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Happily, we have had another promising start to our breeding season, pairing up a few pairs, in late September 2013, which have produced us forty youngsters., some of which are shown below - and which include split 'inos'


We continued our 2014 pairings in November, after the BS Club Show, and things initially went quite well , with the usually setbacks which beset us all from time to time.


The second panel- below -is of the first 2014 young and it was good to experience some of our favourite pairing coming up trumps !




 Unfortunately, the happy state did not continue, as, following the death of our very old - but active -cat, Foxy, the horde of mice moved in, using entrances of which we had had no knowledge, as was explained in our notes on the Our Aviary page




Consequently, we have followed a programme of renovation  over a few months and have hopefully solved the problem.


Our breeding season was disrupted while the ,invasion, was at its worst, the stock largely recovered its confidence in the course of time.


This website has been ,off-air, for some months but thanks to providence, I have been able to renew a connection allowing me to update it.


Below, is an example of how some of these youngsters have developed, and some of them have helped us to increase the size of our show team at the local shows, Dumfries, and the BS Club Show which we have supported with our birds, as well as our presence, for a considerable number of years.


However, we came away from the BS Club Show at Doncaster feeling rather disturbed by the fact that once again, the entry was down. The fall in entries also affected shows in our own, Northern BS, area: this despite the fact that as a society, the NBS is enjoying a boom in the number of folk coming to our monthly meeting at Bowburn, and similar events staged with speakers who are successful exhibitors.


 It seems almost as if our members are reluctant to show until they are fairly sure that they will win.


It certainly does not help when well known fanciers write articles which criticise the general standard of exhibits at our show.


























































































































































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