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Following last year's rather slow season, we finally found the time (and the will) to review all aspects of our aviary management. Having redecorated and repaired as necessary, we turned to looking at our records and identified an urgent need for fresh stock, particularly as those new birds brought in last year had done us some distinct good. Within the last couple of months or so, we have been able to bring in some new cocks from Gren & Pat Norris  and Chris & Mary Snell to bolster our breeding team. 

          As I write this, things are going well as a result, with most of our selected pairs, including some of the new stock which are settling down nicely, going down and producing full eggs, with over fifty chicks to date, including Lutinos and Albinos (for which we will probably need to seek outcrosses next year). This is our best start for many years, and has encouraged us anew. The problem (a happy one) is that if this goodly trend carries through to the end of the season, we will certainly be tempted to repeat those extensive preparations for the 2011 season - and, perhaps unreasonably expect similar success. Hopefully, we will shortly be able to publish pictures of 'the first fruits'............


1st March and  some of those 'first fruits' allowed themselves to be photographed (albeit reluctantly ! )








































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