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The Budgerigar Society Club Show 2010



Best in Show     L Martin

Best Young Bird in Show     Norwood Stud

Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show      Freakley & Ainley

Best Opposite Sex Young Bird in Show      Moorhouse & Spruce

Best Junior in Show      C P Spruce


Challenge Certificates - Colour line up

Any Age

Light Green     was judged by Jim McGeehan, who  selected as his BEST OF COLOUR  K Leedham’s  green cock, commenting: “  This was a nice light green cock, of a good deep body colour, good width of head and directional feather.  A stylish bird that was well balanced and, while the spots could have been slightly better, this was a worthy winner.

          In 2nd place came Newton & Shepherdson’s Light green cock another nice bird, well spotted and demonstrating good head qualities. This bird was well presented and was mainly to be faulted by slight opalescence around the neckline.

          3rd was a good sized cock bird, with plenty of width shown by D A Turner. Preparation of the bird could have been better; it was hard to perch the bird, otherwise it may well have finished higher

         4th (& Best Opp Sex of Colour) D McKeown’s nice hen, well benched in the Beginner section> it had good, even body colour, with a bit of style,

Other placings;   5th Moorhouse &  Spruce,   6th C & M Snell,  7th S Finlay,  8th N Johnston,   9th S Collins

Overall, I felt that the standard in this colour group was quite poor, with a lot of birds having short tails, missing flights, with poor presentation. There were several wrong classed birds, with dark greens shown as light greens”


Dark Green  Colin Lamb  selected a Dark Green cock from the Norwood Stud as his  BEST OF COLOUR  and states:-     “ Although the spots on this bird could have been better placed, it was a bird of good quality with plenty of top-end. It stood well throughout judging

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came again from the Norwood stud , an outstanding dark green hen with good length and spots. However, it lacked to final head quality of the winner, although it had very good colour,

 3rd Moorhouse & Spruce’s Dark Green cock, which has very good width of face and a deep mask. Marred somewhat by slight opalescence and its colour was not quite as deep as the first two.

Other placings;  4th S & B Squires,  5th E & M Nee,  6th S Finlay

This colour section was of a good standard throughout.


Skyblue   Tony Pope  recalls: “BEST OF COLOUR  was  L Martin’s Skyblue cock, a very worthy winner this, with a lovely width of head, depth of mask and benched in very good condition.

     2nd came from the novice section, benched by D J Brick, a Skyblue cock which was only slightly smaller than the winner. This was a lovely cock with very good face and it was staged in excellent condition

      3rd was Moorhouse &  Spruce’s Sky cock, just a little behind the second bird. This is a bird with good width of head, clean, and well staged

      5th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) Moorhouse &  Spruce’s hen. A lovely long bird this, showing good overall size, width of face and mask: a little spoiled by flecking and lack of condition

      4th P Ward,  6th A & B Whattam, 7th R Hooper, 8th D Jukes, 9th A M Dean, 10th S Finlay

The overall standard here was very good, but the top end of the order stood out.


Dark Blue Dave Collier placed these awards, and writes:-  “BEST OF COLOUR went to Brian Sweeting’s  powerful  well bodied Cobalt hen , which has a very good cap and depth of mask. She was shown in very good condition, but unfortunately her tail was slightly short.

 2nd  (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) went to R & M Miller’s Cobalt Cock, which was shown in very good condition. The back line of this bird was slightjy poor, but this was more than offset bya head which showed a very good cap with good  frontal rise.

 3rd came A Fretten’s Violet cock, a good long bird which sat very well throughout judging,  but showed one shadow spot

 Other placings : 4th D Jukes, 5th S Wildes, 6th D Norman,  7th Swain & Ford,  8th D Jukes,  9th Gary Cameron, 10th J T McNulty

The overall standard was quite good, despite some missing flights and thus a fall-back in condition, but there were some good quality dark blues here”.


Grey Green  Jeff Attwood placed these awards and comments :- “BEST OF COLOUR was  L Martin’s  superk Greygreen cock with width of head and frontal rise of a quality I have never judged before, Staged in excellent condition and the cock that was second in the class displayed very little difference in quality.

 2nd came Moorhouse &  Spruce’s exhibit, another outstanding cock which I believe was Best in Show last year.  This bird was shown in outstanding condition , other than a few pin feathers, and displayed fine deportment. Not quite the frontal rise and width of the winner.

3rd  was from S & B Squires’ team, a good solid bird with excellent shoulder, depth of mask and good spots. Spoiled by slight opalescence.

6th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) J O’Neill’s Greygreen Hen, clearly  the best of the hens. This was shown in excellent feather condition and had excellent  deportment, very good width of head – but not so well de-spotted!

 4th C P Spruce, 5th S J Roberts, ,  7th B E Sweeting, 8th Moorhouse &  Spruce, 9th Gary Cameron, 10th The Richardson Partnership.

The colour group overall was a little disappointing, with many cases of poor feather condition and several absentees which spoiled the section. With the exception of the top half dozen the competition was lacking.


Grey   Alan Adams writes :- BEST OF COLOUR  was  P Greenwood’s good thick-faced bird, which stood well while judged. Benched in good body condition and was a very worthy winner

2nd R & J & W Bowker’s grey Cock, also a good Grey cock with good frontal, but not quite the backskull of the winning bird, but a good all round exhibit.

3rd J M Huxley’s cock is a bird with a wonderful top end,  but not quite of  the body size of the leading two exhibits.

 4th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) Freakley & Ainley’s Grey hen, a thick faced hen which was placed fourth in the overall very good ine-up,

Other placings :-5th D A Turner, 6th Gary Cameron, 9th T Price,  7th L & S Devaney,  8th Gary Cameron

The Greys were of good quality throughout, with some very goods in the rest of the line-up”


Opal Green Lyn Bancroft placed these awards and states:- “ BEST OF COLOUR  was C L Bowman’s Opaline Dark green cock, not the biggest Opaline I’ve ever seen, but in good condition with a clean cap. He looks a lot better when he relaxes.

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was A Cameron’s  Opaline Dark Green hen, which showed patchy body colour and slight shadow ticking.

3rd R & J & W Bowker‘s Opaline Light green cock. This is an excellent budgie, but unfortunately is flecked

Other placings :-  4th K Jackson,  5th P Tiller

I have to admit not being an Opaline lover generally. The birds today (too few) suffered from the Opaline disease, many being heavily marked or ticked. Gone are the days when Opalines were paired to Opalines to produce the clear ‘v’.”


Opal Grey Green  Geoff Moore reports: “ BEST OF COLOUR  was an Opaline Grey Green cock benched by  Main & Jenkins. This was a nice tidy cock of good type, with good clean cap of good width. Nice markings and good mask, but with one spot missing. A good winner on the day.

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was G P Sutton’s  clean Opaline hen of very good mask and clean cap, but staged slightly out of condition and very unsteady when judged.

  3rd R Witherwick’ Opaline cock was slightly smaller with the winner with which it otherwise shared good points and slight faults

Other placings:-  4th Ward & Rodgers,  5th A M Carr

There were rather few birds in this line-up and many of them out of condition. Ticking spoiled others and the overall quality dropped off after the first few.”


Opal Blue   was adjudged by Cy Thorne:- “ I gave  BEST OF COLOUR  to Moorhouse &  Spruce’s Opaline Cobalt Cock,  a nice stylish bird, staged in good condition

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came L & S Devaney’s Opaline Skyblue Hen, another stylish bird.

3rd came from the stud of T Salem, and was another hen of good quality, but not in full condition 

Other placings:- 4th R Witherwick, 5th Main & Jenkins 6th K Jackson, 7th M & A Beesley,   8th  K Austin

The rest of the birds were all pretty average.”


Opal  Grey  Dave Collier judged this colour group and reports: “BEST OF COLOUR was  MJ & SL Banks’ Opaline Grey Cock, which is a good powerful bird. A nice large bird but it was rather unsteady when judged.

 2nd place went to Moorhouse &  Spruce’s Opaline grey, another large bird but unfortunately he tended to lie across the perch, which spoiled his overall balance.

 3rd place was taken by D Jukes’ cock, another large bird which was not quite as wide in the head as the first two ,

5th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) G P Sutton staged the best hen in the line up, and Opaline Grey hen ,

Other placings :- 4th J Horspool,  6th  A M Carr

Unfortunately, there was a very poor turnout of birds in this colour group, but the winner was a good quality bird.”


Cinnamon Green  was assessed by Ghalib Al-Nasser, who reports:- “ The BEST OF COLOUR had to work hard for the award, firstly heading a wonderful class of eighteen benched birds . This was a Cinnamon Light Green  staged by  K Leedham, and ultimately was a clear winner of both the class and the run-down, possessing good width of face and shoulder and benched in good feather condition – a pleasure to put him first.

 2nd came Moorhouse &  Spruce’s Grey Green cock, another good quality bird with good face and directional feathering.

 3rd D McKeown, from the Beginner section another Grey Green cock, a smart bird with a lovely blow and a credit to his section.

4th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)P D White’s Light Green hen, a nice, smart bird with good width and depth of mask. Staged in good condition

Other placings:- 5th S & B Squires,  6th E & M Nee, 7th Carson & Walker

      A good standard of birds throughout the section demonstrated by having the second and third birds in the line-up from the lower sections.”


Cinnamon Blue Cy Thorne states “BEST OF COLOUR, presented by J Stainforth, was a Violet  cock – a very powerful bird with a very good width

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was Moorhouse & Spruce’s Grey hen, which is a nice stylish bird,

 3rd R & M Miller showed an impressive bird, which was not, however, as good as the first two

Other placings :- 4th Moorhouse &  Spruce, 5th D W Hughes, 6th P Smith,  7th D W Hughes,  8th C P Spruce,  9th W J Mear, 10th Gary Cameron

     There were quality birds all together in the line-up”


Opal Cinnamon Green Norma Phillips allocated these awards, and says: “BEST OF COLOUR  was T & A Luke’s Opaline Cinnamon Grey Green hen, a nice overall example with nice feather. She sat well while being judged and the slight ticking on her cap did not present as a major fault, as do others.

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)went to N Johnston’s Light Green cock, a bird benched in good condition, but slightly flecked. The spots did not present well, falling into a split mask which spoils the balance of the face.

 3rd from the Junior section, Tom  Salem gave us a Dark Green hen, a nice overall bird although short in the mask. Exhibited on the day without tail.

Other placings :  4th D McKeown,  5th A M Carr

    This was a poor certificate to judge, although the winner exhibited by T & A Luke was a nice example”


Opal Cinnamon  Blue was determined by Mick Widdowson, who explains his placings:- “ BEST OF COLOUR went to T & A Luke’s Skyblue cock, a bird of good size, and an easy winner of the group, because of nice size of head, spot and very clean”

 2nd place was taken by M J & S L Banks, with their grey of good size. Again, this bird was clean and well spotted bu did not have quite the quality of the winner

3rd came J Newall’s sky cock – a nice bird but not able to trouble the first two

 4th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)from the Junior section was Gary Cameron’s nice Sky hen,

 5th The Richardson Partnership

There were not too many birds in the group, but I was pleased to note that there was little sign of flecking here”


Lutino  Norma Phillips had this task and recalls:- “BEST OF COLOUR  was I Fordham’s Cock bird which was a good winner of this certificate. It stood well when judged, exhibiting good feather.

 2nd place went to J W Mitchell’s cock bird which was a good second, displaying very good condition and good colour.

 3rd K Critchley took this spot with another cock, again showing good colour and condition

 4th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) I Fordham,

Other placings : 5th R Whiteside, 6th  J Butcher, 7th R Danks, 8th J M Huxley, 9th M & D Walker

    This was a good quality group with some birds benched both in size and colour”


Albino  Nigel Beevers placed these awards and reports : “ BEST OF COLOUR  was taken by Geoff Bowley’s Albino cock, a super bird with all round qualities excellent stance and good feather.

 2nd place (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) went to C B Dew’s very nice hen shown in good condition, but let down by a shortish tail

3rd came Gary Cameron’s nice fair-coloured cock, which however lacked the size of the first two

Other placings:  4th J Newall,  5th C M Fuller, 6th C M Fuller, 7th S Wildes, 8th K Simpson, 9th Gary Cameron

   Generally, condition or colour was a problem throughout the birds, but despite this, there were some nice ones.”


Yellow wing   Lyn Bancroft sorted these out and  recalls “BEST OF COLOUR, and Best Clearwing in Show, was  Roger Day’s Dark Green cock, a bird of good size and showing excellent width of head, enhanced by a clean cap. A couple of flights were missing on the right hand side, admittedly

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) went to Guppy & Barnes with their Dark Green Hen, which displayed good balance and deportment  with excellent dpth of body colour. Dark primary flights and tail tend to spoil the overall effect.

 3rd came A G Beasley’s  hen which displayed good wing markings and was nicely presented, although a little untidy around the tail

Other placings:- 4th A G Beasley, 5th E Newall, 6th M Anzara, 7th M & D Walker,  8th A D M Tait, 9th A D M Tait

   The quality of the birds fell away in the ower sections and there really were not enough of them! Disappointing.”


White wing   Lyn Bancroft completed the Clearwing groups in this adjudication:- “BEST OF COLOUR  was taken by R Docherty’s Skyblue cock, a stylish bird from north of the border. Although the bird itself was clean and tidy, I would have liked to have seen it in a better show cage.

 2nd  place went to R Day’s Cobalt cock, a good bird, but its tail feathers could have done with a more even shade.

 3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was Guppy & Barnes Violet hen, which displayed good depth of body colour, which brought with it a darkening of the wings.

Other placings:  4th A G Beasley,  5th A D M Tait, 6th M & D Walker, 7th A G Beasley,  8th A D M Tait

    There was more competition in this group, but it still amounted to a deeply disappointing lack of numbers.


Crest  was judged by Mick Widdowson who comments: “  BEST OF COLOUR was a full circular Dom Pied Sky cock shown by Cheatley & Alcorn in good condition and with an excellent crest. A worthy winner all round, enhanced by good size.  

2nd was S W Beach’s full circular Cinnamon Sky cock which would have pushed the winner even harder, but for a few pin feathers

 3rd came A Miller’s Tufted Light Green, which was a good bird, but not as big as the winner

5th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) C & S Meachin took this award with a Tufted Dominant Pied Cinnamon Grey , a nice bird but not fully in condition.

Other placings :- 4th D Moss,   6th D Norman, 7th K Bruce

   A lot of birds in this group were not in condition, with lots of pin feather apparent”


Spangle Green Geoff Moore recalls: “BEST OF COLOUR  award was annexed by J G Grubb, with a super Opaline Green cock shown in excellent condition. This bird has good shoulder and head qualities with plenty of width of face and good lift. A very good winner on the day, and it went on to finish  4th Best Champion Any Age.

 2nd went to R & J & W Bowker’s Spangle Light Green cock, which is another super bird with fantastic width of face, good feather quality but with flights missing and not in good enough condition  to beat the winner. 5th Best Intermediate Any Age

3rd was J Thompson’s Double factor Yellow Spangle cock which was shown in good condition and has good head and shoulder quality. Unfortunately, it was very unsteady during judging. 

4th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came R Hooper’s  Cinnamon Grey green hen, a super hen shown in good condition with very nice feather and width of face and shoulder, but slightly flecked. Another very unsteady bird during judging but went on to finish 3rd Best Novice Any Age.”

Other placings:- 5th Carson & Walker, 6th B Sincock, 7th G & A Hill, 8th Strong & Bradley, 9th J H Woods, 10th A M Benton

   There were some super Spangles here with fantastic birds placed lower because of their condition.”


Spangle Blue  Jerry Donovan, who placed these awards writes: ” BEST OF COLOUR was taken by  Freakley & Ainley’s Cinnamon Grey Cock, a fantastic bird shown in excellent condition and a very worthy winner.

 2nd place went to R & J & W Bowker’s  Sky Cock bird, again a very nice bird but not quite in the same condition as the winner,

3rd was T & L Jukes’ Double Factor cock, a nice bird in good condition, displaying good head quality, but not the size of the first two

 4th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was taken by J Copeland, with a Double Factor hen staged in very good condition

Other placings:- 5th J M Huxley, 6th J G Grubb, 7th G & A Hill, 8th Swain & Ford, 9th R Hooper, 10th C T Atkinson

  There were some very nice birds down the line but not of the quality of the main winners.”


Dominant Pied   Dave Herring judged this variety and describes his selections:- “ BEST OF COLOUR  went to A & D Woan’s excellent Grey Green Hen. A lovely bird this, with all the showmanship of a true show bird of moderate length of feather, which enabled her to, present  much of the desirable contours that are described in our pictorial and descriptive standard. This bird possessed a full head and mask with good spots which were unfortunately bunched together. She also had a dark tail, but overall was a worthy winner , and vied for Best Opposite Sex in show in the final judging stages.

     2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was D Jukes’ Grey Green Pied cock which was difficult to fault, except for a dark tail feather and poorly defined inner spots – probably shadow spots only. The latter slightly spoiled the overall balance of the bird, but his strong head and generous face impressed. Stood well throughout judging.

 3rd  came Roy Aplin’s Normal Grey Hen which also had much to commend it., starting with excellent head qualities. Marred by slight ticking, missing flight and a rough tail, in the class, this bird had been challenged by a Cinn Grey cock with a superb head, but thrown out of exhibition balance by a short tail

 4th , from N Johnston was a Normal Skyblue cock . This bird was beautifully marked throughout -- it even had a band which pleases we older pied fanciers. All features were well presented, including even placed spots.

Other placings :-  5th L & S Devaney,  6th R & M Miller,  7th J Hickton-Cragg, 8th  A W Jennings,  9th J W Mitchell, 10th D Norman

     Considering the rather poor numbers in this colour group, this was an excellent section for quality and was a pleasure to judge. It was pleasing to note that flecking was generally very light where it appeared. Congratulations to the owners.


Recessive Pied  judged by Nigel Beevers who comments: “  BEST OF COLOUR  was C & D Jones’ Greygreen cock, a  good all round bird, with width of head and shoulder and well marked,

2nd went to D Jukes, who took this place with a Cobalt cock shown in good condition. This bird has also good markings 3rd I & P Fielding ‘s Dark eyed Yellow cock, which was in excellent condition and colour, but not quite the substance of the first two

6th (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) C & D Jones Cinnamon Grey Green Hen, which is slightly flecked but has good shoulder. As a heavy hen she showed the customary heavy markings on wings.

4th  M & M Chapman,  5th Pearce & Pears, , 7th C P Spruce, 8th Gary Cameron, 9th S Wildes, 10th S Wildes

     The overall quality was not particularly good but all were well marked in body, while wing markings require some attention

Yellowface  Colin Lamb, who judged these, reports “BEST OF COLOUR  was taken by J Nevin, whose Yellow Face cock showed itself to perfection, with tremendous width of head and excellent capping. Although it could have been a bigger, overall it is a very good budgerigar

2nd came B A Wilson’s Grey cock, a really good bird of its variety with good contrast between mask and body colour. It had a lovely frontal rise and stood well.

3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) went to Rowell & Heighton ‘s Grey hen - another good bird which pushed for second place, showing plenty of style and good spots, 

Other placings:-4th M J & S L Banks,  5th B A Wilson,  6th N Johnston ,  7th D J Brick, 8th D Norman, 8th Gary Cameron

   This section was a joy to judge showing good quality throughout.”


Rare  Ghalib Al-Nasser commented: “   BEST OF COLOUR was a Texas Clearbody Light Green hen from the  Norwood Stud. A good sized bird with good depth of mask, which stood well and showed itself well – a good example of the variety

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) went to J Dunnell, showing another Texas Clearbody, a Skyblue which was another quality bird with good variety content, but was well pipped by the hen.

3rd  Findley & Flavell, staged a Rainbow cock, a good bird for its variety and being a Cobalt, it showed the variety content better

Other placings : 4th J W Mitchell, 5th T Salem, 6th D A Mullee, 7th D A Turner, 8th R J Allen, 9th M Anzara, 10th R J Allen

   This is always a good section to have at a show as it serves as an educational part of the fancy. Of course, the entry is not always high.”


AOC   Mick Widdowson judges this group and reports:”  BEST OF COLOUR  went to  T & A Luke’s Lacewing White cock, a very nice bird of good colour and wide head, with deep mask. A worthy winner.

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was taken also by T & A Luke, with another Lacewing, this time a Yellow hen, which pushed very hard to win.

3rd  came A & D Woan’s Grey Yellow cock which is a very nice bird, but not as large as the first and second.

Other placings:-  4th  D A Turner,  5th Carson & Walker, 6th Carson & Walker,  7th S J Roberts,  8th  J W Mitchell, 9th Strong & Bradley, 10th P Field

       Most birds in this group were benched in good condition, with some nice birds in all classes.




Light Green   Jim McGeehan comments: “ BEST OF COLOUR  was a Light Green Cock from  R J Allen, a good bird this with nice even body colour, nicely prepared and presented but I would have liked to have seen a bit more width in the head.

2nd J M Huxley staged another bird of good body colour, but this one was lacking in spot and he was unsettled in the cage, so did not give himself the best chance of finishing higher.

 3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was benched by P Ward: a nice young hen with good width of face, but lacking in spot. A good stock hen, which could have been better prepared for the show.

Other placings:   4th Pearce & Pears,   5th J Newall,  6th A & D Woan,  7th  D A Turner, 8th S Finlay

  Again, the standard was disappointing. There may be several reasons for this and some of the young birds should go on to become nice adults”


Dark Green Colin Lamb placed the awards, commenting: “ BEST OF COLOUR from P D White was a hen which asked to be judged and highly placed. A very good quality hen with excellent face and spots, and which stood well

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came Quigley & Watson’s young cock which pushed the hen for first place, but was short of one flight.

 3rd place went to R & J & W Bowker, with a bird which had a nice face but had a tail feather missing and it was not quite as long in the body as the leading two.

Other placings:-  4th A W Jennings, 5th S & B Squires, 6th  E & M Nee, 7th S & B Squires, 8th Gary Cameron

  This section lacked the overall quality of the adult section.”


Sky Blue  Tony Pope placed these awards , as follows: “    BEST OF COLOUR was from the partnership of  C & M Snell, with a very nice young bird not quite is best condition. He was easily the winner of the C.C.

 2nd was benched by  A G Price, a young bird slightly narrower that the winner and with a touch of flecking – still a nice bird

 3rd came from R Witherwick, a cock which was slightly out of condition with blood quills in the head, but I liked this bird very much

 5th (&  Best  Opp Sex of Colour) was staged by A & B Whattam, a nice, typy bird, slightly flecked but overall a decent bird in fair condition.

Other placings:  4th D Jukes, 6th T Price, 7th D Norman,  8th S J Roberts,  9th A M Dean, 10th Gary Cameron

       The top tier of birds picked themselves and then the standard started to fall away


Dark Blue  was judged by Dave Collier who awarded BEST OF COLOUR  to B E Sweeting’s excellent Cobalt Cock, a long bird whose condition could have been better

2nd place went to A W Jennings’ Violet cock, again a nice long bird,  but not as wide as the winner

3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)was  Quigley & Watson,  with a Cobalt hen: a very good hen

Other placings : 4th T Price,  5th A Edden,  6th D Norman, 7th E & M Nee, 8th S & J Blakey, 9th  D Norman , 10th W J Mear

  Some excellent young birds n this section but condition was not very good


Grey Green  Jeff Attwood describes his placings: “ BEST OF COLOUR  came from R & J & W Bowker. This was a really beautiful hen with exceptional head quality and shown in excellent condition. One of the few birds which exhibited the much talked about ‘buffalo effect’. Congratulations to this up and coming stud.

 2nd  (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was  C & M Snell’s young cock, a very good bird excelling in size, shoulder, width of face and head quality. A little lacking in depth of mask

3rd came from  B E Sweeting, a lovely hen of exceptional quality in all departments. I only wish she had let me see her better, as she could have been placed higher were she not so unsteady

Other placings:  4th M & D Walker, 5th E Newall, 6th L & S Devaney,  7th Ward & Rodgers, 8th W J Mear,  9th K Austin

  I thought the overall quality of the young birds exceeded the adults. There were some excellent specimens throughout- a really good section to have judged.”

( Jeff added -overleaf on his report form - “I felt the quality overall was with few exceptions the best for several years. Some exceptional birds which have moved the goal posts forward yet again.

It is disappointing that we can’t attract a greater entry, but with increasing traffic congestion and increased travelling time, coupled with much higher costs I feel  are keeping the entry down”


Grey   Alan Adams comments: “BEST OF COLOUR  was staged by the  Norwood Stud, and was an outstanding Grey hen which excels in quality throughout. An easy winner which should go further

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)place was taken by R & M Miller’s wide headed Grey cock which was shown in wonderful condition and was the winner of a quality class,

3rd went to R & J & W Bowker ‘s lovely faced Grey Cock, which could have done better had its condition not been rather poor on the day,

Other placings: 4th Newton & Shepherdson,  5th  D J Brick, 6th B Lander, 7th P Hodgkins, 8th L & S Devaney, 9th C P Spruce, 10th Gary Cameron

   Some very good birds in the line-up.  The Greys were a pleasure to judge and good through all the sections.”


Opal Green  judged by Lyn Bancroft, who writes:- BEST OF COLOUR  was  M & T Rodgers’ Light Green Hen. It is true to say that she had flights missing, but the selection was limited.

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)  was a cock from  S J Roberts, a nice clean Light Green cock, but lacking in head qualities

3rd D Jukes ‘ young hen was a typy bird but showed some shadow head flecking

 4th S Finlay

There were only the four birds in this line-up. It would have been nice to have a few more.”


Opal Grey Green Geoff Moore  tells us “ BEST OF COLOUR  Main & Jenkins’ Opal Grey Green Hen, a nice bird benched in good condition and showing a clean cap with good mask but with one  spot missing.

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came from J Newall , a nice Grey Green cock this long in body but marred by rather heavy markings. However, it had a nice clean cap with good mask and spots, but was rather unsteady when judged.

 3rd C Kirk from the Beginner section benched a nice bird with good shoulder but heavy markings. A nice face and mask, but was also ticked. Nevertheless, a useful  beginner bird.

Other placings:  4th D A Turner,  5th Main & Jenkins

Only a small number of birds, unfortunately nearly all out of show condition on the day.”


Opal Blue  Cy Thorne recalls “BEST OF COLOUR  was B E Sweeting’s Skyblue hen, a good quality and stylish bird and a worthy winner indeed

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was again B E Sweeting , with a good stylish Skyblue cock, benched in nice condition  3rd came a good quality Skyblue hen from E Newall. A good bird this, but not of the quality of the first two

Other placings : 4th C Wakeman, 5th S & B Squires,  6th A M Dean

 The rest of the birds went down in quality”


Opal  Grey  Dave Collier describes his placings “  BEST OF COLOUR  was M & T Rodgers Op Grey hen, which was an excellent young hen. When she relaxed, she showed a marvellous head quality. A beautiful young hen

2nd  (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)  came T & L Jukes’ Op Grey cock, a large bird which was a little out of condition.

 3rd S & B Squires’ Op Grey Hen, a large hen but rather ticked

Other placings:     4th R Tonks,   5th Ward & Rodgers

               The first two birds were excellent, but the quality dropped off after. It was disappointing to note that there were only seven birds in the section.”


Cinnamon Green   Ghalib Al-Nasser writes:  “BEST OF COLOUR  in this line-up was Ward & Rodgers’ Grey Green cock, a magnificent bird coming from the beginner section with good width and blow of cap. It was staged in good condition and was slightly spoiled only by one shadow spot

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was taken by R & J & W Bowker, a Cinnamon Grey Green Hen which was a useful, powerful  bird. It was staged in good condition and possessed all the desirable properties.

 3rd came C L Bowman’s Light Green cock,a good all-round bird which stood well but needs more width.

Other placings:  4th J S Purvis,  5th C L Bowman, 6th E Freel,  7th T Salem,  8th Moorhouse & Spruce, 9th R Hooper.

Although the Young Bird section did not fare as well as the adult section, the winners were very good.”


Cinnamon Blue ,  judged by Cy Thorne, who comments :  “ BEST OF COLOUR was taken by  Moorhouse & Spruce’s Skyblue cock, a stylish and powerful bird. It went on to be Best Opposite Sex Young Bird in Show

2nd place was taken by D J Bricks Grey cock, which was also a powerful bird, just behind the winner.

3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)staged by  C & M Snell, this was a nice stylish and powerful Grey hen, which unfortunately was flecked.

Other placings:  4th E W Freel,  5th R Keeber, 6th Moorhouse & Spruce,  7th A J Andrews,  8th R Marston,  9th J Butcher,  10th D Norman

  The general quality in the line-up was reasonably good.


Opal Cinn Green Norma Phillips writes: “BEST OF COLOUR  was staged by D McKeown, This was a nice, clean example of an Opaline Cinnamon Dark Green hen. Its condition was very good and it stood very well on the perch – asking to be noticed. The only fault on the day was slight flecking on the cap

2nd was taken by R Hooper, whose Grey Green hen was flecked on the cap, although otherwise it was a nice clean hen.. On the day, it was not in full condition, having a missing tail.

3rd emerald budgerigars !!! R  R Aplin benched the third bird in the line-up. Overall, its condition was fair . It was quite clean on the cap but short in mask

This was not a very strong line-up in this colour certificate, although the BOC was a good winner.”


Opal Cinn Blue   Mick Widdowson made these selections and summarizes: “BEST OF COLOUR was staged by  T & A Luke, whose Skyblue hen took the certificate. This is a super bird, staged in good condition with a nice deep mask and good width of head

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was J Newall’s Grey cock, a nice bird but not quite of the same quality as the winner, 3rd came from E W Freel,  a young cock which was nice all round

Other placings:-  4th A M Dean  5th S & B Squires

I felt a little disappointed that there were not many birds.  After the first, the quality dropped quickly.”

Lutino  Norma Phillips judged this certificate and writes: “BEST OF COLOUR  was taken by  Ian Fordham, and this was another example of the quality of his Lutino. Again, a good winner, standing well to be judged. Good  condition and feather

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)from  A W Jennings was a good example of colour in Lutinos, having a nice deep shade of yellow. He stood well in the show cage and was a good runner up to the winner.

 3rd I Fordham, a good third place winner, smart and good overall condition

Other placings:  4th J W Mitchell,  5th D J Brick, 6th M & D Walker, 7th R Whiteside,  8th R Whiteside

This was a good certificate group to judge, with good quality birds coming to the front.


Albino  Nigel  Beevers judged this group and comments: “BEST OF COLOUR was benched by  A Kelly, whose Albino hen is of decent colour for the variety 

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour)was D G Bowleys cock which was a good bird but could not match the winner for colour quality 

3rd came J W Mitchell’s young bird which failed in size compared to the first two

Other placings:-   4th C M Fuller,   5th R Danks    6th P W Burgess,  7th S Wildes,    8th K Austin,  9th K Austin  Quality of exhibit dropped significantly after the first two"


Yellow wing  was judged by Lyn Bancroft who recalls; “ BEST OF COLOUR  was Guppy & Barnes’ Dark green hen which has a good depth of body colour, enhanced by a clean cap. Unfortunately, she was a little flighty in the show cage and didn’t display herself to advantage.

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) , again from Guppy & Barnes was a Light Green cock jn excellent condition but he just lacked that little something

3rd E Newall, from the Junior ranks, staged a Light Green cock and this was well prepared and presented

Other placings:-,  4th M Anzara,   5th A D M Tait, 6th A D M Tait

   Apart from the first two in the line-up, it was very disappointing. Once again the numbers weren’t there.”


Whitewing  Lyn Bancroft again: “ BEST OF COLOUR  from Roger  Day, was a beautiful Cobalt hen, a lovely clean looking bird of nice contrast and good wing markings. It was unfortunate that whoever checked the ring number managed to shut the tail feathers in the door  

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) staged by Guppy & Barnes, was a Violet cobalt cock of really nice body colour but its dark primary flights  and a lack of head quality marred its prospects of further success

3rd  from M Anzara, another hen which needs more contrast to stand out in a crowd

Other placings:   4th  T & J Rivers,  5th A D M Tait,   6th A D M Tait,  7th T & J Rivers

The line-up fell away after the first two”


Crest  line-up recalled by Mick Widdowson: “  BEST OF COLOUR was a clear winner for  Andy  Brown, with a full circular Skyblue cock of good size and Crest. It was not in A1condition, with one or two pin feathers apparent

 2nd Cheatley & Alcorn’s full circular sky cock which displayed a good crest but overall wit was not as big as the winner, 

3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was taken by S W Beach’s half circular Skyblue hen  - a nice hen with an off-centre crest,  

Other placings 4th D Moss,   5th  D Norman,   6th D Norman,  7th R Hooper, 8th D Norman, 9th Cheatley & Alcorn, 10th D Moss

    There was a big drop of from the winner, as many of the exhibits had pin-feathers on the crest”                      


Spangle Green judged by Geoff Moore, who writes: “ BEST OF COLOUR was staged by  J M Huxley, from the Beginner section. This was a very nice hen with a good wide face, complemented by a deep mask, bulls-eye spots and good marking. Staged in a condition which was a real credit to the owner, this bird went on to be 5th Best Beginner Any Age,                           

 2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came from D J Brick,a nice typy Light Green hen with a nice width and cap spoiled by an untidy mask. Otherwise, shown in good condition.

 3rd went to R Day’s Dominant Pied Grey Green shown in very good condition, but slightly marred by a missing spot. Other placings: 4th T Wood  5th T Salem,  6th N R Porter, 7th A W Jennings, 8th S Finlay, 9th A M Carr, 10th S Finlay

   There were not many birds in this Young Bird section. Some were out of condition, had missing tails etc, but the first five in the line-up were very good birds


Spangle Blue  Jerry Donovan recalls his adjudication: “BEST OF COLOUR was benched by  B E Sweeting, and was a  very good Grey cock presented in good condition, so much so that it went on to chieve 4th Best Champion Breder

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came from J Copeland, a very big and powerful Blue hen but unfortunately she lacked the condition of the winner

 3rd place was claimed by S & J Blakey’s Grey cock, a good bird which lacked the quality of the first two 

Other placings:  4th J Newall,  5th J M Huxley, 6th J M Huxley, 7th D Jukes, 8th P D White,  9th G Barton, 10th G Barton

    There were some high quality birds in this group, but many of them sadly lacked condition.”


 Dominant Pied   Dave Herring’s selections as follows “ BEST OF COLOUR  was taken by P Hodgkins, from the Beginner ranks, with his Cinnamon Light Green Cock, a tall, strong bird which was benched in excellent condition. He was very clean and with pleasing, balanced markings on the body and wings. A very smart bird which well deserved its success.

                             2nd in the line up (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came D Page’s beautifully strong Cinnamon Grey Green hen which was spoiled only by a rather grizzled ( albeit faintly) cap. Very good markings  and confident stance, this bird was a credit to its breeder 3rd M & T Rodgers  staged an admirable Grey hen which had very good head qualities and well balanced body markings. This bird was very well presented but could not overcome the disadvantage of a short tail and a slightly ticked cap.

                             4th J Hickton-Cragg, from the Junior section staged a large Grey cock which had very strong features. He was well spotted and evenly marked and had much to commend it. On the down side only, was slight ticking on the cap

                              Another good section, though a little disappointing numerically. Generally, most birds benched were in good to excellent condition and a credit to their owners. Can it be that fewer exhibitors are prepared to bench their exhibits other than in reasonable show condition”


Recessive Pied  Nigel  Beevers  place these awards and tells us “BEST OF COLOUR  was M & M Chapman’s Cobalt hen, a long well shaped bird presented in very good condition 

2nd was a Cinnamon Dark Green from S Wildes, another nice bird, fairly well marked

3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) went to C P Spruce’s GreyGreen Cock, which was shown in excellent condition and shape, but spoiled to some extent by flecking  

Other placings 4th C P Spruce,  5th S Wildes,  6th S Wildes, 7th Pearce & Pears,  8th I & P Fielding,  9th M & M Chapman, 10th I & P Fielding

         Generally speaking, this section was made up of well-marked birds, but quality faded towards the end of the line-up”


Yellow face   Colin Lamb writes: “BEST OF COLOUR was an easy winner for Moorhouse & Spruce,  a Cinnamon Grey hen which was a large, stylish bird with loads of top end. A credit to its owners.

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) came from  R & M Miller, another stylish bird with good depth of mask and good face colour, slightly opalescent but still worth its second placein the line-up

 3rd came another entry from Moorhouse & Spruce, a good quality hen with excellent face and mask, and with good body colour

Other placings  4th C & M Snell,  5th A Fretten,  6th J Theobald,  7th Gary Cameron,  8th R Hooper,  9th T Salem,  10th Gary Cameron

 As in the Adult section, this was a colour group of high quality”


Rare  Ghalib Al-Nasser  comments “ BEST OF COLOUR went to  Swain & Ford, who benched a Texas Clearbody Grey Green cock, a bid bird for the variety and a worthy winner that stood well while being judged

 2nd came from D Norman, and was a Texas Clearbody Cobalt cock, which stood well and was presented in good condition. It is good to see our junior exhibitors coming forward to this extent 

3rd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) was M & M Chapman’s  Texas Clearbody Cinnamon Mauve hen, a good all round hen staged in very good condition,  

Other placings:  4th D Curry,  5th  R J Allen,   6th R Day,   7th R J Allen,   8th R J Allen, 9th M Anzara

       Again, a low benched figure and the winners did not fare as well as the Any Age section”


AOC  Mick Widdowson  recalls his thoughts on this colour group:-  “BEST OF COLOUR  went to T & A Luke’s Lacewing Yellow cock, a very nice bird with good width of head and mask. A good example of this variety enhanced by being staged in good condition 

2nd (&  Best Opp Sex of Colour) again was taken by T & A Luke with another Lacewing. This hen pushed the cock strongly, as it also displayed good head and mask qualities. 

3rd came Rowell & Heighton’s Grey yellow cock, which was, again, a  good example of the variety. A deserved third place, but not as wig as the first two in the line-up, 

Other placings: 4th Rowell & Heighton,  5th Carson & Walker,  6th Quigley & Watson, 7th Swain & Ford,  8th R Bastin , 9th  D Corker,   10th A M Carr




Certificates of Merit      

Novice Any Age    D J Brick                                                                   Novice Young Bird      A W Jennings


Beginner    Any Age    J M Huxley                                                         Beginner  Young Bird      J M Huxley


Junior  Any Age    C P Spruce                                                                  Junior Young Bird      J Hickton-Cragg




CHAMPION ANY AGE        Best in Section  L Martin,   2nd   L Martin, 3rd Freakley & Ainley, 4th   J G Grubb, 5th   Norwood Stud, 6th   J Nevin, 7th   P Greenwood,  8th   Freakley & Ainley, 9th  K Leedham,  10th  D G Bowley

CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD      Best in Section  Norwood Stud, 2nd  R & M Miller, 3rd   B E Sweeting, 4th   B E Sweeting, 5th   C & M Snell, 6th   T & A Luke, 7th   R & M Miller, 8th  C & M Snell, 9th  J Copeland,   10th  B E Sweeting,

INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE    Best in Section  R & J & W Bowker, 2nd  Moorhouse & Spruce, 3rd   Newton & Shepherdson, 4th    Moorhouse & Spruce, 5th   R & J & W Bowker, 6th   Moorhouse & Spruce, 7th   R & J & W Bowker, 8th  R & J & W Bowker, 9th  Moorhouse & Spruce, 10th  Moorhouse & Spruce,

INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD    Best in Section  Moorhouse & Spruce, 2nd  Moorhouse & Spruce, 3rd   R & J & W Bowker, 4th   M & D Walker, 5th   D Page, 6th   S & J Blakey, 7th   J Newall, 8th  R & J & W Bowker, 9th  Moorhouse & Spruce, 10th  Moorhouse & Spruce,

NOVICE ANY AGE    Best in Section    D J Brick, 2nd  S J Roberts,  3rd  R Hooper, 4th   D W Hughes, 5th   K Critchley, 6th   D A Turner, 7th   Carson & Walker, 8th   MJ & SL Banks, 9th  D J Brick,  10th  MJ & SL Banks

NOVICE YOUNG BIRD      Best in Section  A W Jennings, 2nd  D J Brick, 3rd Pearce & Pears, 4th     R Witherwick, 5th   D A Turner, 6th   D J Brick, 7th   G Barton, 8th     S J Roberts, 9th  L & S Devaney, 10th  A W Jennings

BEGINNER ANY AGE     Best in Section    J M Huxley, 2nd  T Price, 3rd    J M Huxley, 4th   S & B Squires, 5th   D Jukes, 6th   D Jukes, 7th   K Jackson, 8th  C T Atkinson, 9th  D McKeown, 10th  T & J Rivers

BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD    Best in Section  J M Huxley, 2nd  Ward & Rogers, 3rd   J Theobald, 4th   J M Huxley, 5th   J M Huxley, 6th   J M Huxley, 7th   P Ward, 8th  P Hodgkins, 9th  D Jukes, 10th  D McKeown

JUNIOR ANY AGE      Best in Section  C P Spruce, 2nd   Gary Cameron, 3rd   Gary Cameron

JUNIOR YOUNG BIRD      Best in Section  J Hickton-Cragg, 2nd   E Newall, 3rd   J Butcher


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