2010 Handbook


 Back in 1988 I attended my first N.B.S. monthly meeting and looked up to the seasoned fanciers for wisdom and experience' Over the years most of these have passed on or retired from the hobby, I now find myself one of these. It was in their memory I accepted the Presidency this year and hope to wear the chain of office as they did with respect'

This got me thinking of how the hobby has changed or in some cases not over the last 22 Years. I recall that the majority of our members had large studs which looked to pair up 20 plus pairs targeting l00 plus chicks each year. The economics and social expectations of modern times call for smaller bird rooms using less pairs, however our expectations still look at that I00 chick target.

Likewise at the shows if in past years studs average 1 50 to 200 birds it was expected to exhibit 20 to 30 birds at each show and think nothing of it. We must now except if the average member has a stock of 50 to 80 birds then we can only expect 8-10 birds entered at our shows on average' we are lucky to have a number of local societies affiliated to the N.B.S.'

Granted half the number we had 22 years ago but without these we will lose our shows, therefore it is all our responsibilities to support these local societies when we can. Within these societies the elected officials should be guiding their membership to long term strategies, planning for 3 to 5 years.

Those retiring officials should be called on for their experience but at the same time they must let the new members bring new ideas to the table. When revisiting old ideas we must remember, because something did not work in 1979 does not mean it will not work now in this day and age'

It is our hobby and just as in 1988 it is the same now "we get out of the fancy what we put into it ". so next time you are discussing with friends or maybe sitting thinking about the hobby ask yourself. " ls there anything I can do?"

I look forward to seeing you around the shows this year and remember if this is not your year then maybe next year'

lan Clarke



Well, one year in and everything appears to be going well. Despite many members predicting a rough time for the fancy in the area, we've done well, very well. The year started brilliantly with the Awards for All money to replace the staging and equip the relevant officials with laptops and printers.

All this money has now been spent and the N.B.S. are proud owners of new staging and computer equipment to produce and print the various N.B.S. books/leaflets/award sheets etc. Attendances are up at the monthly meetings, SRV show entries up, Darlington and Spennymoor BS, and the NEN entries were up, Newcastle and Gateshead show earned the areaís first 'double' cc' Gold Award. The balance sheet shows a healthy profit, the open show, whilst disappointing in numbers, esp. from ,local' members, attracted some super birds from both inside and outside the area, and thanks to all, was run at a profit for the first time even I can remember.

I think we've had a superb l2 month, and it's going to be difficult to follow it this year, but with your continued help, commitment and enthusiasm we can. The N.B.S. has a 'new' committee with six dropping off since last year (our thanks to them all for their time, support and effort) but eight new volunteers stepping up and joining, brilliant. New blood, new ideas and more volunteers for my thinking are always welcome, but if anyone has any idea's, thoughts or offers to make, please let us know.

The monthly meetings are going really well, good attendances, good speakers and, as stated last year, business is kept to a minimum, indeed on my travels around the area I think we conduct much less business at our open meetings then any of the local societies, let's try and maintain that and keep the meetings to the topics.

Please see the complete programme in this handbook, and come along and meet us. We try and make everyone feel welcome, and if youíre not a member, please come along and give it try, no pressure to join before attending the meetings


Brian Batey, Chairman



Once again, where does the time go too because here we are at the end of yet another Breeding Season with our Show Season waiting on the doorstep! So, I'm giving you this reminder that your very first show within our area will be our Specialist and Rare Varieties which will be held at Bowburn Community Centre, on Sunday I lth July 2010 and Brian Batey and his team of helpers will be greatly looking forward to your entries. Over the years, this particular show has proven to be a very popular event and once again in the year 2010, why not pay us a visit and make it "Happen Again" and besides which, it should prove to be a great day out. The same goes for our Open Show, to be held at Bowburn Community Centre, (DH6 5AT for Sat Nav users) on Sunday l9'h September.

You will have noticed that our open show date has been moved about over the last three or four years. Are you happy with the present date? We've discussed many options and gone down several  avenues regarding this and have especially considered the warmer and lighter days but the "clash" word came around again, - you would think that with fewer shows in and around our area there wouldn't be any problems choosing a suitable date, and one that wouldn't "clash" with shows outside our area as well.

As always, I'm also reminding you that we still have our Open Meetings, also being held at Bowburn Community Centre. They have been well supported uring the past year and I cordially invite you to attend at least one of them.

Be assured, they are not political as we invite outstanding speakers who are well versed on talking about the "Budgerigar" and I can assure you that you will not to go home disappointed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee Marshall who has taken over as Handbook Editor and l'm sure that like Norma he will do a sterling job. May I also remind you that your increased subscriptions for 201I will be due on or before 1st January 2011.  I realise this is an early reminder, but bear in mind that this could be the only written contact that I have with you as we are only circulating one edition of the Members Handbook again this year, although I must add, that Lee had offered to do both a Spring and Autumn edition.

ln closing may I wish you a successful 2010






2008 Handbook


Presidents Message

 Dear Members

As president of the Northern Budgerigar Society, I will begin by thanking you all for electing me into office. I feel proud, privileged and extremely honoured to have been made President of our society and will do my best to uphold the high standards set by my predecessors.

My relationship with the hobby has been somewhat sporadic, brought about by my time in the armed forces. However despite my service career, over the last fifty years or so I have managed to keep in touch with the hobby, as they say once bitten!. I first kept budgies in the fifties and joined the BS as a junior member in 1953. At eighteen I joined the army and it was another twelve years before I returned to the hobby.

Then in 1969 I was posted to Cyprus and discovered to my surprise that several servicemen there kept budgies as a hobby, which consisted mainly of pieds. That was the first time I had ever seen pied budgie and their colours fascinated me, so much so that I was hooked once again. I decided to build myself some cages and breed a few birds. Well! "Boy oh Boy" did they breed. Before long I had to cut down and sell some of the birds to the locals, whom I found out later, considered small birds a delicacy and therefore ended up on their dinner plates. Anyway myself and a few mates decided to form a society which we named The "Famagusta Budgerigar Club". We held table shows and even hosted an interclub show with another club on the island, run by other servicemen in Limmasol.

On my return to the UK several years later, I was posted to the TA. in Darlington and discovered that there was a local budgerigar society which I subsequently joined. I started up again and enjoyed a further two or three years in the hobby before being posted once more, which meant having to sell up yet again.

Eventually I returned to civilian life and settled in the North East. One day, I visited a local pet shop and was surprised to find that it was run by an old acquaintance of mine who was a champion breeder. I arranged to visit his bird room and was taken aback by the quality of his birds, and again the

bug bit. I went home and over the next few weeks spent time building a new bird room, etc., I visited several breeders in the area buying stock here and there and rejoined Darlington B.S. Sometime later I joined the N.B.S. & the B. .

I have now been back in the fancy some fifteen years without a break and in that time I have been actively involved in the administrative side of the hobby. I have served as Secretary, Treasurer and President of what is now

Darlington and Spennymoor B.S. f have also had the pleasure from time to time of serving on the NBS committee.

I intend to visit as many shows and meetings as possible over the coming year, and look forward to meeting you along the way. In the meantime may I wish you every success with your breeding season and also on the show bench

Ron Fairhurst


Chairman' Report

It doesn't seem 12 months since the last edition of the Spring Handbook, and I can say 'what a successful year we've had as an area society'. Two successful shows and an extremely well attended convention. Can I thank everyone for their continued support!

The support I've received during my time as Show Secretary for the Northern from you all has be really strong, but because of extra commitments at my place of work, I have had to take a reluctant step back on this part of the administration side of the hobby. Therefore I will only be running the Specialist & Rare Variety show in July, but after that the Northern BS will have a new Show Secretary, Brian Batey. I would like to wish him well in his new role and hope that you will support his first show, the Area which is on its new date, 12th October 2008.

For personal reasons John Herring has decided it is time for him to resign his position on the committee.      John has made a life time commitment to this society, a commitment which cannot be expressed in just a few words. At the AGM this year John received from the society the award of Honorary Life President for his service to the Society, which we will all

agree, his is a worth recipient.     Can I take this opportunity to congratulate John on this award and wish him well for the future from all of the membership?

Other's that I would also like to thank also for their time and commitment are, David Sedgwick, Jack Robinson and David Herring. I'm pleased to say at although David cannot commit time to the monthly meetings he has agreed to staying on as Publicity Officer which we thank him for.

A date for your diary this year is a Budgerigar Fanciers Day, which the Northern is holding on the 18'h of May. This is a full day event and has a very entertaining agenda mapped out for it. Guest speakers for the day are Richard and Michael Miller and Harry Hockaday. We hope you will come along and enjoy the day with us.

 Norma Phillips


Secretary's Report

Dear Member

Just the usual few words of thanks for your support over the past year and I hope it will continue in the coming year.

At this moment of time I am at a loss as to what to write about, although I can say it gives me great pleasure to realise that everything we planned for over the year ended up a success, right down from our Convention to celebrate our 70th Anniversary, to our Specialist and Rare Varieties Show and Open Show, not forgetting our Open Meetings, presently being held at Bowburn Community Centre, on the first Sunday of each month, commencing at 2:30pm. and again thank you for your support.

At this point I would like to welcome all of our new members and wish you every success in this wonderful hobby.

So, with all this in mind, I would like to take stock of the past and look towards the future. We have a fantastic year ahead, starting with our Open Day to be held at Bowburn on Sunday 18'h May, with guest speakers Harry Hockaday and R & M Miller and then, our Specialist and Rare Varieties Show, to be held on Sunday 6'h July and not forgetting our Open Show, to be held on Sunday 12th October and of course our usual Open Meetings. So why not both give, and show your support at the same time at all of these events and make 2008 a year to remember.

I will end now by also thanking your officials and committee who have done a great job over the past year. It it has been a great pleasure to be associated with them. Only one thing remains, that is to thank John Herring, who has taken the decision to stand down from duties this year. He has been a true stalwart and will be greatly missed at our committee meetings mainly for his knowledge due to his many years serving in all positions concerning our society. So again, thank you John.

Best wishes

Roy Cooke

 Secretary's Address  Roy Cooke 27 Valley Gardens Blackhill,  Consett County Durham DK8 8RQ Tel: 01207 509251


Honorary Life President - John Herring


       At the AGM on 2nd. March I was surprised when the chairman started to outline the CV of a long standing member and it soon became clear that she was referring to myself. The surprise soon turned into a pleasant shock when she announced that I was awarded Honorary Life Presidency of the NBS and presented with a crystal memento inscribed " For his Loyal and Dedicated Service"

        I wish to repeat my sincere thanks to the committee for their kind consideration on your behalf. I have always tried to do my best for this society in most of the official positions as well as being a committee member for more that 40 years and in representing you in the BS council for approximately 27 years. I feel that it is time for me to step down and give way to younger and more able members. They can take the society forward with enthusiasm thus ensuring the future of our fancy without the hindrance of one who has his knowledge and beliefs formed in a bygone age by people who had their roots in business and good practices and had the budgerigar fancy at heart.

         The committee requires and deserves the full participation and support of all the members to ensure that the activities which are required by you can be provided. We cannot expect a few to provide for the many.

          Please find it in you to help out in any way you can. It is only YOU who can keep this fancy alive.

John Herring



Annual General Meeting March 2008

Our Annual General Meeting took place in March and there is only one change from the projected list of officials notified earlier. Unfortunately, in view of unexpected difficulties, Derek Adcock has been unable to take on the role of Show Secretary, but happily we have a further volunteer for this position in Brian Batey. The revised list is therefore:≠

Officers elected are:≠

President:                      Ron Fairhurst

President Elect:            D Rowell

Chairman:                      Norma Phillips

Vice Chairman:             Brian Batey

General Secretary and Treasurer:     Roy Cooke, 27 Valley Gardens, Blackhill,  CONSETT Co Durham DH8 8RQ

Assistant Secretary:       Bruce Ross

Patronage Secretary:     Barbara Blakemore

Publicity Secretary:        Dave Herring

Show Secretary:              Brian Batey

As reported, John Herring has retired from the NBS Committee after giving unbroken service for 45 years or more, and having taken various positions in the society including General Secretary, Chairman and President on three occasions.

To his great surprise, he was presented with and accolade which he had not expected, the position of Honorary Life President of the society (the first time that such an award has been bestowed by the Northern BS), and was given a piece of engraved crystal as a tangible reminder of this honour.

     Norma Phillips gave her annual report, thanking all members for their support over the year, for the society and for her personally and she looked forward with optimism to another successful year for the society. She paid tribute to the work of the four members who have retired from the committee and thanked her fellow officials for their help.

Roy Cooke emulated those comments as General Secretary, and pointed out that membership of the society has held up very well and can share in the optimism for the future. He urged members who do not attend our monthly open meetings to 'dip their foot in the water' and give it a try, pointing out that we have a very full list of speakers from outside the area lined up for the next twelve months, and indeed he hope to complete the list for 2009 very shortly.

The Golden Bird, presented for meritorious service to the fancy, was this year awarded to Colin Wright, who as well as being an ever-present at the society's open meetings is equally diligent in taking part in whatever work parties are required from time to time.

Colin also recently acquired for the NBS the very adaptable stand which the society's officers used to such great effect at the BS Club Show in 2007.

Our President, Ron Fairhurst presented Colin with the trophy

Well done, Colin  and  and thank you  --richly deserved!



Trophy winners for the NBS Points competition over the last show season were as follows:

Champion Any Age T & A Luke 27 points - D Rowell 27 points

Champion Young Bird D Rowell 40 points

Intermediate Any Age French & Ratcliffe 58 points

Intermediate Young Bird K Flint 37 points

Novice Any Age A. Harrison 26 points

Novice Young Bird A Harrison 39 points

Beginner Any Age S Conlin 41 points

Beginner Young Bird S Wilson 60 point

Junior Any Age Miss Charlotte Forrest 33 points

Junior Young Bird L Murray 26 points



   As to next years shows, we are very much looking forward to 6th July when Janice and Ghalib AI-Nasser will be the judges for our Specialist & Rare Varieties Show (a successful show - see separate report) . We anticipate that the excellent 2007 entry will be surpassed this year!

Our annual Club Show has moved dramatically. In response to the new BS Show date, we have decided to move our date back, to October 12th, when it is thought that those hundreds of birds which were "not quite in full father" for the BS Club show will be fully fit and rarin' to go to our HQ at Bowburn. Hopefully, a goodly supply of 2008 birds are already with us for that happy occasion!

Dave Herring Publicity Officer david.herring@ukonline.co.uk


NBS Main Show Secretaries Report (October 12th 2008)

I've no doubt elsewhere in this year book there are several requests asking members to `get involved' in helping to run the society, shows or local societies. This it NOT another one of those requests.

New show date, new show secretary.

Last years committee moved the show date away from the August Bank Holiday (again), this time behind BS World Club Show to October 121h 2008. We hope this will extend the show season as last year the budgerigar shows in the NBS area were condensed into a seven week window!

After many successful years of running the open show the committee, last year reluctantly accepted Norma's resignation from the position of show secretary. Norma however didn't get away from the show completely as we asked her to judge, a position I'm delighted to say Norma has accepted.

As your new show secretary, for the main open show only, not the specialist and rare variety show, I'll, of course, welcome any help offered. This however is an invitation to anyone who would like to learn and experience from the office side, what it entails to run a budgie show. Members have previously expressed an interest in helping, but for whatever reason haven't the experience, or perceived experience to help, or offer to help. I would like to state that it is my intention to run this years show, all things being equal, with an `open door' policy. If anyone, other duties permitting of course, would like to see inside the `office' and learn more about running the show, then please either approach me beforehand, or if the inclination arises on the day then come to the office then and we'll try and accommodate you.

No promises of course, as this will be my first time as a show secretary, indeed you might learn how not to run a show, but it should be interesting and I'll try and smile anyway!

If anyone has any ideas for the show, or would like to help then please let me know (by email, letter, phone or in person) and I'll put them to the committee for consideration. There will, no doubt be several changes this year, some will be in the administration side others perhaps not, but the more ideas we can discuss the better. Remember this is NOT my show, but yours. I'm just helping.

For ideas, offers of help, or more information please contact myself via brianbatey@hotmail.com or (0191) 488 5712 or via the address in the members list or in person at most NBS meetings and occasionally elsewhere!