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Following John's death, my wife Pat agreed to come into partnership with me, something which I felt particularly fitting because she had supported John and I in the fancy since 1978, and indeed bought the first computer, printer and budgerigar show program to enable to us to upgrade our show schedule and catalogue for the North East national. Had it not been for her Asthma, she would, indeed, have liked to be more active still in the hobby.

Following an encouraging show season culminating in a successful BS Club Show, we were able to able to plan our 2012 breeding team, largely from the numerous young birds we bred in 2011, and further enhanced by three quality  cocks from Gren & Pat Norris.

We have taken a good look at the stud, and after doing some 'mixing and matching' in 2011, we  paired up with a view to establishing three separate lines. These are our own, old, foundation built on birds from a number of successful fanciers - latterly refreshed, in 2009 with birds from Alec & David Woan, the birds bought in 2010 from Chris & Mary Snell, and those from Gren & Pat Norris.

 Now, in August, we look back on a year of progress, including further acquisitions from Gren & Pat to start our 2013 breeding season :-


 In January, I wrote 'So far we seem to have a good start with some promising youngsters....... some of the chicks look quite promising - but of course there will be fanciers far and wide who have come to similar conclusions......... and who said that the camera cannot lie !! ? It can, of course. The birds pictured above are of good quality, but a good bird, when relaxed is usually enhanced by the camera - especially when pictured 'close-up' by mobile phones and similar cameras; such pictures cannot convey the size of objects. (

         The Cinnamons, Spangles and Pieds are an extension of last year's work on developing the stud, further strengthened by birds from Gren & Pat. We are hopeful that we have also the birds (splits) to advance our quest to produce good, clean Opalines in 2013;  it may come through our Spangles and Albinos !






























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