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The Budgerigar Society Club Show 2007

Once again, this prestigious event proved to be a distinct success – one of the happiest Club Shows that it has been my pleasure to witness, and first and foremost I would acknowledge the contribution of the society’s principal sponsors, Cranswick Pet Products (Buckton’s) who enable the society to present this show with such flair year on year.  A spirit of friendliness and optimism seemed to pervade the show shall and environs throughout the show and, hopefully, those who attended this year will work hard to ensure that their local friends, colleagues and newer members will do what they can to “join in the fun” in 2008.

         There was, of course, some spirit of apprehension before the show.  Was what some see as a downward spiral over a good few years bound to continue, or would this change of date prove to be the panacea for which we have long been looking ?  Many felt that this would indeed be the answer. In the event, the entry was increased – but only by a relatively small number, although the number of exhibitors actually increased by some 6%. However, in the good old tradition of British Show dates, this change still attracted as many critics- and suggested alternatives, including going back to the original fixture - as any other date would have !  The uncertainty which lingers in the mind of  so many as ti when the show should be held will surely make consideration of a revised ring issue date unlikely

           Perhaps what compounded disappointment that the entry was not greater,however, is the fact that of the total entry some 600 exhibits did not arrived to be benched. No clear picture as to the reason for this has yet emerged , except that of some of the exhibitors who sent teams, many said that their teams were ‘dropping to pieces’ and unable to be brought. On the other hand, others stated that they had benched all the birds that they entered (as did my partner and I), without substitution!

           As ever, the Budgerigar Society invites comment on this and related subjects,  but one question that was repeatedly asked by the enthusiastic exhibitors present was “Where are all those fanciers who cried out for an earlier show date?”  Where are those fanciers, when those who come are so enthusiastic?  Perhaps this show has been used  for observation only and that more will join the exhibitor ranks next year !?


The Seminars have become a well established feature that folk have looked forward to at the BS Club Show, and this fact was confirmed by the increased attendance at this years events, particularly on the Saturday when the Show Hall itself was not yet open to non-officials. Something in the region of 120 enthusiasts gathered for the first session, a presentation by Jac Cuyten from Holland, entitled “The importance of Feather”  in which he analysed the varying degrees and ranges of feather structure, clearly demonstrating that it is not merely a question of whether a bird is ‘Buff’ or ‘Yellow’, but how the shape, quality and size of feather can vary within the generally accepted.


         After the refreshments break, Cor Booster completed this “Double Dutch” programme with his presentation “When the North Wind Blows”, in which he demonstrated that studies suggest that it is a mistake to pair up one birds at a time of prevailing North or East Winds, as they accompany dry weather which is not conducive to encouraging birds to reproduce.

           Sunday’s seminar, also well attended featured the Canadian partnership of Carl Slavin and Al Consiglio, on a subject that will have rung true in varying degrees of ways with some of the fanciers present, “Coping with Disaster”. In their case, these quite courageous fanciers had faced up to an outbreak of Infant Beak & Feather syndrome, which had resulted in their culling most of their stock, a few years ago, a great setback from which they are emerging successfully. If the first part tended to strike fear into our hearts, the resolute way in which they have faced the future has surely proved an inspiration to most of us.

          Our warn thanks to all four of these fanciers, but certainly not forgetting Ron Pearce who orgainsed the programme throughout and acted as M.C on both days


The Tombola  appears to have been a very successful feature this year, judging by the very few prizes which remained by the end of the show. Norman Cox and his team were certainly in heavy demand for much of the show and they contributed greatly to the fun of the occasion, as did Pete Hutchinson and his Sales Team in making the Raffles so successful

. One of my lasting memories is of one of the judges’ Alistair Cameron, clutching one of his ‘trophies’, a teddy Bear.


Auction of Promises     How much the society owes to our President Elect, Geoff Capes, for his work on this very popular event, which is now as much a part of the show as the birds! Ably assisted by John Alcock and the rest of the team, this has raised literally thousands of pounds for the show over the years. This year’s was as popular as ever and our thanks to all involved


Area Societies competition   & Trade Stands      The Budgerigar Society Club Show has fo many years been greatly enhanced by  the presence of Trade Stands, which, as well as being individually decorative continue to provide a great service to fanciers in setting before them the various wares and products which are available. Once again, they seemed to attract a good level of customers/visitors and hopefully their weekend proved profitable in all aspects.

   As to the Area Society Stands, these have been of particular personal interest to me since I prepared and took the first  ever Northern Budgerigar Society stand (merely a collection of and (merely a collection of painted cards, paper and photographs to the BS Club Show at Granby Hall, Leicester some thirty-odd years ago, to establish the presence of that society at the Club Show.  It therefore gave me great personal pleasure to hear that this year’s stand competition had been won by the Northern BS with its original design. Congratulations to all concerned.


Catering Upstairs and down     Following the initial move to The Dome,  there was some criticism about the general catering facilities, especially as there was not sufficient space available to serve everyone’s needs. This situation has been well addressed over the past couple of years, and most comments which have reached me are complimentary as to the service, quality and price of the food on offer. The kiosk in the show hall itself seemed to be doing a roaring trade for most of the time!


 The judges ,  John Alcock, Janice Al-Nasser, Alistair Cameron, Michael Chapman, Les Cutler, Mick Freeborn, Rodney Harris, Dave Hislop, Steve Lambert, Bob McCabe, Donald McCallum, Geoff Murrells, Bill Searle, Carl Slavin, Peter Thorne, Geoff Tuplin and Bob Whattam carried, of course, a lot of responsibility for the success of the show. An onerous duty in many ways, but it is one which they carried off with considerable aplomb and verve. It is always our pleasure to have the team of judges at the BS Club Show headed by the society’s President, but this time it was a special occasion as the society  has such a popular and graceful President this year in Janice Al-Nasser – the first lady president, it is believed, to judge the BS Club Show. Not only did her aards meet with universasl approval, but she has also given us an excellent written report of her findings.

  ( In addition, a word about Dave Hislop – not two-faced, but nevertheless “he who wears two hats”., for he has steered the show committee in oranising the show over the past year, but had to hand over the office toPete Smith  who took  his lace as Show Manager and Bio Security Officer for the show itself and especially while judging was taking place. All seemed to run seamlessly, so no doubt Pete will be telling Dave how he achieved it, and giving guidance for the future.)


So to the awards and the judges themselves, explain the awards and identify the Award winners below. It was good to see how well the awards were distributed and shared among a large number of fanciers, through all the sections, thus demonstrating that competition in the fancy remains strong and in good heart. :-




          Best in Show - Freakley & Ainley (Skyblue Cock 5-11)  “This Skyblue Cock, shown in good condition, possessed a vast brow and head, with excellent feather and blow. Good colour and excellent ‘Normal’ qualities added to a substantial body, displayed by its excellent stance and deportment completed  the picture.” 

     Little wonder that throughout the course of the show, many fanciers made repeated visits to view it!                                     

           Best Young Bird in Show - R Aplin (Cinnamon Green Cock)  “An outstanding Cinnamon Greygreen Cock led the field here. This bird has a very large head, good feather, and was in good condition. All the easier to judge because it never moved during judging.” 

          Again, it attracted many visitors , very impressed by its width of head and abundant feather!        


          Best Any Age in Show -          Freakley & Ainley (Skyblue Cock-  As above)  

          Best Opp. Sex Young Bird in Show -          Freakley & Ainley  (Opaline Grey Green Dominant Pied Hen) “A super hen in top class condition, there will be many fanciers who would like to take this bird home, myself included.  She went on to win Best Opposite Sex Young Bird in Show. Congratulations to the breeders!”    

             One of those hens which just about everyone would wish to own!

           Best Opp. Sex Any Age in Show -   A & D Woan (Light Green Hen) “A truly super Light Green Hen showed by this successful partnership. This over-year hen displayed a wonderful colour, enhanced by excellent deportment. All round sheer quality – unusual for a Light Green.”  

                    Another hen which would also grace any breeding room as well as it does the show bench.


            Best Junior in Show  -  L A Murray (Grey Green Hen 910-1)    “This is a big bird, carrying a wide head and therefore also took the Certificate of Merit”    

                A real credit and encouragement to fellow juniors!



and reports from the judges:- 

Champion Any Age   -  Bob Whattam & Geoff Tuplin write:- 

Best    Freakley & Ainley (Skyblue Cock) – Best in Show – see above

2nd Best  H & D Hockaday (Grey Cock 11-18) This bird displayed a lovely top end  & slight back line, but did not have the size of the section winner (Best in Show) 

3rd Best  D Swann (Grey Green Cock 9-18)  A well sized cock but was not as strong in the top end as the first two in the section 

4th Best A & D Woan (Green Hen—Best Opposite Sex Any Age), 5th Best B E Sweeting (Opaline Green Cock), 6th Best Freakley & Ainley (Dominant Pied Cock), 7th Best  C C & M Wixon (Dark Green Cock),8th Best Freakley & Ainley  (Spangle Green Cock),  9th Best C McGovern  (Dark Blue Cock),  10th Best H & D Hockaday  (Dark Blue Hen)    

              The top ten birds in this section were well in advance of the others. Condition was variable throughout.


Champion Young Bird  - judged by Janice Al-Nasser and Steve Lambert -

Best   R Aplin  (Cinnamon Grey Green Cock 121-   This is a very powerful bird with tremendous width, good stance, a lovely face - a very worthy winner of the Best Young Bird in Show award),   

2nd Best  Freakley & Ainley (Opaline Grey Green Dominant Pied Hen—Best Opposite Sex Young Bird 149-3). A powerful hen with good width of head and directional feathering.  Excellent shoulder and staged in good condition. 

3rd Best  Freakley & Ainley (Dominant Pied Grey Green Cock Cock). Another powerful  Dominant pied, this bird stood well and showed 

4th Best  Devey & Wright (Skyblue Cock),  5th Best B E Sweeting (Dark Green Cock),  6th Best A Eassoon (Grey Cock), 7th Best  I Fordham (Lutino Cock), 8th Best H & D Hockaday (Opaline Cinnamon Blue Cock) 9th Best D Havenhand (Cinnamon Blue Cock),  10th Best L & P Martin (Grey Cock) 


Intermediate Any Age  -  Carl Slavin & Michael Chapman 

Best R & M Miller (Violet Cock 207-1)  This was a clear winner: he had terrific colour,  well defined markings and a super blow. He was staged in excellent condition. 

2nd Best  R & M Miller (Grey Green Spangle Green Cock) A bird that sat on the perch all day long. Only a slight lack of backskull held it back . This was a bird of good width – and had a long tail.   

3rd Best  P Cunliffe  (Cinnamon Grey Cock). With a very wide head enhancing other properties, this was a very worthy third placed bid. Somewhat inconsistent on the perch, he was, however, quite a showman when he wanted to be.

4th Best R & M Miller  (Skyblue Cock, 5th Best S Bailey  (Spangle Blue Hen),  6th Best R & M Miller (Green Cock),  7th Best R & M Miller (Grey Green Cock),  8th Best C Hickman (Grey Cock),  9th Best D Scott (Spangle Blue Cock),  10th Best  S Bailey (Dark Green Cock)


Best Intermediate Young Bird – John Alcock & Dave Hislop report:- 

Best   R & M Miller (Spangle Blue Cock 344-1)    Normal Cobalt Spangle of  good quality with a great amount of blow when it relaxed, this bird was a pleasure to judge and asked to be looked at with the way it showed..

2nd Best B Cattell (Dominant Pied Normal Light Green Cock 348-3) with a good amount of width between the eyes. It had  a   good length, but cut away a little at the back of the head. 

3rd Best G Shepherdson (Normal Cinnamon Skyblue Hen 224-2). This hen was not quite through its first moult  - still had bars showing – but was a very good quality baby.

        The overall quality of this section was good. 

4th Best A Murray (Dominant Pied Blue Hen), 5th Best A Murray (Green Hen),  6th Best G Shepherdson (Opaline Blue Cock), 7th Best G Shepherdson  (Dark Blue Cock),  8th Best J  Woods (Dominant Pied Blue Cock),  9th Best B Cattell  (Light Green Cock),10th Best  P Cunliffe (Spangle Blue Hen)


Novice Any Age  -  judged by Alistair Cameron 

Best   B A Wilson  (Dominant Pied Skyblue Cock 450-2) Condition won this bird the award. Not as big as those just behind it, but perfect on the day. A stylish and well balanced budgie, with a wide, clean head, good frontal rise; big spots , round, but perhaps too close together. 

2nd Best R Hall (Cobalt Hen 408-1). A stylish hen, excelling in deportment, and with good colour.  The best hen in the section, let down by flights.  When I looked at her again on Sunday a couple were on the cage floor, and she also dropped a spot, confirming my view that the show had come a week too late for her.  

3rd Best  B A Wilson (Skyblue Cock 405-7) A large bird with good all round head –width, rise and backskull. Missing flights but otherwise in good condition. Very upright stance. 

4th Best  B A Wilson  (Grey Cock 411-8)            Again from B A Wilson, this breeder was dominating the section. Arguably, this was the best of his three birds but it was broken above the cere. Lovely wing markings and substance. 

5th Best C Williams (Grey Hen), 6th Best  N Saunders  (Lutino Cock), 7th Best  B A Wilson (Green Cock), 8th Best  J & T Ross (Spangle Green Cock), 9th Best S Wildes (Albino Cock),  10th Best S Wildes (Cinnamon Blue Cock)


Novice Young Bird  - Geoff Murrells & Rodney Harris    

Best B A Wilson (DF Spangle Yellow Cock 542-2)   A lovely looking modern budgie this, with superb width of head and lovely lines throughout. Also took the Certificate of Merit. 

2nd Best  B A Wilson  (Spangle Grey Green Cock 540-3)  Another wonderful bird, staged in excellent condition. Given the choice, this is the bird to take home. Well done    

3rd Best  D J Spruce ( Yellowface Grey Cock 557-2).  Not quite as good as the first two but still good enough for a Champion to take home

       General Comment: Well done to all Novice breeders; a little more attention to bird presentation will come with experience.” 

4th Best  R Nawarauckas (Spangle Blue Cock), 5th Best   S Wildes    (Dominant Pied Cock), 6th Best  D Page (Green Hen), 7th Best  S Wildes  (Grey Green Cock),             8th Best  S Wildes  (Grey Green Hen), 9th Best  P Field (Skyblue Cock), 10th Best A Hoskins  (Recessive Pied Green Cock)


Beginner Any Age  - Mick Freeborn & Bill Searle report:- 

Best B Moule (Opaline Light Green Cock 613-2) This bird was second in the CC line-up and was indeed a very good bird  

2nd Best J McGovern (Grey Green Cock 609-11) A very strong bird this, in both body and colour,   

3rd Best  E & M Nee (Opaline Cobalt Cock 617-1) This was the winner of the Opaline Blue Young Bird certificate.  

4th Best D Farrell (Cinnamon Green Cock),  5th Best B Verity (Skyblue Cock),   6th Best S McMullen (Yellowface Cock), 7th Best A Palmier (DF Spangle Green Cock),  8th Best A E  Barrett (Spangle Green Cock), 9th Best A E Barrett  ( Light Green Hen), 10th Best A N White (Albino Hen)


Beginner Young Bird  - Les Cutler & Peter Thorne commented :-  

Best T & A Wilson (Light Green Hen 702-6) A strong Light Green Hen which took the CC for Light Greens

2nd Best A McGovern  (Grey Cock 711-4),  Also a certificate winner, this is a nice cock with good width of head. But for a damaged tail, it would probably have headed this section  

3rd Best   P Tiller (Skyblue Cock 705-8)  This bird was not far behind the first two and was a worthy winner of the Beginner Young Bird Certificate of Merit

    The top three birds were of quite good, but quality fell away in the remainder of the section 

4th Best J McLeman (Grey Hen), 5th Best J McGovern (Spangle Blue Cock), 6th Best   A Palmier  (Opaline Cinnamon Blue Hen),  7th Best J McGovern (Spangle Blue Hen), 8th Best The Richardson Partnership (Grey Green Cock),  9th Best J K Stevens (Opaline Grey Cock), 10th Best  S McMullen  (Cinnamon Blue Cock)


Junior Any Age     -  Donald McCallum placed these awards:- 

Best L A Murray (Grey Green Cock 809-1)  This is a browy bird with good width, face and mask. Worthy of the Certificate of Merit 

2nd Best   B Kyle (Cinnamon Grey Cock 823-1)   Stylish, clean bird – a credit to its owner 

3rd Best L A Murray (Skyblue Cock 805-1)    Again, a clean and stylish bird benched in good condition                                                                             


Junior Young Bird     -  Bob McCabe related:-       

Best L A Murray (Grey Green Hen 910-1)  This is a big bird, carrying a wide head and therefore also took the Certificate of Merit

2nd Best L A Murray (Grey Green Cock 909-1)  A very good bird this Grey Green Cock and I found it difficult to choose between this and the winner 

3rd Best B Kyle (Cinnamon Grey Green Cock 921-1) A long bird, this cock stood well and again, the choice between it and the first two was difficult to make.

              There were quality birds throughout the section and it was a pleasure to judge it.





The Normal Light Greens were judged by Rodney Harris, who reports  --

Best (2-5)  was a truly super Light Green Hen showed by the successful partnership of A & D Woan . This over-year hen displayed a wonderful colour, enhanced by excellent deportment. All round sheer quality – unusual for a Light Green.

2nd  in the line-up (1-10) and Best Opp Sex of Colour came from Freakley & Ainley. A cock which has lovely capping and altogether a wonderful top end. It’s colour quality was not up to the standard of the Best of Colour , but it boasted superb deportment. A wonderful bird to own, marred on the day by the absence of a couple of flights 

3rd  came from the Intermediate section (201-1), another cock staged by R & M Miller and was a bird of good feather but lacking in wing carriage and deportment

4th 401-11  B A Wilson,  5th 601-7 S Flower,  6th 602-4 A E Barrett,   7th 801-2 P Fairbridge,  8th 402-1  R Hall


Dark or Olive Green   John Alcock placed these awards and commented :-

Best (3-8), came from CC & M Wixon, a Dark Green Cock shown in perfect condition, with good even colour . Additionally, he was well balanced  and had a very good mask. The runner up in the class was a super dark Green but was spoiled by too much opalescence.

2nd  (203-1)  came  S Bailey’s  Dark Green Cock  which was a strong contender for the certificate but slightly lacked the overall balance of the winner

3rd  (4-5) and Best Opp Sex of Colour came from the stud of L & P Martin , and was an Olive Green hen, which was very much the best of the rest 

4th 403-3    Cheatley & Alcorn 5th 603-6  R A Higgerson  6th 604-3 T & A Wilson   


Skyblue.   Bob Whattam judged this popular colour group and summarises his awards as follows:-

Best  (5-11) was  Freakley & Ainley’s  sky Cock, shown in good condition and possessing a vast brow and head,with excellent feather and blow. Good colour and excellent ‘Normal’ qualities added to a substantial body, displayed by its excellent stance and deportment completed  the picture.

2nd (205-1) was another excellent Skyblue cock from R & M Miller, with deep mask, but it lacked the feather and head of the CC winner. 

4th (6-5)  The Best Opp Sex of Colour was taken by B E Sweeting’s solid hen, which was well presented, to display it’s good condition

3rd 405-7 D Mullally  4th 6-5  B E Sweeting   5th 605-4 B Verity   6th 806-1    7th 606-1  D Farrow-Browne


Cobalt, Mauve or Violet.    John Alcock  placed these awards as follows

Best  (207-1)  R & M Miller staged this award winner in perfect condition. This is a really super Violet cock, with excellent mask and spots.

2nd (7-15)  C McGovern’s Cobalt  cock – a good bird let down by poor deportment

3rd 8-3 (Best Opp Sex of Colour) H & D Hockaday’s strong Cobalt hen – a good bird

4th 408-1  R Hall  5th 407-2  R Hall  6th 808-1 L Hutt   7th 607-4  T & A Wilson


Grey Green  -  Judged by Geoff Tuplin who recalls:-

Best  (9-18) D Swann staged this winner – a Grey Green cock which would have benefited from being in slightly harder condition, but it is a very nice bold bird and a good winner of this competitive colour group  

2nd (609-11) was staged by a beginner, J McGovern, whose Grey Green cock bird was a long bird in good condition but its appearance was somewhat let down by its displaying a split mask at the time of judging.  

3rd  (10-4)  and Best Opp Sex of Colour was a lovely bird from Freakley & Ainley   This hen was staged in very good condition and was a very worthy Opposite Sex winner

4th 209-1 R & M Miller     5th 409-8  B A Wilson    6th 809-1 L A Murray   7th 410-1   8th 210-1 W A Welsh  9th  610-1 S Conlin


Grey  - judged by Carl Slavin who described his placings thus:-

Best (11-18) was taken by  H & D Hockaday, whose Grey Cock has excellent width of head, depth of mask and was shown in very good condition. It would be even better if it had a little more length of body. On the day it seemed not to relax sufficiently.                   (Second in class to this bird was an outstanding Grey cock, only placed second because of the excellent width of the winner.)

2nd (211-4)  Another good cock took the runner-up’s spot, for C Hickman. This very good bird had a nice stance but was just not sharp enough in condition to challenge for a higher placing. 

4th (12-3)  and Best Opp Sex of Colour A & D Woan’s strong Grey Hen which presented a good mask and spots, size and structure. The skull width is very good but more feather would have accented this feature better. 

        This section was very good in all respects, with many birds in condition.

3rd 411-8 B A Wilson    4th 12-3  A & D Woan  5th 611-7 B Verity   6th 412-1  Williams    7th 811-1 D Norman  8th 612-2  B Verity


Opaline Green Series (exc. Grey Green) - judged by Donald McCallum who comments:-

Best (13-9)  was staged by B E Sweeting. An Opaline Light Green Cock which was bold, clean well spotted and an all-round very worthy winner, Staged in very good condition   

2nd (613-3) B Moule, from the Beginner ranks, was runner up with a pleasant faced bird – another Opaline Light Green – also staged in good condition, but down in size in comparison to the winner.  

3rd (14-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour came R Steele  with a stylish Light Green Hen, marred only by a slight trace of flecking

                   The entry in this colour group was rather disappointing with the quality tailing off after the first three birds in the line-up. Flecking continues to be a problem except in very few cases.

4th 213-1 R & M Miller     5th 614-1  A Bane   6th  413-2  R Danks  


Opaline Grey Green - judged by Steve Lambert who explained his awards:-

Best (15-3)  B E Sweeting staged this CC winner, a well presented, good sold, Opaline GreyGreen cock which stood well throughout judging  

2nd (415-1) D Page took the second place in the line-up with a well presented bird of good deportment   

3rd (16-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour) came a good, solid hen from A & D Woan. She was staged in good condition but tended to lie across the perch.

4th 615-1  E & M Nee  5th 215-1  A Rees  6th 416-1 D Page   7th 216-2 T Armitt  8th 616-1 A E Barrett 


Opaline Blue Series (Exc.Grey) - judged by Donald McCallum who noted:-

Best  617-1  E & M Nee led this colour group but the bird was not ringed and therefore could not take the CC. However, this is a stylish, clean, Cobalt cock of good length, Very good spots lay on a deep mask and these features enhanced this bird’s good head qualities.  

2nd (17-3)  C L Bowman therefore took the certificate with a very well spotted Opaline Violet cock, marred only by its masking tending to be a little short. 

3rd (18-4) and  Best Opp Sex of Colour went to J A Oxby’s Opaline Cobalt hen of good substance, which also had a good mask and well balanced spots

               The entry in this colour group was again rather disappointing with the quality tailing off after the first three birds in the line-up. As with the Greens, flecking continues to be a problem except in very few cases. The quality of the group dropped off after the first three places.

4th 618-3 T & A Wilson    5th 417-3  Swan & Ford  6th 418-1  R Hall 


Opaline Grey judge Peter Thorne who explained his decisions:-

Best  (20-2)  C & D Jones  led this section with a good long hen – a real power bird with good spots. Unfortunately, the bird is badly flecked but was still far enough in front of its rivals to take the top award.

2nd (19-7) and (Best Opp Sex of Colour came J Horspool ‘s Opaline Grey Cock which displayed good spots and face, but did not have the impact of the winner. It stands well but needs more bulk.

3rd (619-4) from the Beginner ranks came S Conlin’s Opaline Grey Cock. This bird has a nice top end but is slightly ticked over the eye. However, it was still good enough to win a strong class

                       Generally, the better birds were flecked, creating the usual dilemma for the judge.

4th 219-1  R & M Miller    5th 620-1  S Conlin


Normal Cinnamon Green  judged by  Bob McCabe who recounted his awards:-

Best  (21-13)  R Aplin with a Normal Cinnamon Greygreen cock in excellent condition and was a true showman

2nd  (22-2) and Best Opp Sex of Colour went to D Havenhand’s Greygreen hen. A large bird,this, again in good condition but does not possess the style of the winner.

                     The general quality of the birds except for most class winners, was rather disappointing and the group as a whole was dominated by the Champion classes.

3rd  421-1 D Page 4th 621-12  D Farrell  5th 821-1    6th 822-1    7th 422-2 D Page  8th 622-2 R A Higgerson 9th 221-1  J Cosby 10th 222-2 T Armitt


Normal Cinnamon Blue  -  Peter Thorne commented:-

Best (23-2) J Stainforth   took the certificate with a Cinnamon Cobalt cock, a bird of exceptional width of face and mask, with fantastic directional feathering over the eye. A bit rough behind the legs, but overall an exceptional bird well ahead of the rest of the line-up.

2nd (223-2) P Cunliffe   with a Cinnamon Grey cock which was very clean and stylish, with a nice face and mask, on which bigger spots would have sat better. All round, it did not have the impact of the winner

Best Opp Sex of Colour (24-9), was staged by S Wildes whose Cinnamon Grey Hen is a truly feminine bird, very stylish and with an upright stance

3rd 423-4  S Wildes 4th 24-9 (Best Opp Sex of Colour) C McGovern   5th 624-2 D Farrell  6th 823-1 B Kyle   7th 224-1 R & J Taylor & Son  8th 824-1 B Kyle  9th 424-1 P Field


Opaline Cinnamon Green Series  -  Les Cutler commented on his placings:-

Best (26-2) T & A Luke headed this colour group with their Opaline Cinnamon Light Green Hen. This was clearly the best of the Opaline Cinnamon Greens, with a very good head and width of shoulder  

2nd 25-4 and Best Opp Sex of Colour was B E Sweeting’s Light Green Cock, which was not as powerful as the CC winner, but was nonetheless a good, smart, clean Opaline that stands well and was shown in good condition. 

3rd (625-1)came from the Beginners, with B Verity’s Opaline Cinnamon Grey Green Cock. This bird does not have the same width of head as the first two and was slightly ticked over the eye. Nevertheless, it was quite a smart bird. 

4th 626-1 The Richardson Partnership   5th 225-1  G P Sutton 


Opaline Cinnamon Blue SeriesMick Freeborn explained his decisions :-

Best (27-5)  H & D Hockaday   This successful partnership took this certificate with an Opaline Cinnamon Grey Cock  shown in good condition. A good overall winner

2nd (28-2) and Best Opp Sex of Colour was another Opaline Cinnamon Grey, this time from A & D Woan   whose solid hen has good width of shoulder

                     This colour group was poorly supported by exhibitors who are letting the section down!

3rd 227-1   G P Sutton


Lutino   -  Michael Chapman placed the awards in this well supported group :-

Best  (30-9) G & P Norris staged this CC winner, a lovely big, very well coloured hen who shows herself all the time  -- a true show girl! 

2nd (29-14) and Best Opp Sex of Colour came  H W & M Hough’s very nice cock which pushed the hen hard but did not show its full potential.

        The runners-up were all very worthy class winners. A very strong line-up. A special commendation to the fourth placed bird, staged by a Junior.

3rd  429-9 M R Saunders 4th 829-2  N S Saunders   5th 230-3  D Critchlow  6th 629-12 T & A Wilson   7th 229-5 A Rees  8th 430-3 R Danks 9th  630-1  C M Fuller 


Albino  - Dave Hislop, wearing his judges’ hat,  placed these awards and said:-

Best (31-10)  C McGovern’s Albino cock which displayed very good width of head and through the shoulder. Time had to be spent to persuade this bird to sit & stand.  

2nd  (632-2) and  Best Opp Sex of Colour A M White’s hen was presented in good overall condition but was just not as good in quality through the shoulder as the CC winner

             90% of the Any Age CC group were presented in good condition, but the general quality dropped off after the first three places in each section. 

3rd 431-6 S Wildes  4th  231-3 J Woods  5th 32-8 R Day   6th 631-4 T & A Wilson   7th  431-2  R Danks   8th 232-1  J Cosby  9th 831-1 P Fairbridge 


Yellow Wing  awards were placed by Steve Lambert who explained his decisions:-

Best  (33-2) M & P Freemantle’s Dark Green Yellowwing took the certificate. This bird was good in width, stood well on the perch and was very good in wing colour    

2nd (34-1) and  Best Opp Sex of Colour  M & P Freemantle’s once again  with a good all round hen which also displayed very good shoulder and width. 

3rd (233-4)  T Garton – a bird which lacked slightly in condition on the crown

4th 633-5  D & C Husselbee  5th 833-1 N S Saunders   6th 634-1  A D M Tait  7th 234-2   M & D Walker


White Wing judged by Bill Searle who explained his awards

Best  (36-2) Guppy & Barnes headed this section, taking the CC with a White wing Violet hen  of good size and contrast, enhanced by its very good condition. This was clearly the best whitewing

2nd  (235-1) Best Opp Sex of Colour  M & D Walker’s Cobalt Cock which did not possess the size of the winning hen 

             Overall, the birds in this colour group were staged in good condition

3rd  35-1  M & P Freemantle 4th 835-1 N S Saunders   5th 236-1  M & D Walker  6th  636-3 A M White  7th  635-6 D & C Husselbee


Crested or Tuft   -  Bill Searle commented:-

Best (38-3) S & R Clarke This was a Normal Sky Full Circle staged in excellent condition, displaying a good full circle     

2nd  438-1 Cheatley & Alcorn An Opaline Sky Pied Full circle cock, this bird would have taken the CC but was not in the same condition as the winner 

3rd 39-4 and Best Opp Sex of Colour was S & R Clarke’s Normal Grey Hen, another Full Circle of good size but lacking in condition

         I was disappointed with the overall quality and condition, but the winner was staged to win.

4th 638-2  J Hunter  5th 439-1 Cheatley & Alcorn   6th 637-1  J Hunter  7th  37-1  G M Grist


Spangle Green SeriesJanice Al-Nasser made her Presidential judgement :-

Best (40-3) Freakley & Ainley  A beautiful Spangle Grey Green cock with a wide head and good directional feathering. It has reasonable wing markings, only let down slightly by solid spots on one side.

2nd (43-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour went to J Donovan’s Spangle Double Factor Yellow Hen: a very good solid bird with lovely wide face and shoulders. Showed very well  

3rd (42-4)  from Watson & Doyle,  another DF Yellow. A cock of good quality and feathering, which showed well 

4th (41-8) was  L & P Martin’s Spangle Greygreen Hen, a beautiful bird with good face, wing markings but lacking in the spot size of the winner  

5th (240-1) R & M Miller showed a Spangle Grey Green Cock with good Spangle markings and depth of mask   

6th 440-1  J & T Ross  7th 642-1 A Palmier  8th 643-4  9th  640-5 A E Barrett 10th 241-1  J Cosby 11th  641-1 S Conlin 12th  841-1 P Fairbridge  13th 243-2  G P Sutton


Spangle Blue Series  judged by Mick Freeborn, who  commented :-

Best  (45-3) A & D Woan   took the CC with a Spangle Blue Hen which was a very strong bird with excellent all-round qualities

2nd  (44-2) and Best Opp Sex of Colour, came from the same partnership, this time with a Spangle Grey Cock,  which could have been the overall winner but was somewhat lacking in condition. 

             Overall, this was a very strong colour section of an excellent standard.                  

3rd  245-1 S Bailey  4th 244-1  D Scott  5th 47-1 S & R Clarke   6th  46-3 J H Woods  7th 644-4  J W Fairbridge 8th 444-4 Cheatley & Alcorn 9th  445-4  M Anzara 10th 247-1 G P Sutton  11th 447-1 J & T Ross  12th   446-1 M Anzara 13th 646-1 C A Sutton 14th 645-2 C M Fuller  15th 844-1 P Fairbridge   


Dominant Pied or Clearflight   Geoff Murrells judged this Colour group:-

Best  (51-2)  J & L McGeehan’s Normal Cobalt hen won the challenge certificate. This was a lovely typy bird , the type of hen that will produce better than itself if paired withg the right cock.

2nd  (48-6)  and Best Opp Sex of Colour,  Freakley & Ainley ‘s Grey Green cock would have taken the top award if it had not had four flights missing.

3rd 250-3 R & J Taylor & Son’s Skyblue cock was ‘in good nick’ but not as good a bird as the first two. 

4th 49-2  A & D Woan  5th 415-2    6th 248-1  W A Welsh  7th 50-3 Mrs K Strong  8th 448-4 S Wildes 9th 852-2   10th 251-1 E Brooke


Recessive Pied or Dark Eyed ClearDave Hislop, reported:-

Best  (52-8)  G L Capes  A Dark Green Cock with good shoulder and width of head, but marred by slight flecking

2nd (55-1) D G L Stiling’s Dark Eyed Clear Blue cock , a nice typy cock that stood well 

Best Opp Sex of Colour (654-2)  D Farrow-Browne ‘s Ligfht Green Hen with an amount of flecking, hence its 7th place in the CC line-up

                    The Champion Any Age cocks were a good class. “nd in class was very clean with little body & wing markings.

3rd 652-3  D Farrell  4th 53-3 A Woods   5th 453-1  Briggs & Salt   6th 653-3 D Farrow-Browne   7th 654-2 (Best Opp Sex of Colour)  D Farrow-Browne   8th 452-2  Briggs & Salt  9th 252-1  J Mears 10th 254-1 J Mears 11th 455-1  M Anzara  12th 56-1  A & N Michael   13th 456-1  M Anzara


Yellow Face    Alistair Cameron, comments on these placings:-

Best  (57-10)  G & P Norris staged this Cinnamon Grey Cock, a wide-headed bird with deep mask and spots, good deportment and in good condition. It is also a very clean bird, which sat well throughout judging.  (2nd in the Champion AA class (57-8) was very good but ragged in flights)

2nd (457-2) Cheatley & Alcorn’s Opaline Cobalt Hen, from the Novice section, which was well presented and showed well. It just lacked in width compared to the CC winner. Big spots but not uniform in size.     

4th (657-2)  S McMullen This was the highest placed Golden faced bird, a Grey Cock) – very similar to the same exhibitors 4th placed young bird, showing nice capping over the eyes

Best Opp Sex of Colour 458-1  Cheatley & Alcorn  Opaline Cinnamon Grey Hen  This was a good sized hen, but a nice head was spoiled by some blood. It was in otherwise good condition, with nice large round spots

The hens overall were disappointing.

3rd (257-2)  N R Porter  5th 857-3 L Hutt    6th 458-1 (Best Opp Sex of Colour)  Cheatley & Alcorn  7th 858-1 L Hutt  8th 258-1 J Mears 9th 658-2 A Perks



Best G & P Norris   61-4 G & P Norris  with an Easley Clearbody Light Green, a bird carrying a head with which the Texas Clearbodies could not compete. The mask was slightly untidy, but it was still the best bird.

2nd  (262-3) and Best Opposite Sex of Colour) was French & Ratcliffe’s Texas Clearbody Grey Hen. A nice hen with good  stance and a reasonable flight colour.

3rd (261-3)  R & J Taylor & Son’s Texas Clearbody Skyblue Cock. Another nice Clearbody, but smaller than the first two and also slightly narrower in the head and with darker wing flights.

4th 62-3  Graham & McLean  5th 462-1  M R Saunders  6th 65-1  Findlay & Flavell  7th 64-1 S & R Clarke  8th 66-1 R Day 9th 463-1 M Anzara  10th 461-1 M Anzara


Any Other Colour  -   Alistair Cameron judged this class and reports:-

Best (270-1)T Neil’s Greywing Cobalt Hen took the CC. A bird of good colour, it sat well throughout judging and could not be ignored. With good length and stance, its only real fault was a twisted tail     

2nd 71-4 (Best Opp Sex of Colour) Brown & Hutt took this place with their Lacewing Yellow cock, which was held back by a missing spot. This was a substantial bird, with good length, colour and condition

3rd 67-4 A & D Woan staged a White Blue cock in excellent condition. This was a large bird with good body including shoulder but needed a little more width. However, a real show bird.

4th 269-1 T Neil 5th 268-1 R & J Taylor & Son 6th  267-1 M & D Walker 7th 667-1    8th 72-6    9th 271-1  G & A Hill 10th 68-4 A & D Woan 11th  674-1D Farrell 12th  668-1 J W Fairbridge



Light Green   -  judged by  Rodney Harris who recounts:- 

Best (702-6)  T & A Wilson, from the Beginners, staged the certificate winner here – a wonderful, strong, Light Green hen which excelled in colour and deportment: a picture throughout. Well done 

2nd (102-7)  C & M Snell Another strong bird competing for the certificate. Again, this was a strong bird, rich in colour.

3rd (101-160 and  Best Opp Sex of Colour was B E Sweeting’s Light Green cock – a bird with modern frontal features, but had a flight missing and lacked the spot size that would give the bird complete balance.

4th 502-2  D Page   5th 302-2  A Murray  6th 301-13 B Cattell   7th 701-5 S McMullen  8th 501-4 R Hall 9th 901-1   L A Murray  


Dark or Olive Green the group was judged by John Alcock, who comments:- 

Best  (103-7)  B E Sweeting’s good young Dark Green cock which displayed a nice face and mask  .

2nd 104-3 (Best Opp Sex of Colour) J H Woods staged the best hen in this group – a Dark Green Hen of good length, carrying spots which well suited this bird’s good mask.

                   After the first two places, this was a largely disappointing colour section 

3rd 303-2  D Scott 4th 304-3  B Cattell   5th 504-1  R Hall  6th 703-4  D Farrell  7th 503-5  S Wildes  



Best (105-8) Devey & Wright benched  a quality young Sky cock, which displayed excellent width, only spoiled a little by a ragged tail.   

2nd 106-10(Best Opp Sex of Colour)  C McGovern’s young Sky hen is a long bird and very stylish, if somewhat lacking in width across the shoulder.

             There were some excellent young birds in this colour section, despite the fact that it is still comparatively early in the season.  

3rd 705-8 P Tiller  4th  505-8 P Field  5th 305-5  G Shepherdson  6th 905-1 D Norman   7th 706-3  T & A Wilson  8th 306-2 N R Porter 9th 506-2  M R Saunders 10th 906-2  D Norman


Cobalt, Mauve or Violet    -   John Alcock   reports :-

Best (307-6) G Shepherdson ‘s quality Cobalt cock headed this young bird section. This bird is solid in head and body, but perhaps could benefit from better colour.      

2nd (107-7) C L Bowman’s Cobalt cock is a smart bird, perhaps lacking in a little in width of head  

3rd (108-4) and Best Opp Sex of Colour was staged by C McGovern. This is a hen of good length, which also carries a lovely face. It was easily the best hen in the line-up

4th 907-2 L Hutt   5th  507-2 M R Saunders  6th 908-1 D Norman   7th  707-2 D & C Husselbee 8th 708-1 J W Fairbridge 9th 508-3  P Field


Grey Green (307-6) Judged by Geoff Tuplin, who gives his opinion:-

Best  (109-15)  B E Sweeting headed this colour group with a good, solid young bird which presents a lovely mask and spots. However, it did not perform well and to full advantage. 

2nd 309-7 A Murray staged this very good cock, in good condition, but it lacks the overall power of the winner

3rd and Best Opp Sex of Colour 110-8  A & D Woan’s Greygreen hen took this place. She is a hen which looks as if she will breed well. Slightly out of condition.

4th 509-10 S Wildes    5th 310-1 R & M Miller     6th 910-1 L A Murray      7th 909-1 L A Murray     8th 510-3  S Wildes  9th 709-1  The Richardson Partnership 10th  710-4 D Farrell


Grey  -      Carl Slavin explains his placings :-

Best  (711-4)   J McGovern’s Beginner entry , a strong Grey cock took this fiercely contested certificate. This bird is very good in feather over the eye and has great markings. He is very steady on the perch, allowing for full appreciation of his quality.   

2nd (111-16)  A Easoon benched this Grey Cock which is of good substance, carried on a large frame. Strong through the neck and shoulder.

3rd  (712-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour J McLeman’s Grey hen is a very large bird with a little ticking and a slightly short mask, but she showed very well.

             This was a strong section with many quality birds. However, there was much difference between the top and the bottom. The second hen in this section had a lovely cap and blow, but unfortunately had flights missing. 

4th 112-12 L & P Martin   5th 911-1  D Norman  6th 511-8  S Wildes  7th 512-1 S Wildes  8th 311-3 M & D Walker 9th 312-2  P Cunliffe


Opaline Green Series (exc.Grey Green)  -  Donald McCallum placed these awards as follows :-

Best   (113-1)    R Steele’s young Opaline Light Green Cock is a substantial youngster which has good width of shoulder and mask 

2nd (513-1) R Nawarauckas took the second spot with a youngster which is useful – just down a little on size and with a slight hint of flecking  

3rd (314-1) and  Best Opp Sex of Colour came G Shepherdson’s Opaline Light Green Hen. This is a well spotted bird with a good deep mask, but again showing traces of flecking.

                    There was a disappointing number of birds in this colour section, with quality dropping off sharply after the leading birds. There seems to be fewer and fewer birds around without some degree of flecking!

4th 514-1 R Nawarauckas      5th  114-1 C & M Snell  6th 713-1 A Perks  


Opaline Grey Green  -   judged by Steve Lambert who commented:-

Best (115-2)     Freakley & Ainley took this CC with a young bird which possesses good width, shape and deportment and also presents very well

2nd  (315-1) A Rees  challenged with a good bird with a slightly larger spot than the winner’s, but marred by slight ticking

3rd  (316-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour  D Scott’s large hen stood very well, but some ticking on the crown left this bird down the order on the day

4th  516-3 S Wildes 5th 715-2 A Palmier   6th  515-2  P Field 7th  116-1  A & N Michael


Opaline Blue Series (Exc.Grey)Donald McCallum comments on his awards :-

Best (118-1) Thorpe & Stanley’s young Sky hen took this certificate. She is a lovely long bird, very well spotted.

2nd  317-2 and Best Opp Sex of Colour G Shepherdson’s  Opaline Sky cock was runner up. This is a massive young bird but very coarse in feather

        As with the adults many of the young birds showed flecking to greater or lesser extent. Once again, the entry in these classes was poor.

3rd 117-5 B E Sweeting  4th 717-4 S Conlin   5th  518-2  Cheatley & Alcorn 6th  718-1 R A Higgerson 


Opaline Grey  -  Peter Thorne explains his placings :-

Best (119-3) H W & M Hough headed this colour group with an Opaline Grey Cock which has a very good frontal rise and throw. Unfortunately, the bird is flecked but was so far in front of the others that I had to put it first. This is the bird that I would like to take home!   

2nd 120-3 (Best Opp Sex of Colour)  Mrs K Strong’s Grey Hen. This bird stood well and has a very good face and mask. Unfortunately it was also flecked, but still good enough to beat the others in the line-up 

                A very clean and stylish hen down the order had everything in proportion but not as big and powerful as the eventual winner

3rd 719-1 J K Stevens, 4th 319-2  G P Sutton,  5th 519-1  Briggs & Salt,  6th 720-1 B Verity


Normal Cinnamon Green -    Bob McCabe adjudicated as follows:-

Best (121-10)    R Aplin’s outstanding Cinnamon Greygreen Cock led the field here. This bird has a very large head, good feather, and was in good condition. All the easier to judge because it never moved during judging

2nd  122-1 and Best Opp Sex of Colour was D Havenhand’s Greygreen hen; again in good condition, this hen was however, difficult to judge because it was unsteady in the show cage

                               This colour section was dominated by the Champions. There were excellent birds in the line-up down to fourth place but both the hen and cock classes in the lower sections were disappointing

3rd  921-1 B Kyle  4th 721-1  D Farrell  5th 722-1  J McLeman  6th 521-1 B A Wilson   7th  922-1 B Kyle  8th  522-1 P Field, 9th  322-1  R & M Miller 


Normal Cinnamon Blue -  Peter Thorne comments on his awards :-

Best (123-1)   D Havenhand took the certificate with a Cinn Grey cock which is a clean, stylish bird possessing good directional feathering over the eye

2nd  (324-2) and Best Opp Sex of Colour was G Shepherdson’s Sky hen. This bird seems to be little more than a barrhead with head barrings still visible. It has great size and stance shown to effect in its overall deportment. A split mask and elongated spots were negative points but this is a great bird for the future

3rd (124-5)  A & D Woan  staged another large bodied hen – a Grey- with good spots. It needs more backskull but stood very well

4th 323-1 R & M Miller     5th 723-6 S McMullen   6th 523-1 Briggs & Salt   7th 724-2 S McMullen  8th 524-5  Briggs & Salt


Opaline Cinnamon Green Series   -     Les Cutler  judged this colour group :-

Best (125-6)  D Swann, with and Opal Cinnamon Grey Green Cock took this certificate. Once having won its class, this bird could not be touched by any other bird in the line-up   

2nd (326-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour J Woods’ Grey Green Hen is a reasonably clean Opaline, but was a little short in the mask to trouble the CC winner.

3rd  126-6 A Easoon . Another Grey Green hen, this time a long bird without much substance and slightly flecked. Well behind the winner

4th 726-1  L & S Deuaney 


Opaline Cinnamon Blue Series -     Mick Freeborn  judged this Colour group:-

Best (127-3)   H & D Hockaday  An Opaline Cinnamon blue cock, in excellent condition and a worthy winner, in what was unfortunately a poorly supported section

2nd (128-3) and Best Opp Sex of Colour  H & D Hockaday, once again, this time with a Grey hen which was easily the best of a poor bunch of hens

                 This colour group was not up to the standard enjoyed in former years.

3rd 728-3 A Palmier  4th 727-1  A D M Tait   


Lutino    -  Michael Chapman  comments on his placings:-

Best (129-3) I Fordham took this certificate with a lovely big Lutino cock which displayed good colour, a nice head and very good condition. This is a real quality bird   

2nd 730-2 (Best Opp Sex of Colour) K Critchley’s hen is a nice clean bird but was not quite as good as the cock. Shown in wonderful condition

3rd 329-1 I C Bellamy  4th 130-7  H W & M Hough  5th 330-7  J Woods  6th  729-5 T & A Wilson  7th 529-1 D R Archer  8th 530-2 D R Archer 9th 929-1 N S Saunders  10th  930-1  N S Saunders


AlbinoDave Hislop  judged this Colour section:-

Best (131-1) C McGovern’s winner of this CC has a good size and frame. Marred by the fact that it was presented dirty, but in the end it was too good a bird, in my opinion, to be beaten

2nd  (531-2) S Wildes cock – a nice type of bird, but not very largely framed.

3rd  (132-5) Best Opp Sex of Colour L & P Martin’s hen was presented in good condition but was not of the same quality as the first and second.

I had a problem with the Champion class in that the bird I placed third was hinged of tail, the second had a short tail, and the first was dirty.


4th  732-2  T Wright 5th 331-1  I C Bellamy  6th 731-1 T Wright   7th 332-1 I C Bellamy


Yellow Wing   -   judged by Steve Lambert  who comments:-

Best (133-3)  Guppy & Barnes took the certificate with a Dark Green cock which has good width for its variety, good length and was well presented in good condition.

2nd (134-3) and Best Opp Sex of Colour was Guppy & Barnes’ Dark Green hen, whose wing carriage let her down on the day.

3rd 733-4  A G Beasley benched a bird of good colour, well balanced overall, but marked on the crown

4th 533-1  A Hoskins  5th 734-3 A G Beasley   6th 534-1 A Hoskins  


White Wing judged by Bill Searle  who explains:-

Best  (135-2)  Guppy & Barnes took this certificate with a White wing Cobalt cock which was staged well in good condition 

2nd (136-5) and Best Opp Sex of Colour was  R Day’s   Cobalt hen, which was also in good condition but did not have the size of the winner

         I was disappointed generally with the quality of the birds in this group, with the exception of the first two.

3rd  735-7 A G Beasley 4th 736-4  A G Beasley   5th 535-1  A Hoskins  6th  536-1 A Hoskins  7th 336-1  M & D Walker


Crested or Tuft  -  Bill Searle placed these awards as follows:-

Best Cheatley & Alcorn (538-1) A Normal Sky Full circular, staged to win, took this CC. The bird is of good size and was in good condition.  This was my Crest in the show   

2nd (138-2) A Miller took the second spot in the line-up with an Opaline Cobalt Full Circular cock, in good condition, but not blessed with the same size as the winner   

3rd (539-1) and Best Opp Sex of Colour Cheatley & Alcorn’s Dominant Pied Sky which was of good size but lacking in condition

                      The remainder lacked quality and condition

4th 137-1  C Thorne  5th 737-1 A M White   6th 139-5 A Brown   7th 738-1 A M White 


Spangle Green Series  -  Janice Al-Nasser made her awards as follows:-

Best (542-2)  B A Wilson took this certificate with a Spangle Double Factor Yellow cock: a super double factor with a beautiful wide head, good blow, and directional feathering. A very worthy winner, and it went on to take Best Novice Young bird in the status section.

2nd (540-3) B A Wilson’s Spangle Grey Green cock: another wonderful young bird from this fancier, with a lovely face and good width of shoulder and head. A very close runner-up but now quite as powerful  

3rd (140-10) C McGovern. A Spangle Opaline Light Green width good width of head, and which showed well at the time of judging 

4th (141-6) and Best Opp Sex of Colour T & L Jukes’ really super quality hen. She showed very well and should have been placed higher up in the line-up had she not been marred by missing mask feathers on one side  

5th 340-3  P Cunliffe with a Spangle Dark Green cock which has a wide head and good spangle markings 

6th 341-2 P Cunliffe from the same fancier, a Dark Green hen which was a good solid bird of deep colour with well marked wings 

7th  143-1 Thorpe & Stanley 8th 142-1 Thorpe & Stanley 9th 740-1 L & S Deuaney  10th 741-4  R A Higgerson 12th 543 1  J & T Ross   13th 343-1 G P Sutton


Spangle Blue Series -     Mick Freeborn  judged this Colour group:-

Best (344-1) R & M Miller took this certificate with an excellent young bird of good colour, super body structure and head qualities. A worthy winner of the section 

2nd (144-5)  A & D Woan

3rd (145-6) and Best Opp Sex of Colour T & L Jukes Opaline Grey Spangle which is very solid in structure, but lacked condition on the day. 

4th 744-7 J McGovern   5th 345-3 P Cunliffe   6th 546-1 J & T Ross   7th  544-1 R Nawarauckas   8th 745-5 J McGovern  9th 146-3 J Copeland  10th 545-1 Briggs & Salt 11th 147-3 J Copeland  12th  347-1 G P Sutton


Dominant Pied or Clearflight  -  Geoff Murrells judged this Colour group and reports:-

Best Freakley & Ainley 149-3  led the group with An Opaline Grey Green Hen; a super hen in top class condition, there will be many fanciers who would like to take this bird home, myself included.  She went on to win Best Opposite Sex Young Bird and Best Opposite Sex in Show. Congratulations to the breeders!  

2nd (148-2)  Best Opp Sex of Colour  Freakley & Ainley also took this spot  with a smashing bird, also in good condition which came very close to the winner.

                              My job was made so enjoyable due to a super set of stewards, Mr & Mrs Jukes and Mr & Mrs Copeland. I had a lovely day, most enjoyable – Thanks to all of you.


3rd 348-3 B Cattell  4th 351-2 A Murray   5th 548-3 S Wildes   6th  150-3 B E Sweeting  7th 550-3 S Wildes  8th 350-3 J Woods 9th 948-1 B Kyle   10th  151-3 G & A Moore 11th 349-3 B Cattell   12th 950-1 D Norman     13th 748-6  14th 549-3 P Field  15th 951-1 L A Murray  


Recessive Pied or Dark Eyed ClearDave Hislop  placed these awards:-

Best (154-3) C & D Jones An Opaline Cinnamon Grey Green Recessive Pied Hen which was a little short but has good width 

2nd  (155-4) and Best Opp Sex of Colour    I & P Fielding’s Dark eyed Clear Blue – well presented, but small in size

3rd 753-2 T & A Wilson A Golden Faced Recessive Pied, very pleasing to the eye – even mine!

              The quality through the CC line-up was not of the best

4th 553-2  Briggs & Salt  5th 152-4  A Wood  6th 552-1  A Hoskins  7th  754-1 E & M Nee 8th 554-1  A Hoskins 9th  153-2 D G L Stiling 10th 752-1 E & M Nee 11th 353-1  J Mears  12th 354-1 J Mears


Yellow Face       Alistair Cameron recalls:-

Best  (157-6)  B E Sweeting’ Yellowface Skyblue cock – for me the best yellowface overall: a youngster with plenty of substance and style, presented in superb condition. A lovely wide clean head – good mask and well placed spots

2nd (557-2)  D J Spruce’s Yellowface Grey Cock was unlucky to come up against the CC winner and it went on to be placed 3rd Best Novice Young Bird. Staged in good condition, its appearance was spoiled by overlapping spots. Good frontal rise and backskull.

3rd (958-3) and Best Opp Sex of Colour  L A Murray, from the Junior ranks, presented this Yellowface Skyblue hen; a large, stylish hen with lovely width and of good size. It overall lacked the power of the two cock ahead of it.    

4th  757-4 S McMullen, from the Beginner section  gave us the highest placed Golden face in this group,a Grey Cock. A balanced, stylish, bird but not big enough to go higher in the colour section

                   A better standard than in the Any Age classes, but many lacked condition.

5th 158-2  C & M Snell  6th 358-1  P Cunliffe  7th  357-2 P Cunliffe 8th 558-2 B Newton 9th  758-4  H Dickie 10th 957-1  L A Murray  


Rare     Les Cutler  placed these awards, and tells us:-

Best (162-1)    Graham & McLean commanded this section and took the certificate. A Texas Clearbody Grey Green Hen, she was an easy winner, her only fault being that the wing flights were tending to be too dark

2nd (161-2) and Best Opp Sex of Colour C Thorne’s Texas Clearbody Grey Green Cock which only just beat the hen in third place. It needed more width of head and a deeper mask  

3rd  (762-3) H Dickie  another hen, this time a Texas Clearbody Grey: a smart hen with good stance and wing flights colour. Not far behind the first two

4th 561-1  C Williams  5th 166-1  R Day  6th  962-1 D Norman 7th 361-3 G & A Hill  8th 761-1 E & M Nee


Any Other Colour     -     Alistair Cameron recalls:-

Best (167-4)   A & D Woan took this certificate with their young Grey Yellow cock, benched in excellent condition. It sat very well during judging and was stylish – if anything, not quite big enough generally but length itself was quite pleasing 

2nd (168-6) and Best Opp Sex of Colour was  R Day’s Grey Yellow Hen, which was in very good condition. A nice stance but its spots are not so good. A long hen with nicely tucked in face 

3rd  169-4  J G Grubb’s Greywing Grey Green cock was staged in 100% condition. Slightly restless in the cage, it was also smaller than the Yellows but well-balanced and with good deportment. A reasonable width, but I would have liked to see more backskull

                        General Comment 40 classes in AOC  certificates group attracted 29 & 22 birds respectively. This vastly increases judging time and increases the potential for wrong classing of birds. Only one bird that I wrong classed was not in the AOC category. Some class reduction would ease administration.

4th 369-1  T Neil  5th 172-1  C Thorne  6th  968-1 N S Saunders  7th  370-1 T Neil 8th  170-2 J G Grubb 9th  568-1 A Hoskins 10th 372-1 A Rees 11th 767-1  A Perks   12th 572-1 A Hoskins    


CERTIFICATES OF MERIT (described earlier)


Best Novice Any Age   B A Wilson   450-2


Best Novice Young Bird   B A Wilson     540-3


Best Beginner Any Age     B Moule     613-3


Best Beginner Young Bird    P Tiller     705-8


Best Junior Any Age     L Murray     809-1


Best Junior Young Bird   L Murray    910-1