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2005 Birds

This year, and the preceding two were beginning to finally achieve some continuity in getting birds upon which we really depended to produce young for us. Previously, we had occasionally had some success with individual birds, and varieties (for example Albinos), but we had not been able to breed with those birds sufficiently to quickly establish the line, although a review of the pedigrees of some of our better current birds does bring up some fond memories of birds whose influence we thought we had lost.   We have used this knowledge, this year (2007), to bring certain features to the fore.Unfortunately, we have few pictures earlier than 2003

A very strong youngster, bred from the equally robust Op Cobalt cock, 51-04, above. Heavily flecked, which has passed on some of this fault. We bred from him in 2007, for the first time, although he had filled eggs earlier.   One of three promising Normal hens bred from the same pair this year.CLICK FOR LARGER PIC  This one was quite substantial from an early date. CLICK FOR LARGER PIC  First spot just arrived! CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW  Younger brother of the Spangle Greyreen above, spoiled by flecking and undefined spots.  

Bred from Cinnamon Green Ck 83-04, to the Normal Olive Hen above    The Dk Green cock pictured above (right)   Again marred by flecking, but he has bred all clean Normal cocks, including the Skyblue numbered 21 and 56, in 2006    






















Some of the birds which have influenced our breeding stock over the last few years...- two of them are still doing well for us in 2007


 Op Dark Green  03 - 73 Brother of the Cinnamon Cobalt on the right, this bird proved to be split Dilute and has helped establish this variety in our stud G1480-22-03. Eddie Geary's stock,with birds from Gren & Pat Norris, has had a considerable influence on our stock over the last three years Cinn Cobalt, one of several brothers bred through our own line and through a Norris Yellow Cock, This bird,bred to a strong Eddie Geary hen produced, among others thetwo Cinnamon cocks alongside this picture. Unfortunately,this is the only picture we have of one of our better stock birds, now sold on.    Brother of the bird on the left, this one has bred four chicks for us, all cocks, and two of them more like their 'buffer' uncle.



 This Opaline Cobalt, marred by heavy flecking, has nonetheless bred us some sound stock, including the Grey Cock in the next section.First nest in 2007 produced six young, four of whom are featured above       Op Dark Green Cock  04 - 91     Bred from the Op Dark Green on the left, this bird has produced well for us in 2005 and 2006       By no means a spectacular looking bird, this olive hen has, however inherited a 'domy' head which is typical of her line and has passed the feature on, in turn. The cinnamon Dark Green hen of '05  and the Greygreen Cock of 2006 are among her young. In 2007 she has been used to breed Inos and splits, which are promising

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