)  4th  K Sleightholme   5th K Thompson    6th C Forrest   

Grey Best    A & K Richards   2nd Newton & Shepherdson    3rd Newton & Shepherdson (BOS of Colour)   4th G Lawrence    5th K Sleightholme    6th K Thompson    7th E W Freel  

Opaline Green Series (exc. Grey Green) Best  C L Bowman    2nd C L Bowman (BOS of Colour)    3rd  M Hastwell  4th I Cuthbertson    5th Newton & Shepherdson   

Best Opaline Grey Green Best  C L Bowman    2nd  G & K Kime (BOS of Colour)  

Best Opaline Blue Series (Exc.Grey) Best  D Cairns    2nd N Hastwell    3rd A & K Richards (BOS of Colour)   4th  N Johnson  

Opaline Grey    No Award

Normal Cinnamon Green Best  Rogerson Bros    2nd N Hastwell (BOS of Colour)       3rd  K Thompson  4th E W Freel    5th E W Freel  

Normal Cinnamon Blue    Best French & Ratcliffe   2nd C L Bowman    3rd K Thompson (BOS of Colour)   4th  E W Freel  

Opaline Cinnamon    Best  N Johnson  2nd Newton & Shepherdson  3rd K Thompson   4th Rogerson Bros   5th G Cameron   

Lutino    Best  John Wanless    2nd A Jennings    3rd  A Jennings (BOS of Colour)    4th  A Brown   5th Marshall & Shotton    6th J L & D Wilson   

Albino Best  J Wanless    2nd  P Redford     3rd Herring Bros (BOS of Colour)      

Yellow Wing    Best  Marshall & Shotton    2nd W A Kyle    3rd W A Kyle (BOS of Colour)       4th  W Orr  

White Wing     Best  W A Kyle    2nd W Orr (BOS of Colour)   3rd  W Orr  4th E W Freel     

Crested or Tuft   Best  A Brown    2nd J Hunter (BOS of Colour)    3rd J Hunter

Spangle Green Series Best  Marshall & Shotton    2nd B A Wilson  (BOS of Colour)      3rd  A Brown  4th K French    5th  K Sleightholme    6th H Dickie    7th Marshall & Shotton   8th M Hastwell  9th K Thompson   10th B A Wilson 

Spangled Blue Series Best  B A Wilson    2nd  A & K Richards (BOS of Colour)  3rd J & K Kime   4th Rogerson Bros    5th B A Wilson    6th K Sleightholme    7th N Johnson   8th Rogerson Bros 

Dominant Pied or Clearflight Best  M Hastwell    2nd C L Bowman    3rd C L Bowman   4th M Hastwell    5th Newton & Shepherdson   

Recessive Pied or Dark Eyed Clear Best Marshall & Shotton     2nd  A & K Richards (BOS of Colour)

Yellow  Face     Best Newton & Shepherdson     2nd   Rowell & Heighton  3rd G Cameron   4th Rowell & Heighton 5th A Forrest    6th G Cameron  

Rare Best  A Brown   2nd G & A Hill  3rd H Dickie  

Any Other Colour Best  G W Carr    2nd  Marshall & Shotton   3rd  W Orr 4th E W Freel 



Best Novice Any Age     IAN CUTHBERTSON

Best Novice Young Bird    M HASTWELL

Best Beginner Any Age     D VASEY

Best Beginner Young Bird     K SLEIGHTHOLM

Best Junior Any Age              C CAMERON

Best Junior Young Bird         K FRENCH



CHAMPION ANY AGE     Best Rowell & Heighton,  2nd Rowell & Heighton , 3rd Rogerson Bros, 4th Marshall & Shotton, 5th Rowell & Heighton,  6th G Garcia,  7th Billy Wilson

CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD  Best  A & K Richards, 2nd P Redford,  3rd Marshall & Shotton,  4th,  P Redford,  5th C L Bowman,  6th A & K Richards,  7th Marshall & Shotton

INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE    Best  B A Wilson,  2nd B A Wilson,  3rd Newton & Shepherdson,  4th B A Wilson,  5th R Fairhurst,  6th B A Wilson,  7th G W Carr

INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD  Best Newton & Shepherdson,  2nd B A Wilson,  3rd   Newton & Shepherdson,  4th  G W Carr,  5th Newton & Shepherdson,  6th Newton & Shepherdson,  7th B A Wilson

NOVICE ANY AGE   Best  I Cuthbertson,  2nd  I Cuthbertson,  3rd K Thompson,  4th I Cuthbertson,  5th D Adcock,  6th K Thompson,  7th A Jennings

NOVICE YOUNG BIRD  Best M Hastwell, 2nd I Cuthbertson,  3rd  M Hastwell,  4th A Jennings, 5th M Hastwell ,  6th,  M Hastwell,  7th  M Hastwell

BEGINNER ANY AGE Best D Vasey,  2nd N  Johnson,  3rd H Dickie,  4th G & J Kime,  5th G & J Kime,  6th,  A Forrest,  7th N  Johnson

BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD  Best  K Sleightholme,  2nd J law,  3rd K Sleightholme,  4th, J Wanless,   5th N  Johnson,  6th N  Johnson,  7th N  Johnson

JUNIOR ANY AGE   Best  G Cameron ,  2nd  G Cameron,  3rd C Kemp,   4th C Forrest 5th C Forrest , 6th  C Kemp,   7th G Cameron

JUNIOR YOUNG BIRD   Best  K French,  2nd G Cameron ,  3rd  G Cameron,  4th   G Cameron  5th C Forrest



2008 show


What was anticipated for the NBS Club Show 2008 ?   Up to a few weeks ago, perhaps the main feeling was of optimism, spiced by the knowledge that the show committee had broken new ground in selecting October, the traditional date of the annual moult, as the date of this prestigious event. The feeling of many experts for the last few years has been that the ‘ Annual Moult’ is not what it was, and that our semi-domesticated birds tend more to moult periodically throughout the year, exacerbated by dramatic variations in temperature.

        And then, for many of us, came the surprise of the most wholesale moult, in late September/ early October that we have seen for a great number of years. In fact, some of us had forgotten just how severe some of those moults used to be. And thus, there has descended a feeling of dread as to what kind of entry our area Club Show would receive …

         In the event, our first fears were not quite realised, but there was quite a fairly dramatic drop in entries. The received entry was 658. This would have been acceptable, but unfortunately there were a number of teams and individual birds which did not arrive. The total benched entry was in the region of 528 – but, again, this could have been worse!

 And now?  Well, the “I told you so” merchants, whose views had NOT hitherto been voiced to the committee meetings, were having a field day! As one who works for the NBS in other disciplines, I had no input into the decision, but like all responsible members, I gave the decision my full support and looked to this as a worthwhile experiment, based on the general ‘moult’ trend described above. That it did not ‘work out’ this year may not be reason enough to make changes for next year. Only the show committee can decide. So, hopefully, whatever decision is made will receive the full backing of the membership.

 In the event, the show date worked out quite well for a number of fanciers, who fielded well-prepared teams - not least, those who carried away the major awards. In doing so, these fanciers upheld the highest traditions of the Northern BS Club Show by exhibiting birds which did the fullest credit to the awards that they received. This begs the question “Why were these members able to field such successful, almost sparkling, teams?

 Another encouraging note was the fact that once again there was a strong team of helpers/ stewards throughout the show, the NBS regulars being well-augmented by visiting exhibitors from Scotland ( most of whom, happily, took home with them some spoils of this ‘border raid’)  and other places afield, and by local fanciers who are rarely seen at club level.   It all made for a good, happy and all round successful day.

 Again we were all well fed and watered, thanks to the efforts of the ladies, who provided an excellent lunch for the judges, and other tasty items for the rest of the team. What would we do without such support?

 Apart from the reduced entry, this show lived up to the full standards of the Northern BS, and proved to be a happy, successful event.  The judging team of Roger Carr, Jim McGeehan, John Mason, Norma Phillips and Dave Herring completed their task in sufficient time to see the show opened promptly.  This show was well set out by our hardworking show managers and their crew, so that by the time the doors opened to the public there was a rich display of the successful exhibits, led by two Cinnamon Grey Cocks exhibited by the successful partnership of Rowell & Heighton. This was a well-deserved result for these two very hard-working NBS committee members.

    At the ‘other end of the scale’, Kevin Thompson – an experienced stockman, but relatively new to budgerigars annexed both Beginner awards plus three Young Bird Challenge Certificates; another good result for a loyal local society member. Other results were as follows: -  


Best in Show   Rowell & Heighton’s Cinnamon Grey Adult Cock

Best Any Age in Show    Rowell & Heighton’s Cinnamon Grey Adult Cock

Best Breeder in Show      Rowell & Heighton’s Cinnamon Grey Young Bird Cock

Best Opposite Sex Young Bird   T & A Luke’s Cinnamon Blue series hen

Best Opposite Sex Any Age   S Wilson’s Dominant Pied Hen



Any Age      (290 benched)

 Light Green   (18)   Best Rogerson Bros, 2nd K & B Batey, 3rd A Jennings, 4th Conlin & Cook, 5th L Pennick,        6                              6th A Carr, 7th C Forrest                      

Dark Green    (5)     Best S Wilson , 2nd G Garcia, 3rd L Pennick, 4th C L Bowman,                       

Skyblue     (18)        Best J Prothero, 2nd S Wilson, 3rd B Verity, 4th L Pennick, 5th J Prothero               

Dark Blue     (11)   Best T & A Luke, 2nd K Thompson, 3rd G Carr, 4th Conlin & Cook, 5th J Prothero                      

Greygreen      (21)   Best I Cuthbertson, 2nd K & B Batey, 3rd Rogerson Bros, 4th L Pennick, 5th L Pennick  Pennick,                                6th C Forrest, 7th  RW & B Blakemore          

Grey           (22)      Best French & Ratcliffe, 2nd T & A Luke, 3rd J Kimber, 4th B Verity, 5th G Garcia,                    6                                6th I  Cuthbertson                           

Opaline Green (7)   Best A Carr, 2nd Rogerson Bros, 3rd A Carr, 4th C L Bowman, 5th D Adcock, 6th D Adcock                   

Opaline Greygreen (1)   Best C Wright                                            

Opaline Blue   (5)    Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd L Pennick, 3rd B Toon, 4th M Alexanders                    

Opaline Grey    (3)  Best G Carr, 2nd Conlin & Cook, 3rd K & B Batey                     

Cinnamon Green  (15)  Best Rowell & Heighton, 2nd B Verity, 3rd Rowell & Heighton, 4th D Adcock, 5th  L Pennick                            

Cinnamon Blue     (13) Best Rowell & Heighton, 2nd Rowell & Heighton, 3rd French & Ratcliffe, 4th B Verity,                                     5th H Dickie                                                

Opaline Cinnamon (5) Best T & A Luke, 2nd T & A Luke                                      

Lutino         (26)          Best S Wilson, 2nd B Ross, 3rd V Scott, 4th J Wanless, 5th Conlin & Cook, 6th B Toon                                      

Albino     (12)   Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd J Kimber, 3rd J Kimber, 4th Marshall & Shotton, 5th Conlin & Cook, 6                           6th C Forrest, 7th B Toon                                        

Yellow Wing (6)    Best W Orr, 2nd D Adcock, 3rd W Orr, 4th D Adcock                                               

White Wing    (7)     Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd W Orr, 3rd D Adcock, 4th D Adcock                                

Crest or Tuft  (8)     Best A Brown, 2nd J Hunter, 3rd J Hunter                                     

Spangle Greens  (17)  Best H Dickie, 2nd 432-2, 3rd L Pennick, 4th L Pennick, 5th G & K Kime, 6th L Pennick,        7                                7th G Carr                             

Spangle Blues   (18)  Best Rogerson Bros, 2nd RW & B Blakemore, 3rd Rowell & Heighton, 4th L Pennick, 5th K Thompson, 6th Rowell & Heighton, 7th K Thompson                             

Dominant Pied   (20)     Best C L Bowman, 2nd S Wilson, 3rd S Wilson, 4th G Garcia, 5th C Forrest, 6th G Carr,       7                                    7th Conlin & Cook                           

Recessive Pied  (12)   Best  Marshall & Shotton, 2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd D Adcock, 4th D Adcock, 5th C Forrest                    

Yellowface or Golden Face (10) Best G Garcia, 2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd D Adcock, 4th B Toon, 5th J Hunter,                                       6th B Toon  

Rare  (2)     Best W Orr, 2nd  French & Ratcliffe                                              

AOC (7)  Best P Redford , 2nd D Adcock, 3rd P Redford, 4th D Adcock                                                 


Young Bird    (238 benched)

Light Green  (16)    Best C L Bowman, 2nd C L Bowman, 3rd L Murray, 4th A Carr, 5th A Murray, 6th A Murray, 7th A Jennings                     

Dark Green  (4)   Best G Carr, 2nd C L Bowman, 3rd C L Bowman                    

Skyblue(14) Best Rowell & Heighton, 2nd Conlin & Cook, 3rd A Murray, 4th C L Bowman, 5th K Thompson,          6                         6th A Carr              

Dark Blue     (10)  Best K Thompson, 2nd L Muray, 3rd Rogerson Bros, 4th I Cuthbertson, 5th Marshall & Shotton,  6                          6th D Fishwick                      

Greygreen     (13)  Best B Verity, 2nd S Wilson, 3rd C L Bowman, 4th French & Ratcliffe, 5th A Murray,                   6                          6th C Forrest           

Grey   (16)         Best A Murray, 2nd I Cuthbertson, 3rd C L Bowman, 4th H Dickie, 5th A Carr,                                                       6th Marshall & Shotton

Opaline Green (4)   Best D Cairns, 2nd C L Bowman                   

Opaline Greygreen  (2)   Best Rogerson Bros, 2nd T & A Luke                                           

Opaline Blue  (8)     Best K Thompson, 2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd D Lowes                  

Opaline Grey   (2)   Best D Lowes, 2nd French & Ratcliffe                    

Cinnamon Green  (14)  Best RW & B Blakemore, 2nd Rowell & Heighton, 3rd I Cuthbertson, 4th Rowell & Heighton, 5                               5th L Murray, 6th I Cuthbertson                           

Cinnamon Blue   (17)   Best Rowell & Heighton, 2nd G Carr, 3rd T & A Luke, 4th 3rd I Cuthbertson,                      5                                5th I Cuthbertson, 6th K Thompson, 7th S Wilson                                              

Opaline Cinnamon (11) Best K Thompson, 2nd T & A Luke, 3rd I Cuthbertson, 4th G Carr, 5th D Fishwick                

Lutino   (15)        Best A Brown, 2nd A Brown, 3rd J Wanless, 4th J Wanless                                     

Albino (6)   Best Marshall & Shotton , 2nd J Kimber, 3rd B Toon, 4th J Kimber, 5th C Forrest                                     

Yellow Wing (3)    Best W Orr                                              

White Wing    (4)     Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd W Orr                               

Crest or Tuft (6)  Best A Brown, 2nd J Hunter, 3rd A Brown                                     

Spangle Greens (19)   Best G & K Kime, 2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd Marshall & Shotton, 4th L Pennick,              5                         5th A Jennings, 6th J Wanless, 7th H Dickie                            

Spangle Blues  (12)   Best K Thompson, 2nd P Redford, 3rd G Carr, 4th K Thompson, 5th P Redford, 6th L Pennick, 7                          7th  D Fishwick                           

Dominant Pied   (12)     Best L Pennick, 2nd K Thompson, 3rd Conlin & Cook, 4th C L Bowman,                               5                                 5th RW & BA Blakemore, 6th C L Bowman, 7th G Carr                           

Recessive Pied  (12)   Best B Ross, 2nd B Ross                   

Yellowface or Golden Face (5) Best Conlin & Cook, 2nd H Dickie, 3rd Conlin & Cook, 4th Marshall & Shotton,     5                                     5th H Dickie  

Rare  (6)   Best French & Ratcliffe, 2nd H Dickie, 3rd A Brown, 4th H Dickie, 5th A Brown, 6th A Carr     

AOC  (6) Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd W Orr    



CHAMPION ANY AGE   Best   Rowell & Heighton’s  Cinnamon Grey Cock   ,  2nd 11-2  T & A Luke’s Grey Cock, 3rd 7-2 T & A Luke’s Cobalt Cock , 4th 25-1 T & A Luke Opaline Cinn Cock, 5th 21-6 Rowell & Heighton’s Cinnamon Greygreen Cock , 6th G Garcia’s Yellowface Cock  , 7th 26-1 T & A Luke’s Opal Cinn Blue Hen

CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD   Best Rowell & Heighton’s  Cinnamon Grey Cock ,  2nd  124-5 T & A Luke’s Cinnamon Blue Hen, 3rd 109-2 C L Bowman’s Grey Green Cock, 4th Marshall & Shotton’s OpalineYellow Hen, 5th  Rowell & Heighton's Skyblue Cock 6th T & A Luke’s Cinnamon Blue Hen , 7th  C L Bowman’s Grey Cock

 INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE   Best 211-1 French & Ratcliffe’s Grey Cock ,  2nd 223-1 French & Ratcliffe’s Cinnamon Grey Cock, 3rd 251-1 French & Ratcliffe’s Clearbody Cock, 4th 242-1 Lee Pennick’s Spangle Blue Hen, 5th 205-2 Lee Pennick’s Skyblue Cock, 6th 238-3 Lee Pennick’s Yellow Hen, 7th 210-1 Lee Pennick’s Grey Green Hen

 INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD  Best  311-2 A Murray’s Grey Cock,  2nd 323-1 G Carr’s Cinnamon Blue Cock, 3rd 345-1 G Carr’s, 4th 303-1 G Carr’s Dark Green Cock, 5th 352-1 French & Ratcliffe’s , 6th 305-1 A Murray’s Skyblue Cock, 7th 301-1 A Murray’s Light Green Cock

NOVICE ANY AGE  Best 409-4 Ian Cuthbertson’s Grey Green Cock,  2nd 411-6 B Verity’s Grey Cock, 3rd 437-2 Conlin & Cook’s AOC Cock, 4th 401-2  Conlin & Cook’s Light Green Cock, 5th 449-1 B Toon’s Yellowface Cock, 6th 405-5 B Verity’s Skyblue Cock, 7th 407-1 Conlin & Cook’s Cobalt Cock 

NOVICE YOUNG BIRD  Best 509-4 B Verity Grey Green Cock,  2nd 501-3 A Carr Light Green Cock, 3rd 521-1 Ian Cuthbertson’s Cinnamon Green cock, 4th  524-2 Ian Cuthbertson’s Cinnamon Blue Hen, 5th 506-1 Conlin & Cook Skyblue Hen, 6th 550-1 Conlin & Cook’s Yellowface Hen, 7th 523-2 Ian Cuthbertson’s Cinnamon Blue Cock

 BEGINNER ANY AGE Best 607-1 K Thompson’s Cobalt Cock,  2nd 646-1 S Wilson’s Dominant Pied Hen, 3rd 627-2 RW & BA Blakemore’s Lutino Cock, 4th 637-6 H Dickie’s Yellow Cock, 5th 603-1 S Wilson Dark Green Cock, 6th 611-3 J Kimber’s Grey Cock, 7th 623-1  H Dickie Cinnamon Blue Cock 

BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD  Best 741-2 K Thompson’s Spangle Blue Cock,  2nd 709-1 S Wilson’s Grey Green Cock, 3rd 701-2 A Jennings’ Light Green Cock, 4th 738-3 D Levington ‘s AOC Hen, 5th 726-2 K Thompson’s Opal Cinn Hen, 6th 746-1 RW & BA Blakemore Dominant Pied Hen, 7th 749-1 H Dickie’s Yellowface Cock 

JUNIOR ANY AGE Best 845-1 C Forrest’s Dominant Pied Cock,  2nd 841-1 C Forrest’s Spangle Blue Cock , 3rd 801-1 C Forrest’s Light Green Cock , 4th 830-1 C Forrest’s Albino Hen, 5th 809-1 C Forrest’s Grey Green Cock, 6th 847-1 C Forrest’s Recessive Pied Cock

JUNIOR YOUNG BIRD  Best 907-1 L Murray’s Cobalt Cock,  2nd 901-1 L Murray’s Light Green Cock , 3rd 922-1 L Murray’s Cinnamon Green Hen, 4th 909-2 C Forrest’s Grey Green Cock , 5th 937-1 C Forrest’s Spangle Green Cock, 6th 930-1 C Forrest’s  Albino Hen







The first show of the season!  The prospect usually engenders feelings of apprehension, excitement optimism and pessimism in fairly liberal portions – the officers of the show consider the possible entry, while the exhibitors are more likely to ‘nibble their nails’ as to how their first team will fare.  The  Northern Budgerigar Society’s 2008 event was no exception. In fact, the reality was a show with a good entry for such a ‘limited appeal’ event , a total of 33 exhibitors combining to give a display of 314 benched exhibits (with an additional 21 entries not sent.

      The judging team could not have been either more appropriate, or prestigious: over the years, both Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser have worked tirelessly to promote interest in the rarer varieties of budgerigars, through the various Specialist societies and their work in “spreading the word” about the fascination and enrichening qualities of the many varieties from which fanciers and potential fanciers can choose – and they are to be congratulated on their success!  Certain Special varieties such as the Albinos, Lutinos, Dilutes and more latterly, Spangles have been able to ‘hold their own’ on the show bench for years, taking major special frequently along the way, but the more recessive, colourful varieties have proved very difficult to bring up to ‘Normal’ Show standard and are thus generally unable to compete for high awards.

       It is therefore good that those whose interests are these rarer varieties are able to bring their chosen variety to shows such as this, where each variety is treated and judged on its own individual merits, and where there is more scope for fanciers to concentrate on the essential features which make up their chosen variety, rather than have to strive wholly for the features which will bring birds within reach of that coveted “Best in Show Award”.

       The use of the “Colour Line- up” also comes very much into its own, as the publication of full results allows specialist fanciers to mark the progress of their stud through the results attained year by year. For example, a high placing in the Colour line-up should be encouraging to Beginners, Juniors and Novices who are competing with folk who have been experts in their field for a longer time.

        Specialist & Rare Variety shows thus have a valuable role to continue to play in this respect, as well as giving fanciers of the more popular varieties the opportunity to increase their knowledge of varieties which, in a far more poorly-informed age, were dismissed as ‘joeys’ and paid scant respect by exhibitors and judges alike.


     And so, at this special show, they received the meticulous attention that every variety deserves. How else should it be, if we are to be able to continue to boast that the budgerigar fancy has something to suit all tastes?

     And the results?  Well, it must fairly be stated that the South Shields partnership of Marshall & Shotton had something of a ‘Field day’, taking a number of certificates and high placings, as also did “the Old stager” Charlie Bowman, while the successful Beginner partnership of  Ray & Barbara Blakemore took both leading specials (and, of course, the certificate) for Lutinos, which was one of the most strongly competed of the colours.

       Otherwise, the awards were fairly well spread out so that most fanciers were left with something to cheer about!


 LUTINO      Best  R & B Blakemore  2nd Marshall & Shotton 3rd (Best Opposite Sex AA) A Carr  4th  (Best Young Bird) R & B Blakemore  5th  Marshall & Shotton  6th J Wanless    7th  R Toon  8th Marshall & Shotton   9th  (Best Opposite Sex YB) 10th   Herring Bros  11th  A Carr 

 ALBINO      Best  Herring Bros  2nd (Best Young Bird) Marshall & Shotton rd (Best Opposite Sex AA) Herring Bros 4th R Toon   5th  A White  6th  R Toon  7th A White 8th Miss C Forrest 9th (Best Opposite Sex YB) J Kimber     10th Herring Bros  11th Miss C Forrest   12th   R Toon

 YELLOW-WING Best 5-1 Marshall & Shotton 2nd J Higley  3rd  W A Kyle(Best YB)       4th (Best Opposite Sex AA) J Higley  5th  (Best Opposite Sex YB)1 A Hoskins 6th A Hoskins 7th W A Kyle  8th D Adcock 9th D Adcock         

WHITEWING Best  Marshall & Shotton   2nd (Best Opposite Sex AA) Marshall & Shotton   3rd (Best Young Bird) Marshall & Shotton’s Skyblue Hen  4th W A Kyle 5th A White 6th A Hoskins 7th A Hoskins 8th (Best Opposite Sex YB) W A Kyle  9th A Hoskins  10th J Higley  

 CREST OR TUFT Best   J Hunter 2nd  J Hunter    3rd (Best YB)J Hunter   4th (Best Opposite Sex AA) A White   5th (Best Opposite Sex YB)A White

 SPANGLE Best   D Creighton  2nd   L Pennick   3rd (Best Opposite Sex AA) L Pennick   4th P Redford    5th Marshall & Shotton   6th R Thwaite 7th (Best YB) P Redford      8th (Best Opposite Sex YB)Marshall & Shotton   9th R Thwaite   10th J W Huddart  11th L Pennick     12th   L Pennick  13th A Hoskins  14th  J Wanless 15th Miss K French 16th   D Fishwick

 DOMINANT PIED OR CLEARFLIGHT Best C L Bowman  2nd (Best Opposite Sex AA) C L Bowman   3rd D Lowes  4th R Fairhurst   5th  (Best YB) C L Bowman 6th (Best Opposite Sex YB) C L Bowman  7th  P Redford 8th A Forrest   9th  P Redford    10th A Hoskins   11th D Creighton  12th  Miss C Forest  13th    R Fairhurst    14th A Hoskins  15th  D Adcock  16th D Adcock

RECESSIVE PIED OR DARK EYED CLEAR     Best   Marshall & Shotton     2nd (Best Opposite Sex AA) A Hoskins  3rd Marshall & Shotton   4th A Hoskins  5th A Hoskins   6th   (Best YB)L Chadwick  7th  (Best Opposite Sex YB) J Prothero   8th A Hoskins  9th  J Prothero  10th  A Hoskins    11th A Hoskins 12th D Creighton   13th  W M Brown

YELLOWFACE Best (& Best YB)  Marshall & Shotton  2nd  (Best Any Age) D. Adcock’s  Opaline Grey Cock  3rd   (Best Opposite Sex YB) D Adcock  4th R Toon 5th (Best Opposite Sex AA) D Adcock  6th  R Fairhurst   7th Miss C Forrest  8th  R Toon  

RARE VARIETY Best  French & Ratcliffe    2nd  W M Brown   3rd A Hoskins    4th (Best Opposite Sex AA) A Hoskins    5th (Best YB)French & Ratcliffe   6th (Best Opposite Sex YB) A Carr  7th A Carr

ANY OTHER COLOUR Best  C L Bowman’s  Cock    2nd (Best Opposite Sex AA)  D Adcock  3rd Marshall & Shotton    4th P Redford   5th A Hoskins   6th (Best Young Bird) Herring Bros’ Olive Cock   7th   (Best Opposite Sex YB)  J Prothero    8th Marshall & Shotton  9th  A Carr  10th A Hoskins  11th  P Redford   12th  A Hoskins  13th  W A Kyle  14th  A Hoskins  15th N Phillips     16th A Hoskins

    Commenting on the show, Ghalib Al-Nasser said that he was very impressed by the number of entry, and further still by the quality of exhibits. All the Certificate winners that he had selected came in for generous praise, and he and Janice spent most of the afternoon in the company of our members  - a gesture which was much appreciated, especially as they had a long way to travel home.

 The results duly confirmed by the judges, the show was set up to receive visitors, and it was interesting and encouraging to note that among the folk assembling was a good number of our members who had not shown. We hope that the success of this show will rub off and some of those absent friends will be able to support some of the classes in 2009………...but, of course, before that we have our main Club Show to look forward to.

 ………..and it would be very remiss to fail to pay tribute to the gallant band of members who turned up to ensure that all departments of the show ran smoothly. Particularly was this so with our marvellous ladies, led by Ann Cairns, who supplied us  with lunches and refreshments throughout the day



Northern B S Club Show

Following the success, including an enhanced entry, of the 2006 event, when the show date was moved to September, there was some feeling of regret that the NBS felt unable to stick with the same weekend as  it would mean staging the show only two weeks before the BS Club Show some; there was therefore some feeling that the return to the August Bank Holiday weekend would not be universally popular with fanciers.

        Whether or not this unease was justified remains open to debate, but there was nevertheless some feeling of disappointment in this year’ s entry which fell to just under 750, a reduction of about 140. This came as something of an anticlimax, following our very successful Rare Varieties show at the beginning of July, although it must be stated that the drop in entries repeated the trend in the area over the last few weeks.

         Nevertheless, the benched entry was good and this made for another successful show, at which it was encouraging to note that many local fanciers took an active role; this was particularly so from the ranks of the beginners – something which augurs well for the future. Stewarding was keen and the judging team of R W Brown, P Reaney, J Rogerson,  R Rogerson and R Steele were kept well supplied. They, in turn completed their tasks with efficiency, selecting as Best In Show  T & A Luke’s Opaline Cinnamon Light Green Hen, which displayed itself well throughout the show.

          The Best Young Bird in show award also went outside of the NBS area , to A Murray, whose Dominant Pied Skyblue Hen was a worthy winner.

           We were pleased to welcome five exhibitors in the Juniors section – it is always good to see strong competition in the sections and that the cut and thrust of exhibiting is now being experienced by our younger exhibitors is surely no bad thing. In the event, Charlotte Forrest dominated the Any Age Section taking the first three places, and Lewis Murray was similarly successful with his young birds.

            The Challenge certificates were well spread out among the exhibitors.        Bio-security measures were again maintained throughout the show, under the watchful eye of Ron Fairhurst.  It is easy, in these ‘quieter days’ to ignore these precautions, but we well know that they might well become more apparently important in the not-so-distant future – the recent threat of Foot and Mouth disease, which thankfully has been contained, testifies to the need to remain ever-vigilant against such infections, which all too often appear to spring up from ‘nowhere’.

         As ever, the show secretarial side was in the more than capable hands of Norma Phillips, assisted by John Mason, who completed their work in good time to enable all prize money and specials to be paid out at the show.

         Finally, our thanks once again to Ann Cairns who took control of the catering side and thus ensured that the stewards and other officials were able to maintain their energy through the long day!


         Best in Show with their superb Violet hen were the partnership of R & M Miller, making their 2006 debut at a show in our area. This hen headed a strong and successful team which took other awards in both Novice Sections.

         Another successful NBS partnership, Ray and Ann Graham took the award of Best Breeder in Show with a Greygreen Cock which has been equally successful at other shows in the area this year – a true showman



Best in Show                                   T & A Luke’s Opaline Cinnamon Green Hen

Best Any Age in Show                    As above

Best Breeder in Show                      A Murray’s Dominant Pied Hen

Best Opposite Sex Young Bird        C L Bowman’s Cobalt Cock

Best Opposite Sex Any Age            French & Ratcliffes Cinnamon Grey Cock




Any Age

Light Green                          Best  P Redford, 2nd C Forrest, 3rd J Wilson, 4th L Pennick, 5th T & A Luke,       6th A W Jennings, 7th  C Paul          

Dark Green                          Best Herring Bros, 2nd A Harrison, 3rd Herring Bros Best Opp Sex, 4th G Carr, 5th L  Pennick, 6th G Carr, 7th K French          

Skyblue                                Best T & A Luke, 2nd A Proud, 3rd A Harrison, 4th T & A Luke, 5th D Adcock,       6th G Carr, 7th C Forrest          

Dark Blue                             Best C L Bowman, 2nd Best Opposite Sex L Pennick, 3rd D Creighton, 4th A Carr, 5th C L Bowman, 6th R Thwaite   

Greygreen                             Best T & A Luke, 2nd L Pennick, 3rd French & Ratcliffe, 4th D Farrell, 5th Best Opposite Sex D Rowell, 6th L Pennick, 7th G Carr   

Grey                                      Best N Phillips, 2nd C Forrest, 3rd French & Ratcliffe, 4th L Sleightholme,          5th L Pennick, 

Opaline Green                       Best J W Huddart, 2nd Best Opposite Sex C L Bowman, 3rd  J Hunter

Opaline Greygreen                Best D Rowell, 2nd Best Opposite Sex G Garcia, 3rd J Hunter  4th  RToon

Opaline Blue                          Best C L Bowman, 2nd Best Opposite Sex K Tart, 3rd A Proud, 4th S Conlin,         5th G Hall, 6th G Hall

Opaline Grey                        Best S Conlin             

Cinnamon Green                    Best D Rowell, 2nd L Pennick, 3rd D Adcock, 4th Best Opposite Sex A Harrison, 5th D Rowell, 6th J Fairbridge, 7th R Fairhurst 

Cinnamon Blue                      Best French & Ratcliffe, 2nd K Tart, 3rd Best Opposite Sex T & A Luke, 4th A W

Jennings, 5th L Pennick, 6th G Carr, 7th K French 

Opaline Cinnamon                 Best T & A Luke,   2nd Best Opposite Sex A Pick,     3rd C Wright,     4th A W 


Lutino                                     Best V Scott, 2nd D Creighton, 3rd Best Opposite Sex A Brown, 4th E A Ruffles, 5th C Paul, 6th C Paul

Albino                                    Best R Day, 2nd G Garcia, 3rd Best Opposite Sex French & Ratcliffe,                      4th R Toon, 5th A & A Forrest, 6th C Paul, 7th C Paul

Yellow Wing                          Best R Day’s Yellowwing Light Green Cock, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex R Day’s

 Yellowwing Dark Green Hen, 3rd W A Kyle, 4th D Adcock, 5th W A Kyle, 6th D Adcock 

White Wing                            Best R Day’s Whitewing Cobalt Cock, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex R Day’s Whitewing Cobalt Hen, 3rd  W A Kyle, 4th D Adcock, 5th D Adcock

Crest or Tuft                           Best A Brown, 2nd J Hunter, 3rd Best Opposite Sex J Hunter           

Spangle Greens                       Best L Pennick, 2nd Best Opposite Sex A Harrison, 3rd L Sleightholm,              4th L Pennick, 5th S Conlin, 6th D Rowell, 7th  L Pennick 

Spangle Blues                         Best L Pennick, 2nd T & A Luke, 3rd R Thwaite, 4th Best Opposite Sex P Redford, 5th L Pennick, 6th C Forrest, 7th  L Pennick  

Dominant Pied                        Best K Tart, 2nd G Carr, 3rd S Wilson, 4th Best Opposite Sex J Prothero, 5th J Hood, 6th G Hall, 7th C Forrest

Recessive Pied                        Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd D Creighton, 3rd G Carr, 4th Best Opposite Sex G Carr, 5th J Prothero

Yellowface or Golden Face    Best R Day, 2nd L Pennick, 3rd R Toon, 4th P Fairbridge

Rare                                         Best French & Ratcliffe’s Clearbody Grey Cock, 2nd R Day, 3rd & Best Opposite Sex Best French & Ratcliffe’s Clearbody Grey Hen, 4th G Hall, 5th C Washbourne, 6th D Adcock, 7th G Hall

AOC                                        Best K Tart, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex of colour D Farrell, 3rd J Fairbridge, 4th Herring Bros, 5th G Hall    

Young Bird

 Light Green                Best K Tart, 2nd A W Jennings, 3rd A Carr, 4th & Best Opposite Sex A W Jennings, 5th A Murray, 6th A Harrison                         

Dark Green                 Best C L Bowman, 2nd L Pennick, 3rd Best OppSex  C L Bowman, 4th A W Jennings, 5th L Pennick 

Skyblue                        Best T & A Luke, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex A Pick, 3rd L Pennick, 4th L Pennick, 5th R Fairhurst, 6th S Wilson

Dark Blue                    Best C L Bowman, 2nd G Carr, 3rd S Wilson, 4th & Best Opposite Sex J Prothero, 5th J Fairbridge, 6th R Fairhurst, 7th G Hall                

Greygreen                     Best L Murray, 2nd D Rowell, 3rd K Flint, 4th & Best Opposite Sex D Rowell, 5th L Pennick , 6th  L Sleightholme, 7th K Flint   

Grey                              Best A Harrison, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex D Rowell, 3rd , 4th French & Ratcliffe, 5th S Wilson, 6th L Pennick, 7th R & M Blakemore     

Opaline Green               Best J W Huddart, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex C L Bowman, 3rd K Flint, 4th G Hall, 5th A Carr

Opaline Greygreen        Best L Sleightholme, 2nd& Best Opposite Sex C Wright, 3rd C L Bowman                                

Opaline Blue                 Best S Conlin, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex R & M Blakemore, 3rd D Cairns, 4th Herring Bros, 5th A Carr      

Opaline Grey                 Best T & A Luke, 2nd D Farrell, 3rd & Best Opposite Sex J Bayes           

Cinnamon Green            Best D Rowell, 2nd L Pennick, 3rd & Best Opposite Sex T & A Luke, 4th J Bayes, 5th R Thwaite, 6th R Fairhurst, 7th J Bayes    

Cinnamon Blue              Best L Pennick, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex T & A Luke, 3rd D Farrell           

Opaline Cinnamon         Best T & A Luke, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex T & A Luke, 3rd R Fairhurst, 4th S Conlin, 5th K French     

Lutino                             Best C L Bowman, 2nd V Scott, 3rd & Best Opposite Sex K Flint, 4th D Creighton, 5th D Creighton, 6th C Washbourne   

Albino                            Best R Day Young Cock,  2nd & Best Opposite Sex R Day, 3rd A Harrison, 4th S Conlin, 5th D Creighton  

Yellow Wing                 Best R Day’s Ywing Dark Green Cock, 2nd  R Day Best Op sex of Colour Marshall & Shotton’s Dark Green hen , 3rd W A Kyle, 4th W A Kyle           

White Wing                   Best R Day’s Whitewing Cobalt Cock, 2nd Best Opp sex  of Colour Marshall & Shotton’s Cobalt Hen, 3rd W A Kyle, 4th W A Kyle, 5th R & M Blakemore   

Crest or Tuft                  Best A Brown, 2nd J Hunter, 3rd& Best Opposite Sex A Brown, 4th J Hunter           

Spangle Greens              Best A Harrison, 2nd& Best Opposite Sex L Pennick, 3rd K Flint, 4th G Garcia, 5th S Conlin, 6th K Flint, 7th R Thwaite  

Spangle Blues                Best K Flint, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex L Pennick, 3rd A Harrison, 4th P Redford, 5th R & M Blakemore, 6th Marshall & Shotton, 7th K French  

Dominant Pied              Best A Murray, 2nd S Wilson, 3rd & Best Opposite Sex D Lowes, 4th C L Bowman, 5th D Farrell     

Recessive Pied              Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex Marshall & Shotton, 3rd D Farrell,

Yellowface or Golden Face  Best R Day, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex L Murray, 3rd Marshall & Shotton, 4th A Harrison, 5th D Creighton, 6th R Toon    

Rare                              Best R Day Clearbody Sky Cock, 2nd & Best Opposite Sex A Harrison Clearbody Grey Hen, 3rd French & Ratcliffe, 4th R Day, 5th French & Ratcliffe, 6th C Washbourne   

AOC                             Best R Day, 2nd P Redford, 3rd W A Kyle , 4th J Fairbridge                


Novice Any Age     L Pennick                          Young Bird      A Harrison

Beginner Any Age  S Conlin                              Young Bird     S Wilson            

Junior  Any Age      P Fairbridge                        Young Bird     L Murray        




CHAMPION ANY AGE    Best T & A Luke , 2nd N Phillips, 3rd T & A Luke, 4th P Redford, 5th K Tart, 6th T & A Luke, 7th R Day          

INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE  Best French & Ratcliffe, 2nd French & Ratcliffe, 3rd French & Ratcliffe, 4th French & Ratcliffe, 5th A Proud,  6th A Proud, 7th French & Ratcliffe

NOVICE ANY AGE  Best L Pennick , 2nd A Harrison, 3rd A Harrison, 4th L Pennick, 5th L Pennick, 6th L Pennick, 7th A Harrison          

BEGINNER ANY AGE  Best S Conlin, 2nd J Fairbridge, 3rd A & A Forrest, 4th L Sleightholme, 5th S Wilson, 6th D Farrell, 7th L Sleightholme          

JUNIOR ANY AGE   Best C Forrest 2nd C Forrest, 3rd C Forrest, 4th P Fairbridge, 5th C Forrest, 6th C Forrest, 7th C Forrest          

CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD  Best C L Bowman, 2nd K Tart, 3rd D Rowell, 4th D Rowell, 5th D Rowell, 6th C L Bowman, 7th J W Huddart          

INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD  Best A Murray, 2nd G Carr, 3rd 311-3, 4th A Murray, 5th French & Ratcliffe, 6th K Flint, 7th R Fairhurst           

NOVICE YOUNG BIRD Best A Harrison, 2nd A Harrison, 3rd A Harrison, 4th L Pennick, 5th L Pennick, 6th L Pennick, 7th L Pennick          

BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD  Best S Wilson, 2nd R & M Blakemore, 3rd J Bayes, 4th S Conlin, 5th S Wilson, 6th A W Jennings, 7th L Sleightholme          

JUNIOR YOUNG BIRD  Best L Murray, 2nd L Murray, 3rd L Murray, 4th K French, 5th K French, 6th K French, 7th C Washbourne



Another great result for the N.B.S!     The society’s 3rd Specialist and Rare Varieties show held on Sunday 8th July, returned a record entry of 416 birds, of which 355 were actually benched, thus by far exceeding last year’s encouraging total. The event was again held in the Bowburn Community Centre, Bowburn, Durham, which as most fanciers will know is the headquarters of the society.

       As well as strong support from the Northern BS, we were delighted to welcome fanciers from both north and south of our area, and especially Bill and Lyn Bancroft who spent the day with us and were rewarded with major awards with their birds.

       The show additionally hosted the 3rd Regional Show of the Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders Association, and a total of 46 entries were entered in the Clearwing classes – another good increase.

        The awards were placed by Donald McCallum and Peter Thorne, who completed their task with quiet confidence and aplomb, selecting the winners as follows


                                    BEST OF COLOUR AWARDS

 LUTINO    Best  Herring Bros  2nd  P Brunskill (Nov)      3rd P Brunskill      4th  P Brunskill(BestYoung Bird)  5th D Creighton (Best Beginner)  6th P Brunskill  7th D Adcock   8th J T Lund Best Champ YB)     9th  C L Bowman    10th  801-1 11th  A Pegram   12th  J T Lund  13th  D Creighton   14th  A Pegram  15th  D Creighton

 ALBINO     Best J T Lund   2nd   D Cowie (Best Novice)      3rd  J T Lund     4th Marshall & Shotton   5th  A White (Best Beginner)   6th Herring Bros  7th D Creighton   8th D Fishwick  9th  Miss C Forest(Best Junior)   10th  704-1

 YELLOWWING    Best  W S & L Bancroft  2nd  W S & L Bancroft    3rd  J Higley (Best Novice)     4th  D Adcock 5th  J Higley   6th W A Kyle(Best Intermediate)  7th J Higley   8th  D Adcock  9th  W A Kyle  10th W A Kyle

 WHITEWING   Best  W A Kyle    2nd  W S & L Bancroft     3rd  A Hoskins      4th Marshall & Shotton  5th D Adcock  6th W A Kyle  7th  T Thompson   8th  A White   9th   G Grist  10th J Higley  11th  J Higley   12th   R & B Blakemore    13th   W A Kyle   14th   A Hoskins

 CREST    Best J Hunter   2nd J Hunter     3rd  G Grist (Best Young Bird)     4th J Hunter  5th J Hunter   6th J Hunter  7th A White   8th T Thompson    9th  G Grist   10th  R Fairhurst   11th  G Grist   12th  G Grist  13th  G Grist

 SPANGLE    Best  P Redford   2nd  Rogerson Bros     3rd  W S & L Bancroft     4th R Thwaite  5th  A Hoskins  6th T Thompson  7th W S & L Bancroft   8th A & A Forest 9th  Rogerson Bros  10th   J  Fairbridge  11th  Miss K French  12th  J Fairbridge     13th  N Phillips  14th  R Thwaite   15th  P Redford   16th  S Conlin   17th  S Conlin   18th   J Fairbridge   19th   P Redford  20th  P Redford

 DOMINANT PIED   Best  A Hoskins   2nd  Ross & Chadwick     3rd    P Redford      4th R & A Graham  5th A & A Forest    6th C L Bowman  7th C L Bowman   8th W S & L Bancroft   9th  J Fairbridge   10th  D Fishwick  11th C L Bowman  12th  Miss K French  13th  a & A Forest  14th  Miss K Frnch  15th  D Fishwick  16th  R & M Blakemore   17th   J Higley

 RECESSIVE PIED    Best W S & L Bancroft   2nd  Marshall & Shotton (Best Young Bird)     3rd D Creighton      4th W S & L Bancroft  5th  A & K Richards   6th A Hoskins  7th A Hoskins   8th W S & L Bancroft  9th  A Hoskins  10th S Conlin  11th  J Prothero  12th  A Hoskins   13th   A Hoskins

 YELLOWFACE    Best  Marshall & Shotton  2nd  D Adcock    3rd  Marshall & Shotton     4th G Hall  5th D Creighton   6th P Fairbridge  7th Marshall & Shotton   8th P Brunskill   9th P Brunskill   10th  P Fairbridge

 RARE    Best French & Ratcliffe   2nd G Hall (Best Novice)     3rd   R & A Blakemore(Best Beginner)      4th T Thompson   5th  Marshall & Shotton (Best Champion)

 ANY OTHER COLOUR   Best Herring Bros   2nd  T Thompson (Best Intermediate)     3rd J Prothero      4th  P Redford  5th  WS & L Bancroft   6th G Hall  7th A E Wood   8th  D Adcock   9th  A Hoskins  10th P Redford   11th  G Hall  12th  A Carr   13th  A White   14th  D Lowes  15th  T Thompson    16th  A Hoskins   17th  T Thompson  18th  G Hall 19th  J Fairbridge  20th  A Hoskins

 Once the awards had been completed a presentation to the winners was made by Gordon Grist, President of the C B B A ,  who presented |Clearwing awards. Co-incidentally, among those to whom he made presentations were winners of other certificates and awards. It has to be noted that Gordon also did quite well with his own birds so it was a case of success all round

 The thirty nine exhibitors were joined at the show by a number of other members and fanciers and this made for a very rewarding atmosphere throughout the day. It was particularly encouraging to note a number of new members helping with the running of the show.

…and what would we have done without the sterling efforts of Ann Cairns who once again kept judges , stewards, members and visitors well and truly fed and watered for the duration of the event,

All in all, this augurs well for the rest of the show season.

 All in all, a very happy atmosphere throughout – one of the best NBS shows that I have witnessed.





Despite a very unfortunate clash with the National Rare and Special Varieties Show, the NBS’ second annual fixture of this nature attracted 28 exhibitors who produced an entry exceeding 300, of which some 282 birds were benched. This total greatly cheered the organisers, who had feared the worst in view of the very strong competition “down the road”.
      All the more remarkable was this entry in comparison with the first show, in 2005, when it is considered that that first show included classes for all the normal varieties, and that this group was particularly well supported.

      The awards were placed by Geoff Moore and Alan Michael.


Full Specialist & Rare Variety Patronage had been received from the Budgerigar Society, and appropriate Patronage was also received from The Northern BS, Lutino & Albino Breeders Society, Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders Association, Crested Budgerigar Club, Spangled Budgerigar Breeders Association, Rare Variety & Colour Budgerigar Society and the Variegated Budgerigar Club. There is no doubt that these prestigious awards did much to bring about the success of the show.


Challenge Certificate were awarded as follows:-


Lutino   Best J T Lund’s powerful Lutino cock ,   2nd   J T Lund (Best Opp Sex of Colour),  3rd C L Bowman (Best Young Bird of Colour), 4th P Brunskill,  5th C L Bowman (Best Opp SexYoung Bird of Colour) ,  6th P Brunskill, 7th Mrs E Ruffles


Albino    - Best  J T Lund’s much admired Albino Hen,  2nd C L Bowman (Best Opp Sex of Colour) ,  3rd B Toon,  4th D Cowie, 5th Mrs A Carr, 6th S Conlin (Best Young Bird of Colour), 7th  J T Lund (Best Opp SexYoung Bird of Colour)


Yellow-wing   Best was a Dark Green Cock staged by  Marshall & Shotton,  2nd Marshall & Shotton (Best Opp Sex of Colour   3rd,D W Adcock,  4th Marshall & Shotton (Best Young Bird of Colour)


White-wing    Best was Marshall & Shotton with a Skyblue cock,  2nd D W Adcock


Crest or Tuft     Best J Hunter’s Full Circular Opaline Grey Cock,  2nd J Hunter (Best Adult of Colour)   3rd J Hunter (Best Opp Sex of Colour),   4th J Hunter   5th Mrs E Ruffles   6th Mrs E Ruffles (Best Opp SexYoung Bird of Colour)


Spangle             Best were R & A Graham, with a strong Skyblue cock, (unfortunately, it could not take the certificate as the ring had been removed 2nd P Redford,   3rd Price & Winter  (Best Opp Sex of Colour),  4th A & K Richards  5th Price & Winter   6th J Fairbridge   7th  P Redford ,      Best Young Bird of Colour  P Redford


Dominant Pied or Clearflight    Best P Redford with a Light Green cock,  2nd C L Bowman (Best Young Bird of Colour),   3rd  C L Bowman,  4th   S Conlin 5th  Price & Winter,   6th B Toon,   7th  R & A Graham (Best Opp Sex of Colour) 


Recessive Pied or Dark-eyed Clear   Best Marshall & Shotton’s big Cobalt cock,  2nd Marshall & Shotton (Best Opp Sex of Colour),   3rd Marshall & Shotton (Best Young Bird of Colour),  4th J Fairbridge,   5th Marshall & Shotton (Best Opp SexYoung Bird of Colour),   6th J Fairbridge, 7th A & K Richards


Yellow Face    Best J Fairbridge with a good Grey Cock,  2nd P Brunskill (Best Opp Sex of Colour) ,  3rd A E Wood, 4th B Toon  (Best Opp Sex of Colour)


Rare variety    Best G French’s Clearbody Grey Hen,  2nd G French (Best Young Bird of Colour),  3rd G Hall (Best Opp Sex of Colour),  4th G Hall  


Any Other Colour    Best was Herring Bros’ White Blue Cock,  2nd R & A Graham (Best Opp Sex of Colour)  ,   3rd  Price & Winter, 4th Marshall & Shotton,   5th Herring Bros,   6th G French   7th  C W Wright   Best Young Bird - Marshall & Shotton, Best Opp SexYoung Bird of Colour - D Lowes

 Once again, the day was enhanced by a cheerful team of caterers, led by Margaret Bowman who was present throughout. Various members had provided food for the “bun-fight”, which was greatly appreciated. Our thanks to all concerned.

 So, the show proved a great success, not least because of the number of fanciers who showed, well augmented by a number of interested members whose bids could not be catered for in this classification. There was a surfeit of goodwill prevalent, and it was felt that this augured very well for the commencement of the show season proper, a mere two weeks ahead.


Northern B S Club Show 2006 

For some, there was a degree of trepidation in the final approach to this annual event, held in our ‘Headquarters’ at the Bowburn Community Centre, Bowburn, Durham on Sunday,17 September 2006 largely Why the trepidation? - because this year, the show date had been put back to accord with the members’ wishes that we try the show nearer to the end of the show calendar, rather than our long-established fixture of the August Bank Holiday weekend. Many of us had expressed doubts about this move, myself included, because hitherto our show team has usually been well into the moult by mid-September.       

        In the event, all fears were allayed and a good entry was received:  in fact it well surpassed last year’s entry, which had itself been surprisingly up on recent years. A total entry of 889 was received, of which some 688 were benched. The number of birds ‘not sent’ was thus a little disappointing and certainly represented a higher percentage than is usual at this event. Was this because more birds had, indeed, entered their annual moult?  If so, how will the BS Club Show fare when it is staged even closer to October than this? Time will tell.

          Despite the absentees, the judging team of M Ballard, D Folley, D Folley, and K Middleditch         thus had their work cut out to complete their task in good time, especially with the increased procedures and paperwork that an Area championship show requires; the show committee will give serious thought to employing more judges next year.

         This was an excellent show throughout and it had the best possible start from the time the staging arrived, because there was this year a more than adequate band of volunteers who offloaded and erected the staging in good time to receive the first entries – despite the fact that the first ones arrived slightly early!

         Equally satisfying was the fact that a goodly number saw the show through to the end, helping to dismantle and pack away the staging for transportation, a task completed by the ever-reliable Ken Amos.

         Bio-security measures were maintained throughout the show, under the watchful eye of Ron Fairhurst. It is easy, in these ‘quieter days’ to ignore these precautions, but we well know that they might well become more apparently important in the not-so-distant future.

         As ever, the show secretarial side was in the more than capable hands of Norma Phillips, assisted by John Mason, who completed their work in good time to enable all prize money and specials to be paid out at the show.

         Finally, our thanks once again to Ann Cairns who took control of the catering side and thus ensured that the stewards and other officials were able to maintain their energy through the long day!

         Best in Show with their superb Violet hen were the partnership of R & M Miller, making their 2006 debut at a show in our area. This hen headed a strong and successful team which took other awards in both Novice Sections.

         Another successful NBS partnership, Ray and Ann Graham took the award of Best Breeder in Show with a Greygreen Cock which has been equally successful at other shows in the area this year – a true showman



Best in Show                                   R & M Miller’s Violet hen

Best Any Age in Show                    R & M Miller’s Violet hen

Best Breeder in Show                      R & A Graham’s Greygreen Cock

Best Opposite Sex Young Bird        R & A Graham’s Cinnamon Greygreen Hen

Best Opposite Sex Any Age            C Vasey’s Dominant Pied Cock


Publicity Officer’s Report March 2007


When I sat at my desk to commence my usual column, I was at first at a loss as to what to write about; this was very soon dispelled however, because the answer is always, to some extent, “the same as last year”, so for those of you who kept last year’s edition, please start by reading the first three paragraphs !!

       This said, before I go into a brief review of the last twelve months – my contributions to each of the three magazines for whom I write reports exceeded 7, 500 words  over the year – I would repeat another of my favourite themes: that is, that the average person in the street has never heard of the budgerigar fancy

        To illustrate this, I went into my local hardware shop recently and bought a pack of pets’ sawdust/shavings. The lady who served me asked me what pets I had and I replied  “ Budgies – about 200 of ‘em ” . She was literally astonished to hear about anyone who breeds budgies and admitted that she only knew that “You buy them from pet shops”. I asked her how she thought they got into pet shops ? –the penny dropped! I then explained  pointed out that this is becoming increasingly more difficult for folk to find pet birds (true) and  that The Budgerigar Society hopes to do something to make budgies easy to find for all concerned with its Pet Breeders’ Register. Hopefully, by the time you read this, you will have heard more about this initiative.

           The point is that if we want our society and fancy to grow – and there are numerous reasons why we should – we should all be trying to do something about it. The B.S is considering the introduction of other schemes to encourage members to introduce new fanciers to the society and thus the budgerigar breeding community. Again, we will hear more of this in the coming months.


           So, let me review the twelve months since the last Spring Handbook, starting in May 2006 with extracts from those reports –not necessarily in strict chronological order:-

           I reported  our attendance at the Vintage Collectors’ Rally, an event which was unfortunately washed out by the weather. We have not tried a similar event since then, but I think that we should be on the look-out for such places where the public congregate and our presence will tell folk more about our hobby. Any volunteers to man such a stall? We have lots of material which we can use to make this both attractive and worthwhile


         I also wrote about the advice we were given by Alan Harley in our quest for grants/sponsorship. Enquiries on this are still on-going and as you will know, at our AGM 2007 our Rules were changed to, hopefully, accommodate the new thinking of those bodies who can dispense largesse on behalf of the larger public.


          Dennis Brown was speaker at our April meeting and gave us his views on a variety of topics, including the BS Club Show, comparing his management of the event, when there were thousands more entries, with several features of the current organisation.  The May meeting of the society, saw a visit from  that well known partnership of Richard and Michael Miller (even more well known since their success at the 2006 BS Club Show ) who made what was apparently their debut as speakers; they gave a very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon and answered many question on facets of what the fancy is to them.


    We looked forward to the NBS CLUB our first show on the new date, and to the NBS SPECIALIST & RARE VARIETIES SHOW  in July. Both shows wereproved a resounding success. Our own NBS Club Show ( which, in the event,  was very successful,) but subsequently a result of the change of the BS Club Show date, we realised that our show date (new from this year) in September is “too near to Doncaster”, at only two weeks away, so we decided  to revert to our former, regular date at the last weekend in August, for 2007.   Meanwhile, I thanked all societies and shows who had supported our raffles at both the Rare show and for our Club show with donations of raffle prizes.    

            Finally, our thanks once again to Ann Cairns who took control of the catering side and thus ensured that the stewards and other officials were able to maintain their energy through the long day!


      Earlier, I noted with considerable pleasure that the joint show of Darlington and Spennymoor BS, had resulted in a very greatly increased entry ; the largest entry that they had had for a number of years, at 658!  “Is the fancy now firmly on the road back?”  I asked. In the event, results throughout the rest of the show season were, largely, very good and we now look forward to continuing progress for 2007


Under SOCIETY REPORTS   I mentioned that  the budgerigar societies of  Darlington & Spennymoor BS  hadw amalgamated and launched its own website on www.communigate.co.uk/ne/darlingtonspennymoorbudgerigarclub  - well worth a visit    Sunderland BS reported that their website www.sunderlandbudgerigarsociety was being revised and would welcome suggestions

           We also noted that Carlisle BS, also having decided not to hold a show this year, was now no longer holding monthly meetings, despite there being a number of successful fanciers in the area. The NBS meeting there in April was well attended and we looked towards a brighter future for this society?


The Fanciers’ Worksop in March had been a great success and well worth the endeavours of the organisers. Over thirty fanciers attend and this helped convince the committee that we should proceed with further events in the future.  Incidentally, our successes with regard to our Open Meetings and Special Events has not gone unnoticed in BS and wider budgerigar circles. Hopefully, more Area Societies will move to emulate our successes, which will only make for a stronger fancy.       


          I reported on plans to replace our staging with a lighter version as we may have been carrying too much in the trailers, from time to time, and that in future – while we still use the heavier staging- all societies will need to take both trailers. On one of the hottest Fridays of the year so far, Dennis Cairns, Gerry Carr and myself formed a work party to reload the two trailers. The experience brought home to us that despite years of using this system, some societies still do not know how the trailers should be loaded to ensure the safety of the load and the driver. It is something that we will continue to preach to the unconverted, but meanwhile, my personal thanks to Dennis and Gerry who are the men who ensure that everything about the trailers is in good working order for our member societies show by show. The load in the trailers has been reduced, so that most shows will need two trailers for their show – perhaps only until the new staging is acquired.


         The Northern BS celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year and  we are therefore planning to celebrate this milestone with a Convention.  The date, Sunday 13th May and have engaged excellent speakers, Maurice Powell and Frank Silva as the main attraction.

         The venue is the same as we have used for similar functions in the past, The Ravensdene Lodge, Dunston, Gateshead.  We anticipate that demand for tickets, which will include a Carvery lunch and Tea/Coffee in med-sessions, will be great. We therefore urge fanciers to book their tickets NOW.  To older members such as myself, it is hard to appreciate that that venerable institution , the Northern Budgerigar Society which we joined in 1962 was, in fact, a mere stripling of some 25 years of existence. Indeed, when we had joined the Budgerigar Society in 1959, that august foundation was still a comparative youth with only 34 years experience to declare.

              …Harder still to consider that at each of those two dates stories were already being told of fanciers who had become established as characters, and even ‘legends’, at whose passing folk would sadly shake their heads and declare that ‘we will never see the like of them again’ . Such a summary of the fancier lives of many fanciers has been made since then. It is said, nowadays more than ever, that there are no true modern day ‘characters’.

               Somehow, though, as I look around as feel that there are many with us today, in their prime who WILL be spoken of in the future in such hallowed tones.  


           Our September meeting opened the ‘new season’ of Open meetings following the break for the show season.  No doubt, much of the reason for the good attendance was Eddie Geary’s  was presence as speaker. Always somewhat controversial, even when he was BS Chairman, he is always worth listening to and his forthright and in-depth replies to a variety of questions was both entertaining and thought-provoking.

     This then, started a run of excellent talks which, sadly, many of our members missed. Dipping in to the list, the current BS Chairman Grant Findlay was our visitor in February of this year and he kept the meeting well informed on a series of topics.

Speakers for the remainder of the year are :-1st April  Roger Carr, 6th May   Douglas Mathie,  3rd June Dumfries & Galloway BS panel, 2nd September, John Bell,  7th October  Geoff Tuplin,  4th November Auction,  2nd December  Janice Al-Nasser (BS President)


     We already have an extensive programme of speakers planned for the coming twelve months and beyond, and I would remind members that this is the only opportunity to hear these speakers in the Northern BS area, so why not make the Bowburn Community centre on the first Sunday in each Month, at 2:30 pm, a regular fixture in your diary? It really IS worth making the effort to attend, and will easily become a habit!


         As our show season drew to a close,we looked back on what had been, in this area, a rather satisfactory year. All our shows had recorded a healthy increase in entries, so much so that the NBS is to hire an additional judge for 2007; long may this trend continue! There is still, of course, a long way to go before we get back to anything like the strength that we once enjoyed, but if more members can spare a little time to do some work actively promoting the fancy among friends and acquaintances, who knows what may yet be possible ?

      Still on show matters, our Patronage Secretary, David Sedgwick, in reviewing his duties over the NBS Rares Show and the NBS Club Show, echoed his own concerens and also those held by shows patronage secretaries. We find it somewhat frustrating that, after paying patronage fees to Specialist and Rare Varieties shows, most of the rosettes “paid for” are not awarded and thus have to be returned at considerable expense through postage etc. The problem lies in the fact that, while those varieties are increasing in popularity, their breeders are not becoming members of those societies and the first prizes are going to ‘non-members’. We suggested that there must be a better and cheaper way of rewarding their members who breed these varieties – perhaps on a league table/points basis. It may be that the advantages of becoming members of specialist societies are not apparent to exhibitors. As a purely personal suggestion can those societies, perhaps, consider the award  of occasional open specials of a year’s membership to ‘non-member’ certificate winners? Such fanciers may thus become members on a regular basis!

    We await the Specialist Societies’ response to this, now that it has been published.


And, finally, the most recent report, due to be covered in “The Budgerigar” in May:--




So how is the breeding season going for YOU so far?  In the Northern area we have, as ever, received mixed reports but, if anything, there appears to be more of optimism in the air than the reverse.

         Our Annual General Meeting rather confirmed this feeling. Despite the fact that this was purely a business meeting, around thirty members attended to ratify plans for the coming year. Norma Phillips made reference to our continuing good attendances at this and our monthly open meetings, commenting that we have been well served by our secretary in booking so many very good speakers over the year. She welcomed the fact that last year, all available committee places had been comfortably and effectively filled and thanked the retiring President and Minutes secretary, and committee member Don Fishwick for their work for the society.

             In their respective reports, the secretary and Auditor (B. Batey) reported that this has been a good year, all round, for the society. Membership has held up very well, in fact it has slightly increased to just under 200, so hopefully this will become the new trend. The society’s finances have matched this performance, showing a healthy growth over the year.


 Officers elected are:-

        President                   Bruce Ross

        President Elect           Ron Fairhurst

        Chairman                  Norma Phillips

        Vice Chairman           Brian Batey

        General Secretary & 

                     Treasurer     Roy Cooke

        Assistant Secretary     Bruce Ross

        Minutes Secretary      Liz Ruffles

        Publicity Secretary     Dave Herring 

        Show Secretary         Norma Phillips

        Committee         D Alcock, B Blakemore, D Cairns, G W Carr, I Clarke, J Herring, J L Robertson and D Rowell

        Show Committee   As usual, ALL interested members are invited to sit on this committee, which usually meets immediately before the normal committee meeting on the third Monday in each month.


Avid readers of this column will detect a number of changes in this list and it is indeed exciting that so many fanciers have allowed their names to go forward for posts in the society this year. Could it be that eventually we will get to the happy situation of ‘One man-one job?’ We look forward to a year full of new ideas and initiatives! 


  NBS POINTS AWARDS   The society continues to award trophies for Most Points on each of the sections accumulated over the Affiliated patronage shows in our area.  Winners of those awards for the 2006 show season are:-


Best Champion  Any Age and Young Bird         R & A Graham

Best Intermediate Any Age and Young Bird       Price & Winter

Best Novice Any Age and Young Bird               L Pennick

Best Beginner  Any Age and Young Bird           C Vasey

Best Junior  Any Age                                       P Fairbridge

Best Junior Young Bird                                    K French


     Presentations of the trophies will be made at our Convention in May, and it this sparkling event will be upon us by the time this report is published. We are very optimistic about its success, for such has been the interest expressed so far in this venture that the committee has decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and book a larger room, with a view to selling more tickets. So, everything is prepared and all we need now is the presence of the speakers. 


Honorary Life Membership was awarded to our valued Chairman/Show Secretary/Year Book editor of many years standing Norma Phillips. I cannot recall when such an accolade was better merited that this particular award and can only add my personal thanks to those bestowed by the membership on the day.


Still on the subject of awards, our Golden Bird award, presented annually for meritorious service was given unanimously to a long-standing member, Gerry Carr. Gerry has had a long, if broken, career in the fancy and has never (as far as I am aware) held an official position as such, but is one of those valuable folk who are always on hand to do practical, mechanical things for the fancy. Like Ken Godfrey, who transports staging for the society, Gerry has given great help to the society by firstly finding premises at which our staging and their trailers can be stored and he is on hand to help maintain those trailers, to attend to their security and open up the premises every time they are taken away for use and subsequently brought back, by local societies.


 Rule Changes     At the Annual General Meeting a complete revision of the rules, undertaken on behalf of the committee, was presented to the meeting and largely carried. These changes are designed to fit the society for acceptance in this modern age and to spell out our accessibility to all sections of the community and thus all who are interested in the husbandry of budgerigars.  They make no change to the way we see our place in the community but hopefully will affect the way we are seen from outside. Additionally, it is felt that this will also help us in our quest for funding from outside sources, for which we currently have several outstanding applications.


Looking further to the future, the society is planning to hold another Open Day in 2008 which will, we hope be attractive to all fanciers. More of this later, but we invite all members to let us have their suggestion/ comments as to what they would like to see included in the programme. At the same time, they may wish to note that the society is also contemplating staging a Nestfeather show next year, and we will be urging their support for this.  If we do decide to go ahead it will  be a third NBS show in the year!  The N.B.S is nothing if not progressive. Tell your friends !


At the same time, remind them that we continue to hold a monthly meeting on the first Sunday in each month, (except July,August (show season) and January, commencing at 2:30pm in the Bowburn Communityy Centre, Bowburn, Durham. We have a full list of speakers, usually from outside of this area , and an entertaining and informative afternoon is guaranteed


So, re-reading this, we have had a pretty full year, haven’t we ?   Let’s hope that 2007/8 is even better!




Dave Herring

NBS Publicity Secretary







Any Age


Normal Green     Best L Pennick, 2nd J W Huddart, 3rd I Clarke, 4th Price & Winter, 5th Price &Winter, 6th G Garcia, 7th T Barrie           

Normal Blue    Best R & M Miller, 2nd  R & M Miller, 3rd    I Clarke, 4th D Farrell, 5th L Pennick,  6th R & A Graham, 7th A Proud                

Greygreen       Best T & A Luke, 2nd Price & Winter, 3rd A W Jennings, 4th D Cairns, 5th L Pennick, 6th L Pennick, 7th K French               

Grey            Best C L Bowman , 2nd D & J Adcock  , 3rd R & M Miller, 4th G French, 5th  S Wilson  , 6th  A E Wood, 7th A Pick               

Opaline Green         Best  Price & Winter, 2nd D Rowell , 3rd Herring Bros, 4th  D Cowie , 5th Herring Bros, 6th D Farrell              

Opaline Blue                          Best C L Bowman , 2nd A Proud , 3rd  S Conlin, 4th T & A Luke, 5th D Cowie, 6th D Farrell, 7th D Fishwick               

Cinnamon Green                    Best  R & M Miller, 2nd Marshall & Shotton , 3rd P Abbs, 4th J Wilson, 5th P Abbs, 6th A Proud, 7th D Cairns               

Cinnamon Blue                      Best R & M Miller , 2nd T & A Luke , 3rd L Pennick, 4th D Rowell, 5th G French, 6th C Vasey, 7th C Vasey               

Opaline Cinnamon Best T & A Luke, 2nd W Orr , 3rd G French, 4th D & J Adcock, 5th  C  Vasey                

Lutino         Best  K Fowler, 2nd C L Bowman , 3rd D Fishwick, 4th R & B Blackmore, 5th P Fairbridge,               

Albino                                    Best J T Lund , 2nd Marshall & Shotton , 3rd B Toon, 4th D Farrel

Yellow Wing              Best C Higley , 2nd W Orr , 3rd C Higley, 4th W Orr, 5th W A Kyle, 6th W A Kyle, 7th R & B Blackmore               

White Wing                            Best C Higley, 2nd Marshall & Shotton, 3rd, W A Kyle, 4th D Farrell, 5th W A Kyle, 6th W Orr,  D & J Adcock

Crest or Tuft                            Best  J Hunter, 2nd  J Hunter

Spangle Greens                       Best  A E Wood, 2nd D Rowell , 3rd D Rowell, 4th R Thwaite, 5th A & K Richards, 6th G French, 7th C Washbourne                

Spangle Blues                         Best R & A Graham , 2nd T & A Luke , 3rd Price & Winter, 4th G Hall, 5th L Pennick, 6th S Conlin, 7th D Fishwick

Dominant Pied                        Best C Vasey , 2nd R & A Graham , 3rd K Flint, 4th C L Bowman, 5th D Fishwick, 6th R Fairhurst, 7th C Washbourne               

Recessive Pied                        Best Marshall & Shotton  2nd J Prothero 3rd J Fairbridge

Yellowface or Golden Face    Best T & A Luke , 2nd S Vickers, 3rd W Winn, 4th J Fairbridge, 5th P Fairbridge, 6th P Fairbridge          

Rare                                        Best G French  , 2nd G French , 3rd G Hall,

AOC                                        Best  T & A Luke, 2nd J Fairbridge , 3rd T Barrie, 4th G Hall,                 


Young Bird

Normal Green               Best D Cairns , 2nd T & A Luke , 3rd Price & Winter, 4th  C L Bowman, 5th C Paul, 6th T Barrie, 7th R & B Blackmore               

Normal Blue                 Best Price & Winter , 2nd  R & M Miller, 3rd Herring Bros, 4th D Farrell, 5th C L Bowman, 6th T Barrie, 7th C L Bowman              

Greygreen                     Best R & A Graham , 2nd  L Pennick, 3rd K Flint, 4th R & A Graham, 5th A & A Forrest, 6th L Pennick, 7th S Conlin               

Grey                              Best  T & A Luke  2nd  C Paul, 3rd Price & Winter, 4th Price & Winter, 5th B Verity, 6th G French  

Opaline Green               Best  Rogerson Bros, 2nd D Farrell , 3rd D Rowell, 4th C Vasey, 5th D Cowie, 6th G Hall, 7th L Pennick                

Opaline Blue                 Best N Phillips , 2nd C L Bowman , 3rd W Winn, 4th Price & Winter, 5th Price & Winter, 6th R Fairhurst, 7th L Pennick               

Cinnamon Green    Best  R & A Graham, 2nd D Rowell , 3rd L Pennick, 4th P Abbs, 5th R Fairhurst, 6th A W Jennings               

Cinnamon Blue       Best     T & A Luke, 2nd L Pennick , 3rd R Thwaite, 4th D Rowell, 5th S Wilson, 6th S Vickers         

Opaline Cinnamon Best T & A Luke , 2nd L Pennick , 3rd K Flint, 4th A W Jennings, A W Jennings, 5th C Higley, 6th D Lowes                

Lutino     Best C L Bowman , 2nd C Vasey , 3rd C Vasey, 4th J T Lund, 5th D Cowie, 6th D Cowie                

Albino            Best A Brown , 2nd A Brown , 3rd C Higley, 4th S Conlin,                 

Yellow Wing       Best  C Higley, 2nd W A Kyle , 3rd W A Kyle, 4th W Orr, 5th W Orr, 6th W Barrie

White Wing               Best  W Orr, 2nd W Orr , 3rd W A Kyle, 4th C Higley,            

Crest or Tuft                  Best J Hunter , 2nd J Hunter ,

Spangle Greens              Best R & M Miller , 2nd  P Abbs, 3rd R & M Miller, 4th L Pennick, 5th K French, 6th W Wilson, 7th S Conlin               

Spangle Blues                Best  L Pennick, 2nd R Thwaites , 3rd Price & Winter, 4th T & A Luke, 5th K Fowler, 6th P Abbs, 7th C L Bowman              

Dominant Pied              Best R & A Graham , 2nd T & A Luke , 3rd K French, 4th R & B Blakemore, 5th C Vasey, 6th S Vickers, 7th                

Recessive Pied              Best  A Brown , 2nd  Marshall & Shotton, 3rd                 

Yellowface or Golden Face Best T & A Luke , 2nd T & A Luke , 3rd W Winn, 4th W Winn        

Rare                              Best G French , 2nd G French , 3rd G Hall, 4th  A M Carr          

AOC                             Best Marshall & Shotton, 2nd Marshall & Shotton , 3rd P McHale, 4th G Hall, 5th B Toon, 6th P McHale           



Novice Any Age      Lee Pennick                Young Bird      T Barrie

Beginner Any Age   D Farrell                      Young Bird      A W Jennings

Junior  Any Age       P Fairbridge                 Young Bird      K French




CHAMPION ANY AGE    Best  C L Bowman, 2nd T & A Luke, 3rd Marshall & Shotton , 4th R & A Graham

5th C L Bowman, 6th T& Luke, 7th I Clark

INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE  Best R & M Miller, 2nd  Price & Winters, 3rd, R & M Miller, 4th  R & M Miller, 5th R & M Miller  6th Price & Winter, 7th R & M Miller

NOVICE ANY AGE  Best L Pennick, 2nd  L Pennick  3rd  L Pennick  4th  L Pennick  5th  G French  6th  A E Wood,  7th C Higley

BEGINNER ANY AGE  Best  C Vasey,  2nd  A W Jennings   3rd  D & J Adcock   4th  S Wilson  5th   C Vasey  6th S Conlin  7th  D Farrell

JUNIOR ANY AGE   Best  P Fairbridge,  2nd C Washbourne, 3rd P Fairbridge,  4th  P Fairbridge,  5th  K French,  6th P Fairbridge,  7th  C Washbourne



CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD  Best R & A Graham, 2nd  R & A Graham  3rd  T & A Luke,  4th T & A Luke,  5th Herring Bros, 6th  Rogerson Bros,  7th Marshall & Shotton

INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD  Best Price & Winter, 2nd R & M Miller, 3rd R & M Miller, 4th   R& M Miller  5th K Flint, 6th Price & Winter, 7th Price & Winter

NOVICE YOUNG BIRD L Pennick 2nd T Barrie,  3rd  C Paul,  4th  P Abbs  5th P McHale   6th  L Pennick 7th L Pennick

BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD  Best D Farrell,  2nd C Vasey, 3rd  C Vasey,  4th  D Farrell, 5th C vasey,  6th E Ruffles, 7th B Verity

JUNIOR YOUNG BIRD  Best  K French,  2nd K French,  3rd  K French,  4th K French




on Saturday 9th July 2005

    (The Show Hall is also the venue for our Annual Club Show, as well as our monthly Open Meetings   - - it is, in effect, the Headquarters of the NORTHERN B S and its CLUB SHOW will take place on Sunday 28th August 2005)


                         This was the first Specialist & Rare Varieties show which the NBS has staged, and proved to be an extremely encouraging opening event, which provided, as well as other aspects, a very good start to the show season in our area. Certainly the officials of Darlington BS & Spennymoor BS who were present were rubbing their hands at the prospect of this good entry being reflected in their own joint open show, which was to be held on the following weekend.

                          In all, 299 entries were received in the main part of the classification - a total of 404 overall.

This was an excellent result considering that, against all expectations, we did not receive any entries at all from outside the Northern BS area – so much for the rumour that Specialist tend to "chase" certificates – an assertion which we more balanced and experienced fanciers have tended to discount.

                          So what was the total entry?  In order not to exclude any part of our enthusiastic showing membership, it had been agreed that we would stage a classification for the "normal" varieties and these exhibitors "rallied around" to the extent of entering a total of 105 entries -- it was apparent that many of those of our members who had "Specialist" birds to show had done so largely to the exclusion of the Normals.

                          Judges were those eminent Specialist & Rare varieties authorities and partners, G D Findlay & N Flavell, who had a far more difficult task than they may have expected because of the volume and quality of the exhibits.

                          As well as being firmly bolstered by the award of BS Certificates for the event, the show was further supported by all the Specialist societies who had awarded the appropriate patronage for the event.

The full BS Bio-security Guidelines were in place at this show;  it is still, we feel a very wise precaution and guards us to some extent against a number of infections and problems. There was a feelin that it is reapidly becoming part of our normal routine.

                          The show hall, to the surprise of many, was looking quite splendid – even to those of us who in the past had seen it on a regular basis. It has recently undergone a series of small but effective refurbishments which Have resulted in a venue suitable for a successful budgerigar show, and hopefully this will be the message which is circulated in good time to reach fanciers who are contemplating sending a team to our annual Club Show to be held in that hall on Sunday, 28th August (schedule available from Norma Phillips (Tel 0191 – 2960840).

                           To set the seal, we had refreshments, provided excellently by Mrs Ann Cairns who has given us this essential bodily nourishment in past years. Our thanks to her for this sterling service, and of course to all those members and friends who took part in any way in what proved to be a more-than-minor triumph.

                           The show committee is to be thanked for staging this event, but largely the credit must go to Norma Phillips who suggested it, and by her work as Show secretary "made all things possible that have come to pass".






LUTINO ANY AGE                                C L BOWMAN

LUTINO                                                    C L BOWMAN

ALBINO ANY AGE                                 J T LUND

ALBINO BREEDER                                J T LUND

YELLOW WING ANY AGE                   W A KYLE

YELLOW WING ANY AGE                    W A KYLE

WHITE WING ANY AGE                        W A KYLE

WHITE WING                                            W A KYLE

CREST ANY AGE                                      J HUNTER

CREST  BREEDER                                    J HUNTER

SPANGLE ANY AGE                                 N PHILLIPS

SPANGLE                                                    M & D PRICE


DOMINANT PIED                                       P REDFORD


RECESSIVE PIED                                       J PROTHERO

YELLOWFACE ANY AGE                         S VICKERS

YELLOWFACE                                            B TOON


RARE VARIETIES                                       G FRENCH


ANY OTHER COLOUR                              A E WOOD


OTHER AWARDS (Normal Varieties)

BEST CHAMPION ANY AGE                                            J PROTHERO

BEST INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE                          J DUFFY

BEST NOVICE ANY AGE                                              G FRENCH


BEST CHAMPION BREEDER                                            J PROTHERO

BEST INTERMEDIATE BREEDER                           J DUFFY

BEST NOVICE BREEDER                                               G FRENCH




on Sunday 29th August 2005


Happily building on the success of our first Specialist & Rare varieties Show at the beginning of July, the Northern BS Club Show 2005 came as another step in our comeback to normality, and hopefully has now well and truly paved the way for further growth in the fancy in our area.

A very gratifying total of 859 entries was received for this event. This was a good increase on last year’s total, reflected in an increased number of exhibitors, including more beginners – always a healthy sign!

It was a particular pleasure to see the hall so well filled throughout the show. This applied from the beginning to the end, because the members of the NBS pulled together this year to ensure that the staging was erected in good time to be prepared for the first arrivals, and also stayed back at the end to re-load the trailers and clear away. These stalwarts were well augmented by exhibitors who remained on the day to steward, and it was particularly encouraging to note that this year, the some of the older members were able to take a back seat as there was a good mix of younger fanciers including ladies and juniors, to ensure that everything was done efficiently and timeously.

And where would we be without the Ladies, Margaret Bowman (our President) and Ann Cairns who so magnificently ensured that all stewards and visitors were more than adequately fed? It certainly would NOT have been such a successful event without their sterling efforts.

Bowburn Community centre has been more or less the headquarters for Northern BS activities for a considerable number of years and is more than adequately sized for such a show; the whole centre has received a "lift" because of on-going refurbishments and will hopefully remain a viable venue for the NBS Club Show for some years yet.

Judges J Alcock, D Hislop, J Onslow and A Richards had the enviable task of distributing the awards amongst a field which was consistently high in quality. In fact, left on the staging amongst the also-rans at this show were a number of birds which had already triumphed at previous events this year. Competition is, indeed, hotting up! Our adjudicators completed their tasks in good time to enable the Major winners to be displayed and the Awards sheet to be printed and distributed speedily. Our thanks to them for a job well done.

Major awards were fairly well distributed this year, giving a number of fanciers even more reason to be optimistic about that next show, and hopefully onwards to subsequent breeding and show seasons. There is no doubt, however that the major triumph was that achieved by the R & M Miller partnership, the quality of whose stock has grown at a remarkable rate over the last two or three years. Most of us recall their tremendous success at the 2004 BS Club Show, and it therefore comes as no great surprise that 2005 has been for them, thus far, one of continued triumph.

Their premier success here was in annexing the Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex Young Bird awards, as well as numerous placings in the Novice section; it is always a mark of true quality in a stud to note its success with home-produced birds.

A pleasant change, also, to note the Supreme award being taken by a hen: many folk maintain that separate hen classes are a must because hens cannot compete with cocks, but here, again, was proof that quality will out, and a good hen takes some beating!

Ray & Ann Graham again took the main Any Age specials, both for Best and for Best Opposite Sex. After so many wins over a considerable number of years one might expect the novelty to wear off, but they continue to come back for more! We cannot begrudge such success gained by fanciers who have been consistent supporters of the fancy in the area.

It was also encouraging to note that we had three Junior exhibitors this year, two of which are from our own area and one from North of the border; all equally welcome and our thanks to them for doing their bit to enhance this event.



BEST ANY AGE IN SHOW R & A Graham’s Greygreen Cock

BEST OPPOSITE SEX YOUNG BIRD R & M Miller’s Normal Cinnamon Cock

BEST OPPOSITE SEX ANY AGE R & A Graham’s Normal Cinnamon Hen



  Pictured above,   R & M Miller Best in Show,    Ray Graham Best (Any Age)     R. Brotherton (Best junior Any Age)



ANY AGE Normal Green Rogerson Bros, Normal Blue M & D Price, Normal Greygreen R & A Graham, Normal Grey T & A Luke, Opaline Green R Day, Opaline Blue T & A Luke, Normal Cinnamon R & A Graham, Opaline Cinnamon P Corkhill, Lutino J T Lund, Albino Marshall & Shotton, Yellow wing P Corkhill, White wing R Day, Crest J Hunter, Spangle P Corkhill, Dominant Pied L Pennick, Recessive Pied Marshall & Shotton, Yellowface K Fowler, Rare Varieties G French Any Other Colour Marshall & Shotton

YOUNG BIRD Normal Green T & A Luke, Normal Blue R & M Miller Normal Greygreen R & M Miller Normal Grey B Ross, Opaline Green C L Bowman, Opaline Blue R Steele, Normal Cinnamon R & M Miller Opaline Cinnamon P Corkhill, Lutino R Steele, Albino R Day, Yellow wing R Day, White wing R Day, Crest J Hunter, Spangle L Pennick, Dominant Pied I Cuthbertson, Recessive Pied D Lowes, Yellowface R Steele, Rare Varieties G French, Any Other Colour R Steele




Best in Section R & A Graham’s Greygreen Cock 2nd P Corkhill’ Double Factor Spangle 3rd R & A Graham’s Cinnamon Cobalt Hen 4th P Corkhill 5th Marshall & Shotton 6th R Day 7th Marshall & Shotton


Best in Section C L Bowman ‘s Greygreen Cock 2nd K Fowler’s Spangle Cock 3rd T & A Luke Light Green Cock 4th C L Bowman 5th C L Bowman 6th P Corkhill 7th R Steele


Best in Section M & D Price (Skyblue Cock) 2nd G W Carr (Dominant Pied Cock) 3rd A Murray (Greygreen Cock) 4th A Murray 5th G W Carr 6th G Lawrence 7th M & D Price


Best in Section M & D Price (Light Green Hen) 2nd M & D Price (Greygreen Cock) 3rd M & D Price (Light Green Cock) 4th A Murray 5th M & D Price 6th A Murray 7th G Lawrence


Best in Section R & M Miller (Skyblue Cock) 2nd R & M Miller ( Greygreen Cock) 3rd R & M Miller (D Factor Spangle Cock) 4th R & M Miller 5th L Pennick 6th R & M Miller 7th P Abbs


Best in Section R & M Miller (Cobalt Hen) 2nd R & M Miller (Cinnamon Cock) 3rd R & M Miller (Cinnamon Hen) 4th R & M Miller 5th R & M Miller 6th K Morfoot 7th L Pennick


Best in Section I Cuthbertson (Opaline Green Cock) 2nd S Conlin (Light Green Cock) 3rd P Brunskill (Cinnamon Cock) 4th P Brunskill 5th D Cowie 6th B Verity 7th C Wright


Best in Section I Cuthbertson (Dominant Pied Cock) 2nd P Brunskill (Green Hen) 3rd S Conlin (Green Cock) 4th I Cuthbertson 5th D Cowie 6th P Brunskill 7th P Brunskill


Best in Section R Brotherton (Grey Cock) 2nd R Brotherton (Cinnamon Hen) 3rd R Brotherton (Green Cock) 4th K French


Best in Section L Murray ( Green Hen) 2nd L Murray (Dominant Pied Cock) 3rd L Murray (Green Cock) 4th L Murray 5th K French 6th L Murray 7th K French

So, the above Prize list encapsulates a successful show, and we thank all exhibitors for their much-valued support. However, the main success of the day will remain in remembrance of the very happy feeling which existed throughout the show, with everyone, both members and visiting fanciers, working together for the good of the show in a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism. To me these are the two qualities which budgerigar fanciers must continue to carry around with them, talk about, and display for all to see, because this is the way in which we will sell the fancy to "non-believers".

Certainly I, for one, can still look forward to a fancy which will build on those first flickering signs of growth which many of us have observed.

Dave Herring